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Straight holders for posture correction help the Improve posture and at least alleviate chronic back paindue to poor posture. The straight holder is made of a hard-wearing elastic material and is attached to the upper back with a Velcro fastener. The size or the material adapts to the upper body, so that this shoulder straight holder is comfortable to carry.

Find out what to look for in this article need to pay attention to straight holder tests before buying a straight holder. Take a look at our comparison chart to find the best straight holder for your problems.

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Buying advice: How to find the right product in our straight holder comparison 2021

the essentials in brief
  • Whether straight holder from befit24 or straight holder from BORT, there are numerous manufacturers. However, you should make sure that you find the best straight holder for your purposes. You can also talk to a doctor before buying, especially if you want to help your children with a straight holder.
  • Straight holder tests help to find suitable and inexpensive straight holders. However, it is important to invest time in your own research. Pay attention to the flexibility, material and manufacturer size of the straight holder.
  • Do you use straight holders to treat specific back problems such as lumbago, tension or do you just want to adopt a straight posture while riding? Ask yourself this question when looking for a straight holder type. You can even relieve tension or cramps in your toes with a straight holder designed for this purpose.

Many people struggle with poor posture and the resulting neck and back pain. In particular, long periods of sitting at a desk with poor posture can lead to long-term damage.

In addition to regular sport and gymnastics to strengthen the back muscles help Straight holder for posture correctionthat support a healthy posture. In general, note that you Do not use the straight holder for too long.

Only wear it until the pain subsides. Otherwise the straight holder does more harm than it does. This is what you can expect:

  • Straight holder types
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the straight holder types
  • important considerations for the purchase
  • Questions about straight holders

1. Which different straight holders are there to correct the posture?

The different variations of the straight holders help the wearer in their own specific way to correct the posture and relieve chronic pain. This includes the Straight holder for the shoulders, which can also be used as a straight holder for rounded backs. This shoulder straight holder encourages you to always adopt the correct posture by gently tensioning the bandage. The pressure that is exerted should, however never be uncomfortable or even painful. That would be contrary to the purpose of the straight holder.

The Straight holder with support belt ensures back relaxation in the event of a lumbargo or lumbago. To do this, attach the straight holder to the lower back, where it also has a supportive effect. You tie the posture belt or straight holder belt around your waist like a belt. The belt triggers a vibrating alarm as soon as the wearer's posture deteriorates.

You should take care that you get a suitable size despite the flexibility of the elastic straight holder. This is the only way to effectively counteract tension and back pain.

We have listed the most important types of straight holders and their properties for you:

Straight holder typeproperties
Straight holder with support belt
  • mostly used for back injuries and chronic pain
  • Straight holder with shoulder straps that ensure a healthy posture
  • In addition, a wide straight holder belt or straight holder corset with a supporting effect on the lower back
Posture belt
  • is the size of a belt for the back
  • triggers vibration alarm as soon as posture deteriorates
Straight holder
  • helps with poor posture and chronic back problems
  • stabilizes the back
  • applies gentle pressure to correct posture

2. Examine straight posture tests: What are the advantages of posture aids in correcting incorrect posture?

The straight holder effectively prevents the formation of a rounded back with back bandages and ensures a permanent posture correction thanks to the straight holder.

The straight holder can be put on under clothesHowever, it will take some getting used to wearing it, especially at the beginning.

Most straight holders are elastic, so you will get used to them quickly.

2.1. With the straight holder corset against chronic pain

In the event of lumbago or increased chronic pain, the straight holder with support belt or the straight holder corset helps.

At the same time, however, it somewhat restricts freedom of movement. Nevertheless, the belt is always and everywhere convenient to carry, which is also confirmed by tests carried out by straight holders for posture correction.

Advantages and disadvantages of straight holders with support belt:

  • promote blood circulation and warm the affected areas
  • adaptable to the individual wearer
  • prevents future pain
  • has a pain-relieving effect, but not a healing one
  • Movement of the spine is restricted
  • Perspiration possible under the belt

2.2. Posture belts combat poor posture with gentle vibrations

The posture belt follows a relatively simple principle: With a vibration, the belt reminds the wearer to take the correct posture again as soon as the shoulders slump forward. So it is also about one Straight holder against rounded back. However, the belt does not have a supporting effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of the posture belt:

  • easy to carry
  • Can be hidden under clothing in everyday life
  • does not support the back
  • Vibration can be irritating

3. What should you consider as a decisive criterion for wearing comfort?

Even if the material of a straight holder is flexible, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's dimensions (in centimeters) when buying. Straight holders adapt to the wearer and are still individually adjustableso that your wearing comfort is always guaranteed.

Protect your skin

Not all straight holders should lie directly on the skin. If you sweat, the straight holder can slip and lead to uncomfortable rashes or friction wounds. Put on an undershirt under the straight holder to prevent these problems.

If you are unsure, however, take advantage of appropriate purchase advice that will help you decide on a straight holder. Because should he Straight holder too small can result in uncomfortable pressure lead to places like the armpits.

A rough distinction is made between straight holders for women and straight holders for men. Support bras and straight-back bras are also available.

Tip: On medical advice, you can also use a straight holder in scoliosis to straighten the back muscles.

Also pay attention to the manufacturing material. Rubber and nylon lead to when worn Sweat development. Therefore, prefer a breathable material. These include special polyester or cotton. When washing the machine, set a program of 30 to 40 degrees so that the bandages do not shrink.

Even if comfort when carrying is very important, the straight holder should fit as tightly as possible. Often times, manufacturers use Plastic rods on the back for support. Straight holders with up to twelve magnets can also stimulate the muscles.

There are numerous straight holder brands and manufacturers. These include: straight holders from befit24, Bauerfeind straight holders or other BORT straight holders, Gerzer straight holders from Teufel GmbH and straight holders from Sporlastic.

You won't find cheap straight holders at Aldi or Rossmann. For this you should look around in straight holder tests and in straight holder comparisons for manufacturers on the following list:

  • Hydas
  • Stabilofix
  • Red4max
  • Modetro Sports
  • Yunces
  • Blackroll

Before you buy your straight holder, it may be worth visiting the Stiftung Warentest website. There you can find out whether test results have already been published in 2021 or whether a straight holder test winner has been chosen that is of interest for advice on buying straight holders.

Straight holders are not without controversy in orthopedics. Used incorrectly or for the wrong purposes, they can even be harmful. So consolidate your doctor before trying to correct posture with the straight holder, especially if you are treating children with straight holders.

4. What interesting questions about straight holders are circulating on the Internet?

4.1. How long can you wear the straight holder?

First, you should use the straight holder Wear for two to three hours a dayso that your back and muscles can slowly get used to it.

You can gradually lengthen this period, even if it may cause a little sore muscles.

Later it is even possible to use the straight holder to wear all day. This can also be done inconspicuously under clothing, because the straight holder is not too visible under clothing.

However, you should not wear the straight holder for too long so that it ultimately does not cause any other back problems.

4.2. Which type of closure should you prefer for the straight holder?

The Velcro fastener offers enough leeway so that the straight holder can always be flexibly adjusted. Closure types such as metal or plastic buttons tend to exert additional uncomfortable pressure in various places.

4.3. Are there straight holders on prescription?

There are also straight holders on prescription from the orthopedic surgeonwho can also determine immediately which problems are plaguing you and how long you should wear such a straight holder per day. So if a need has been identified, you will get one Subsidy for straight holders from the health insurance company. How high this amount ultimately depends on the individual circumstances.

VOREST AG says about our comparison winner

Does the straight holder comparison provide an overview of the entire range of manufacturers in the straight holder category?

We attach great importance to providing an overview of the entire range of straight holders in our straight holder comparison. That is why you will find straight holders from 9 different manufacturers. More information "

What does the most expensive straight holder cost, which is taken into account in the comparison?

The most expensive straight holder from our comparison costs about 34 euros and has convincing product features. If you value high quality, you should also take a look at our comparison winner BACK SOLUTION Posture correction for around 20 euros. More information "

Which straight holder from the product comparison has so far prompted most customers to write a review?

The ANOOPSYCHE straight holder is the straight holder in the product comparison, which motivated most customers to leave a review: The total of approx. 3,650 customer opinions can help to get a differentiated picture of the product. More information "

How often was the editors able to give the top grade "VERY GOOD" to a straight holder from the product comparison?

According to the strict criteria of our editorial team, the top rating "VERY GOOD" could not be awarded once in the product comparison in the straight holder category. Quality-conscious customers will still find what they are looking for here, for example with our comparison winner (BACK SOLUTION posture correction). More information "

Straight holder in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelOther sizes availableManufacturer sizeOrder straight holder
BACK SOLUTION posture correction (comparison winner)YesOne size (XS-S)To Amazon
To eBay
Gearari straight holder (price-performance winner)NoOne size fits allTo Amazon
To eBay
UBRU straight holderYesLargeTo Amazon
To eBay
Breett straight holderNoLargeTo Amazon
To eBay
HUIZL straight holderNoOne size fits allTo Amazon
To eBay
Back bodyguard straight holderYesSmallTo Amazon
To eBay
Blackroll Posture designed by Swedish PostureYesOne size (XS - L)To Amazon
To eBay
ANOOPSYCHE straight holderYesmediumTo Amazon
To eBay
Mosswell posture trainerNoOne size fits allTo Amazon
To eBay

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