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The international photo agency Getty Images is looking for potential employees on the Yahoo portal Flickr. Hobby photographers who post high-quality photos on Flickr should be encouraged to work professionally for Getty Images via email in the future. As announced by Yahoo and the photo agency, a cooperation has been agreed that allows Getty Images to search the photo community for interesting photos. Selected users should be given the opportunity to publish their photos as licensed professional material in the course of the project. The lateral entrants should be paid on the same terms as the normal professional photographers who are under contract with Getty Images. "First class photographs" "With two billion images, Flickr not only contains an almost inexhaustible stock of images, but is also one of the most popular platforms for first-class photographs by ambitious amateur photographers," says Kakul Srivastava, General Manager Flickr. The partnership with Getty Images gives users the opportunity to gain attention in the largest professional image database. The picture agency will pay the users directly. Details of the financial arrangements will be announced shortly. The copyright for the images remains with the users even if they are published via Getty Images. Employee search on the web It does not seem unusual that photo agencies are also looking for potential employees on the Internet. "I also know from our users that one or the other professional contract is always landed," explains Markus Hein, managing director of the photo portal Pixelio. To what extent this is happening, however, is difficult to assess. "Our platform is free in itself - the photographers are not paid and the use of the photos is also free," adds Hein. Some semi-professional photographers use Pixelio to draw attention to themselves in order to get paid jobs. More authenticity Getty Images hopes to expand its existing catalog through the Flickr cooperation with additional image material in certain areas or from special regions of the world. "We believe Flickr will be an important addition to our mix," said Jonathan Klein, co-founder of Getty Images. In addition, one hopes for more authenticity from the photos, because they were not taken for commercial purposes. Klein believes that the lack of authenticity among professionals is very much in demand today, especially among advertisers. Yahoo involved in partnership Yahoo is to be remunerated proportionately for the partnership of Getty Images. However, details of the financial agreements were not disclosed. For both Yahoo and the picture agency, the cooperation is not a gold mine - Flickr users will benefit from it all the more over time. According to Klein, Getty Images charges an average of $ 500 to $ 600 for a copyrighted image that its customers can use for a limited period of time. The photographers themselves receive between 30 and 40 percent of the money. (pte)

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