Australia was originally a prison

Australia is the largest prison in the world. History of australia

The new prison of the severely strict regime "Hunter" in the north of Sydney is generally not very similar to the prison. There are no cameras or doors, and prisoners can call or watch TV with a touchpad until late at night. At the same time, they are under the scrutiny of 600 camcorders 24 hours a day, and the Elite Quick Response command is always ready in the event of an incident.

The prison authorities believe that this is the future of the rehabilitation system for such criminals as murderers, rapists and revididists.

What may surprise those who smiled skeptically, this read: In the first six months the work of the Khunter Correction Center had not a single attack on the guards and a single clash between prisoners. Not a single death, escape, and only one prisoner injured himself. This is an excellent result compared to other strict regime institutions.

The purpose of the prison is "to achieve a 100 percent result of prisoners' employment, life skills maintenance, education and programs to correct their illegal behavior."

Prisoners work at five o'clock a day and are paid $ 65 a week for doing it. You also have three hours of free time that includes a treadmill and other simulators, library, and multi-conversion chapel.

Hunter Prison was built in just one year and opened on January 30th. There are four wings in the building, each of which has four common bedrooms or "blocks". Each device can accommodate 25 prisoners who live in open single rooms, more like an office. The rooms have a table, chair, mattress and interactive television.

Although the Khunter Correction Center works differently, it still remains a prison.

The Rapid Response team is always ready.

Elderly jailer Melanie Campton watches one of the shared bedrooms through the window before lunch.

Prisoners can store products and personal hygiene products in their room.

An interactive TV with a diagonal of 60 centimeters has access to free television channels, radio and some films.

Unlike the usual prisons, the prisoners at the Khunter Correction Center do not sit behind bars.

The guards observe shared bedrooms through such windows.

Detainees are provided with toilet paper, plastic kitchen utensils and a safe razor. You can store all of this in your room.

Wall with posters in one of the prisoners' rooms.

Criminals cleaned up on roll call. Each of them, after hearing his last name, should answer "yes, miss" or "yes, sir".

The officers of the Rapid Response Team in Two Minutes are in every part of the prison to prevent a dangerous situation.

In the arsenal of guards, PEP feathers and noise grenades. However, since the prison opened, they never needed it.

Personal hygiene items - baby powder, shampoo and deodorant.

Every prisoner is obliged to work. For example, they can learn to work with the metal they use in life behind the prison walls.

Prisoners can also learn the craft of curtains. The furniture they make is used in other New South Wales state prisons.

The head of the correctional institution "Hunter" Richard Heikk wants convictions to be rehabilitated and returned to society.

Recreational facilities in prisoners have more access than in other Australian special regimes.

In the usual bedrooms with high ceilings and partitions, the sound is absorbed. Surprisingly, the premises are usually very quiet, even when all the prisoners are present.

A total of 400 prisoners in the Hunter prison. Most of her day is involved in work, study, and other programs.

The correctional institution has a multi-confessional chapel.

Wherever there is room for washing the legs.

The menu has been hanging in the kitchen for a week and the prisoners can choose dishes.

Touchball is a popular game in Hunter Prison.

Prisoners prepare lunch. Thursdays they have chicken taco and salad.

Every mainland, country and state is amazing, wonderful and unique. On any continent, each nation has its own characteristics, traditions and which will be very interesting for any tourist. Thanks to these functions, a bright and complete idea of ​​one or another area is also folded.

This article presents useful and very interesting facts about Australia.

Continent country.

Australia - very big country. It ranges in the world in terms of its territory in the world. It's so huge that it takes an entire continent. Its territory covers more than seven million square kilometers.

Interesting facts about Australia in terms of the country's geographic location are undoubtedly three oceans. The mainland is immediately washed by India, calm and south.

Most of the country is occupied by desert and semi-desert areas. The most famous of them is Big Sand and Victoria. Australia looks like a bubble and a red desert from a bird's eye view.

The country is really considered to be the driest continent as there is only 500mm of rainfall per year.

Despite all of this, the mainland is in the top ten countries in the world in terms of quality and level of life.

The most famous Australian animal is a kangaroo. It is a symbol of the country. You are completed in Australia. When it is darker, they are drawn to light headlights, walk on highways and jump under the wheels of cars. Therefore, Australians even have a special sign "Kangaroo" to prevent drivers from danger on the road. Mostly Australian small kangaroo - up to 60 centimeters. However, there are more individuals more - up to 3 meters.

The most dangerous animals in Australia are crocodiles. The northern part of the country is simply sieit. And almost not weeks since accidents with these animals occur. Alligators simply devour people who have come across them. Crocodiles on the continent are full. The most famous Australian salted. It is found in salty sea water and is the largest of all species presented on earth. An adult crocodile can weigh a ton (!) And reach a length of 3-4 meters.

There are pretty well-known horrific predatory stories of the poisonous hundreds of people dying. However, this is just a bike. Not a single person has died from a SPIDER bite in Australia since 1979. So you can be calm.

The same goes for the shark. They are not uncommon on the coast of the Australian continent. Yes, they are dangerous, but if you behave carefully and do not provoke them, then everything will cost you. Sharks - non-conflict creatures, they never attack the first.

What other animals are diverse Australia? You will learn interesting facts about its residents by visiting local zoos. For example, have you ever heard of an animal called "Vombat"? And that's the continent. Small guinea pig that externally looks very similar to wild boar. Do you know about the Tasmansk devil? This is the Australian breed of dog that is similar to the French bulldog.

River life

The largest river Australia is Murray. It continues in the eastern part of the continent and reaches 2570 kilometers. Its beginning of the river takes the Australian Alps and flows into the Indian Ocean. On the way to the sea it goes through the most diverse environments: cities, agricultural land, etc.

The largest River Australia is the most "live" of all reservoirs. Frogs and fish and ducks and crabs and snakes and many other animals live here. The river is so diverse that any representative of the animal world can find the place for themselves. In pure crystal waters, proud swans soar, and frog cooks and snakes and lizards are rocked in wetlands.

The Murray River resides in a wide variety of fish: trout, cod, golden perch, Australian Kororusushka, Pescari and many others.

Over the mountains of just mountains

Interesting facts about Australia are undoubtedly the lowest and higher geographical points. So the continent is below sea level, if below sea level with other Landsushi territories. Sami. Low Point - This is sea air (15 meters below sea level). Incidentally, it is the driest in the world. It's covered with a four-meter thick layer of salt and there is absolutely no water.

On the other hand, there are Alps here, in which the most high mountain In Australia - Kostyutko (2228 meters). This is the highest point on the green continent.

Why is the highest mountain in Australia, the name of the Polish general and hero of Belarus is Tadeush Kostyuto? The fact is that its discovery was made in 1840 by the Polish geologist Dr drugets. It wasn't originally called that, by the way, but I was called Townsend. "Kositko" - it was a neighboring mountain, which was then considered the highest. But later, when it was scientifically proven that the Townsend is 20 meters higher, the Australians changed the names of the mountains at the highest point bearing the name of the Hero of Poland. They did it as a token of respect for the explorer.

City life

Most of Australia is Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobat. And none of the capital listed. The fact is that the capital of Australia - Canberra is quite a small city. There lives just over 350 thousand people.

The largest Australian city is Sydney. About five million people live there. Next comes Melbourne with a population of around four million. By the way, Melbourne was previously the capital of Australia. Today this city is the continent's only cultural capital. Brisbane is home to a large mainland industrial center - about two million people live. In Perth and Adelaide - a million and a half.

Gastronomic facts

What can travelers agree to Australia? Interesting facts about the country's culinary characteristics can also be bypassed. First of all, you should talk about the traditional Australian dish - mesadis. The name sounds mysterious, doesn't it? And in fact everything is much easier. These are common yeasts that have been smeared on fresh bread. A pungent smell of the brown mass and its salty taste is removed from every traveler. What you can't say about the Australians themselves who just love their traditional "pate".

Another unusual edible feature of the land is patty in the shape of a basket. Inside - meat filling. And it looks nice and tastes nice.

Sydney landmarks.

One of the most amazing and excellent buildings in the world is the Sydney Opera House. Its discovery took place in 1973 from the orders of Queen Victoria. This unusual building is considered to be quite a beautiful building of the twentieth century.

The television tower in Sydney is the tallest design all south of its height, which is conspicuous - 309 feet tall! Thousands of visitors climbed the tower's overview page every year. To admire the panorama of the city, heights and the largest bridge in the world - Harbor Bridge, open in front of them.

Also in Sydney is the largest aquarium in the world. Its huge number of submarine tunnels will not leave anyone indifferent. There is something to see - more than six thousand species of different representatives of the depths of the sea at your service!

What Else to See in Australia

The main attraction of the continent is a large barrier reef .. This is a real wonder of nature. The largest system of coral reefs in the world. 900 islands stretched into vast territory - more than 3,000 kilometers. Incidentally, it is here on one of the islands that the most remote mailbox is located.

Another natural wonder of Australia is the pink cause of its sharlamation, which scientists cannot yet explain.

local residents

Interesting facts about Australia that you will tell the people of the continent. Incidentally, the Europeans live here - more than 90 percent of the entire population. Mostly it's the Irish and British.

The residents themselves call themselves a funny nickname "Ozzy". They also refer to the American dollar. Strange, do they really connect with money? But we don't understand.

By the way, there are still Aborigines in Australia. They occupy five percent of the entire population. These dark-skinned Australians live in remote reservations and settlements.

Australians are very funny people. They love to joke and laugh. And in general, they want to live and breathe full breasts. They are probably so friendly and hospitable. They also like to travel a lot. Not just on his continent, but generally in all of the light.

A variety of international holidays are arranged in Australia each year to attract foreign guests.

Unusual facts

1. Only in Australia there is a medical service "fly doctor". They only provide urgent support to the patients who live in the locality of the city. This service is a kind of symbol of the country. After all, she talks about high levels of medicine and life.

2. Australia - land sheep. In 2000 there were more than 100 million of these animals in the country. It turns out that the number of the "sheep population" is five times higher than that of humans.

3. Here is the world's vast pasture. Still! After all, so many sheep in Australia! And they have to graze somewhere too. The huge pasture is called Anna Creek and occupies an area of ​​35,000 square kilometers.

4. Increase in capital. Canberra is a small and unremarkable town. In contrast to Sydney or Melbourne. Then why is she? This is kind of a compromise. The city is exactly halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. As they say, there is no disagreement.

5. More snow in the mountains of Australia than in the Swiss Alps. The fact is that there is a large amount of snow in the territory of the Australian Alps, much more than in Switzerland. Therefore, winter holidays are very popular here.

6th continent of the prisoners. Australia was discovered by Great Britain and became a colony. England used a distant island for the reference of criminals. Therefore, those who survived long-term sailing in the dirty ship trials actually became the first inhabitant of that country. A quarter of the Australian population are descendants of British prisoners.

7. Most of Antarctica belongs to Australia. In 1933 the Antarctic Territory of Australia was officially transferred to him from England. This is a large area - about six million square kilometers.

Australia: Interesting Facts for Children

1. This green continent was opened by the James Cup in 1770.

2. The most common animal in Australia is a kangaroo. Large numbers of snakes reside all over the world.

3. Australia is the smallest continent. At the same time, it is the most large island in the world.

4. In Australia they speak English. And here there are mostly Europeans. Although the indigenous population is found - aboriginal people.

5. The main architectural asset of the continent - Sydney Opera House. It is built directly in the harbor and is surrounded by water on three sides. The roof of the building resembles a ship with sails or swan wings.

This, at first glance, strange but often mentioned prefix to the name of the country sounds like a "prison continent". However, are there many countries in the world the eleven prisons of which have been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Or is there another state that has published a collection of gold coins dedicated to the domestic scope system established by the Australian Union Central Bank - the country is the country that officially called in 2012? And here as a guide, we're going to take and take this series.

Prison numbers.

The history of the prisons of Australia and Oceania began in the eighteenth century when the first batch of convicts landed on the shores of the continent forced to give the rest of their lives away from their own Britain - to build roads in The Fat, build new berths in ports . Together with them arrived together with them that the army of officials arrived, who was in the farm building, survived the day of the day, called the "old government house" and the wedered on one of the coins.

The first camps of the prisoners appeared on the south coast of Australia, which was subsequently called South Wales, and the Caler coal copy on the island of Tasmania, also immortalized on a coin. Three more coins are dedicated to the government institution "Baracki Gaid Park", a coward prison in and the Kesnevian women's prison. Complete the Fremantle Prison Poddollarik series, one of the very first prisons built for the content of particularly dangerous criminals.Its story began in 1850, when 75 was convicted on the ship "Skindian", which arrived on the shores of the fifth continent, construction began, which lasted nine years. After some time, the prisoners' forces again under the prison, a unique kilometer hydraulic structure was built - a system of tunnels with tanks of water. And in the early twentieth century, when the number of serious crimes rose dramatically during the "gold rush", a block was attached to the main citadel where suicide cameras were met and sentenced. The last one was hung here in 1964, serial killer Erik Edgar Cook.

Unfortunately, the prison authorities 'inattention to the conditions of prisoners' contents resulted in tragic consequences. In January 1988, when a fifty-five degree heat fell in Australia, several residents of the chambers died of thermal impact due to the lack of air conditioning, and the rest of the rebellion rose when it was suppressed by a few more prisoners. Partly due to the flame, a significant part of the premises received significant damage.

Following this incident, authorities decided to transfer prisoners to the renovated and expanded Perth Prison, and Fremantle are turning to a museum. Now visitors can familiarize themselves with the history of the prison and its residents, but also be married in the Anglican Church. In the building of the former hospital, the children's literary club, the College of the Arts and the art gallery of paintings made by the prisoners during the therapy sessions.

Pioneers in Kandala.

The first here, as strange, did not begin to link the most accurate criminals. Only the prisons of Misty Albion turned out to be so overcrowded that it was decided to send all prisoners there without analysis - whether he was a murderer or a small fraud. But the fate for those and others was a shackle, the splint collar with spikes, the punishment in the form of a spanking of a flutter or the stay of the Donaga and chained under the sanitized rays of the sun. Those who could pay the guards, not just the night in miserable huts, and at the "presentation" of the authorities who were unsuitable for physical labor, they could spend all the time in unruly houses.

Relative privileges also used women's zasions, which were sent to a nearby weaving mill. However, some of them were about their bodies successfully marrying permanent clients; often the same convictions.

How is it?

The main inventory of Australia today is pretty fair with the name of Parramatt Prison in the state of New South Wales, which is where the prisoners who have committed the greatest crimes serve. We return to that list, but it is important that the residents of this prison can afford such a doctor who is not for other ordinary taxpayers. For example, insert an artificial jaw, do cosmetic surgery, or even change the floor. The orders here were so liberal that the administration is even allowed to receive packages of will with condoms for men and latex napkins for women and even cell phones. As it turned out in 2005, a great many prisoners, mostly from the number of "wave fathers", tried to use cell phones to lead their groups also because of the grid. In just one month, 17 cases of such negotiations were revealed by the radio hat police service. Then the guards created the cook search, the revolving cell phones. Notified camera residents tried to hide the tubes in different places. Men - disguised them in slices of bread, and women hid them in ... intimate places. It turned out to be struggling with penetration into the chamber of this infection, so the director of the prison ordered the erection of "silencers". It is curious that after the implementation of this ban in another Rimutac prison, the guards organized a business. Some sold the tubes in the Ass, and the others later confiscated them after a while and then sold them again.

It turned out that during the Christmas season, numerous Santa Clauses brought a variety of gifts. During the operation, carried out by the prison authorities, ten had cold weapons just two weeks later - knife, machete, sharpener, and even (just in case) ladies' overhead acrylic nails.

Last year, at the government level, a proposal was made to shut down this oldest rest institution, founded in 1852, and turn it into a hotel. But so far this year decided to reconstruct under residence and commercial complexes Other prison of the nineteenth century - "Pentbridge".

Food prisoners in Russian standards can be equal to the sanatorium. The menu claims to be international. Breakfast usually English: omelets, oatmeal, bacon, sausages, rolls, coffee, tea or juices. But for lunch, prison cooks can offer dishes from Malay, Japanese, or Chinese cuisine. Most of the diet occupies vegetables, receptions that are grown within the limits of detention. Particularly developed agricultural production in the prison of the city of Benbery, from where the vegetables are delivered to other ostriches. For example, a pumpkin weighing 135 kilograms was grown here in 2008, which not only received an award at the product exhibition, but was used as the main ingredient of the soup submitted for lunch in the residents of this community facility.

Without the right to forgive

We are not going to go into detail on Australia's judicial system as it can be described as "legal chaos". Surprisingly, there is not yet a single criminal code in this civilized country. The only document operating in the territory of all states determines the degree of responsibility for the commission of state crimes. At the county and district level, the main legal documents according to which the classification of crimes is established, be it murder or petty theft, is special acts. Yes, besides, the judiciary itself is extremely confusing: the district and county courts are in the country, the judges (middle stations), the courts of small sessions, family celebrations - from part of the divorces. In Victoria there is even a special tribunal that raises controversial issues from the construction. In several states there are "industrial" tribunals which arbitrate in the resolution of disputes between entrepreneurs. TRUE, sentences in serious crimes will only come into effect after approval by the Supreme Court.

However, the laws in the country are sufficient. It is expected that the Russians will be interested in what amendments to the laws are responsible for the automobile slime, including the administration of vehicle drunk. This problem in Australia has already been resolved. In October 2012 the ex-kickboxing champion Gurcan Ozkon drove to a red light in his racing "Mazda" in Melbourne at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour. Therefore, the county did not accept the fact that the trip ended without serious consequences, nor the fact that the Turks were an honorable guest at the Australian Association of Oriental Martial Arts. PDD transmitter was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for a dangerous journey. And conditional early release can only occur in two years.

And there is a condemned category that does not shine on any early release. This is first the members of Mark Hayden's gang from the town of Snowtown serving a sentence in the Prrramatt Jail special blocks. The leader and three other accomplices were convicted of luring victims to the rented building of the former bank from the mid-1990s onwards. After that, representatives of the so-called sexual minorities were killed after the torture and their bodies were crushed and the remains were stored in barrels. According to the leader, "erased" the world from the badge. "Hayden will spend the rest of his life behind the bars, his friends being given a timeline of 26 to 48 years in prison. This is just marked on the verdict" without the right to pardon. "

In the same acagge, Barra John Wats and his friend Valley Fay are back. These two IDlers, industellied by fraud and theft, smoking "herbs", decided to use seven year old Shioge King for their sexy fun. When they were struggling in Australia, they kidnapped the girl in a small town of Nuza, and then angry about their forests killed the baby.

Vincent Farrou was a peculiar point of this prison. At twenty, he organized a gang, however, thanks to the efforts of the lawyers, they were involved in seals and murders to prove the guilt of a young man as the leader of the criminal group. But the judge who eventually came up with him is a swift 55 years in prison for ... attending the Sual Sin, which was qualified as gang rape through the efforts of the prosecutor. As Bob Dabus State Attorney General, this is the hardest sentence in Australia for such a file.

The most famous prison, however, remains the great-grandfather-Prime Minister of UK Winston Cherchil - Nicholas Bartan, who, who had settled in Australia, found nothing better, doing the production of drug ecstasy and delivering them not only to clubs, but also to discos in prisons. As a result of the police, their underground laboratory was removed by the police. Manufacture of steel 55 kilograms of raw materials for the manufacture of drinking troughs, punching equipment and head of the production of new Zelandes Ross Woodrit. Both were sent for the grill, and their former buyers were long despondent. For example, after the drill supply channel was blocked in the same Parramatt prison where the accomplices were reached, the prisoners began to breed the poisonous spider's black widow, from which exhaust gas diluted with water was made into medicines.

And in the "Holburn Prizon" prison, the fact came about that the prison administration, the desire of its stations in the greenhouses, was unpleasantly surprised to learn that the "agronomists" there were grown with a hemp processed Then in marijuana.

The prisoners, however, were shortly subdued in the absence of "Duri". One of them came up with a brilliant plan. The fact is that one of Australia's victims is the rapidly growing area of ​​frogs, live insects and on what total hunting is declared. So the intelligent ZeK suggested that the authorities start the short circuits of the skin in the prison workshop. "Good" was received, the work was boiling, but the final product that appeared on the light was in no hurry. It turned out that from the skin of a poisonous amphibian the artisans digested the drug, which in terms of its properties is not inferior to the drug lsd.

Attention, al-qaida!

Psychosis, which Europe and the United States covered in connection with the activities of terrorist organizations, did not bypass Australia. They even identified "Barvon" prison near Melbourne for the contents of such terrorists. For example, it spent nine children submitted by Britain's Jack Rocher. The English who adopted Islam was accused of attempting to organize a Terrorist Act. At the Israeli embassy. He himself, on arrest, admitted that she was trained in one of the al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan and was even met with bin Laden.

After she served the sentence, however, it was decided to postpone its early release on the condition that Jack be regularly at a police station for registration, and his phone calls and communications over the Internet will be monitored by Australian counter-contacts. Much less luck to another "Australian Islamist", a taxi driver Joseph Thomson. He was sentenced for 25 years for participating in the creation of the explosion in nuclear power plants. The term didn't quite work out as it was scored by the models to death in April 2006.

By the way, from this prison, the extremely extravagant Zez got involved. Robert Cole, in order to gain freedom, did in the wall of Laz, but because of the completeness he could not penetrate himself. And then he was on a diet. After several months of hunger, he lost 14 kilograms and then carried out a designed escape.

Sergey Uranov.
According to the newspaper
"Behind the Bars" (№5 2013)

Correction Center B. Australian City. Goolbern. residents You only call the "Kugel". He enjoys the glory of the most terrible prison in the country. Here are the most harmonious criminals - rapists, killers, sadists. British journalists managed to see the inside of a somber institution.

The correction center in the Australian city of Gulburn is 90 kilometers from Canberra and 195 kilometers from Sydney known locally as "Kugel". And also - "human zoo". In these cell cells, the most dangerous criminals in Australia are mainly killers and rapists.
The Gulburn prison building was dismantled in the 19th century. Soon the institution will celebrate its 150th anniversary.
Each wing of the prison contains about 30 prisoners. The criminals are divided into national characters: the natives of Asia, the Middle East and the Australian Aborigines live separately from each other. Killers and rapists stick together in a separate wing.
The prisoner Matthew de Greet is used in the "Kugel" 28-year-old term for the murder of mother, brother and sisters. He recently participated in the attack on two prisoners, which resulted in the victims being sent to the prison hospital with fractures and brain damage.
The serial killer of Ivan Milat, who was sentenced to six life imprisonment in 1996, was unsuccessfully attempted to escape from the "bullet".
Thomas Hudson Wilson was a partner of Spleen for an unsuccessful run. He fell into the bullet for the brutal blow of a woman with scrap iron. Wilson broke the victim's face, disrupting his arms and legs. Like the judge setting the process, it will never be able to fully recover from injury. Capturing the criminal did not take much time: due to the complete absence of hair on the head and body of the Wilson, the victim easily identified the criminal.
Hamby Bassham is the most, perhaps guarded, criminal Australia, Islamist and the leader of the organized criminal group of assassins. After several years in prison, it turned out that Hamzi successfully persuaded other prisoners to embrace Islam and safely control the affairs of a criminal group while behind bars.
A poster with an emblem of his group "Assassins" - "Murderers" - Hamzi kept in his cell.
Gate to Hell is the main entrance to the Goulban Correction Center. Both the main building of the prison and the special Supermax Corps for the most dangerous prisoners are located in these gates. It is there who serves the term Bassham Hamzy.
Mohammed SKAF was only 17 years old when he was subsequently part of a juvenile criminal group that committed a series of brutal rapes to young Sydney residents.
Bilal SKAF is now 31 years old. It is used in the "bullet" 33-year term on charges of multiple rape.
There is always tension between prisoners in prison, and walks together in the courtyards often end in fighting and violence. The picture is homemade weapons chosen by the protection of prisoners. Knives and sharpeners make of all submitted items - comb, brushes, metal objects found in prison.
The murderer Leith Marcant, who served the term in the "ball" under the influence of Bassama Hamzi, applied Islam. Now he sleeps on the head of the bottom of the camera and, as the guards say, is constantly making plans to escape.
Mark Wang Crêpel killed three men, paid and decorated his first victim.
Vestor Fernando went to jail for killing Sandra's nurse choir. He was already behind bars, he killed his own cousin, who also turned out to be in the "Kugel".
The serial killer of Lindsay Rose was caught making duplicate keys from the prison door. When it was found out, he was preparing to kill the guards.
The main building of the GOULBURN-Correctional Center was built in 1884.
Australian Queen of Beauty Anita Cobbi Five criminal kidnapped after a hospital move where she worked as a nurse. Anita was taken to the Wasteland in the north of Sydney, brutally raped and killed, and almost entirely poured from the girl's head.This crime was committed in 1986. Three accomplices of murder, Michael Brothers, Harry and Leslie Murphy, and today the term serve to kill Anita Cobby at the Goulburn Correction Center.
The 20-year-old Janin Bolding was raped and killed on one of Sydney train stations in 1988. Her killer, the former hitchhiker Stephen Jameson is now permanent residence in the "sphere".
Victim of serial killer Aivan Milat. Basically, they became young tourists traveling in Australia. Milat is very preferred for the conditions of the contents: so when he chose a sandwich, he arranged a major scandal and even declared a hunger strike, but it lasted less than two days.
Killer Janin Bolding Stephen Jameson on the nickname "Korotka": the growth of the murderer and the rapist is only 147 centimeters. He is in
Killer Anita Cobby, Murphy Brothers: Lesli ...
... Harry ...
... and Michael. The brothers condemned to the mirror of life do not leave the "sphere" until the end of life.
Goulburn is located in southern Australia in the New South Wales, 90 kilometers from the capital of the country, Canberra and 195 kilometers from Sydney.
Farhad Quaums have repeatedly tried to arrange rioting in the prison. So he planned to flood the camera to resume a sampler to tell him to flee from behind to the grille and start killing shelter. He was already preparing a homemade knife for killing guards when he was caught.
And this weapon was chosen by visitors who tried to bring him prisoners during the appointments. Of course, rushing the gun into the lifting prison area is prohibited. If a visitor finds a gun, it will be removed and the violators arrested immediately.
The killer guy patch in prison accepted Islam.
Mentally flawed killer Craig Richardson, sharpened by the details from the prison simulators, tried to order a fire in his camera to lure guards and attack. As pronounced to violence, Richardson was translated into the Supermax Corps for particularly dangerous criminals.
The Goulburn Correction Center guards the prisoners and their guests almost every day of drugs, cold guns, cell phones and Sims for them.
The serial rapist Bilal-SKAF in the meeting room with the parents is the father of Mustafow and the mother of Baria. Barium was later worn with it as he tried to endure the jail marks out of jail out of jail that Bilal sent with her at Will to circumvent the prison recession. After this Baria, appointments with the son were forbidden.
Ronald was attracted, the killer who served the term in "Kugel" has already met with the riots and the attacks on the prison guards.
In the picture, the police are suffering the bodies of the victims of the serial killer of Isaen Milay from the Bellaglo Forest in the new South Wales. Milat himself will never leave the walls of the "sphere".

Port Arthur is located in the Tasmania Peninsula in Australia. This small town is known for having a core prison until 1877, which was considered to be one of the most terrifying prisons in the world. It contained the most obvious criminals, including those who have already escaped from other prisons. In the prison, which was built in 1933, 2000 serves about 13,000 prisoners, of whom 2000 died in the process.

Port Artur Prison was a complex of 60 buildings. There were 80 individual cameras, morgues in the hospital, a Catholic chapel, a cathedral in which representatives of all denominations could pray, a psychiatric hospital, bakery, laundry, kitchen, a resident of the commandant and many others. Most of the prison houses were injured during the forest fires, wooden buildings were destroyed by them, only stone was preserved.

Now Port Artur Prison is available to tourists. You can investigate what was left of prison buildings. In the walls of the prison, the actors played scenes from the prisoners' lives. Excursions are also held on the Isle of the Dead, where the prison cemetery is located, tourists also show a former colony for boys Point Puer, where they sent from nine years.

Coordinates: -43.14929800,147.85251300