What is the best taxi booking software

The best taxi app - My comparison from Uber to CleverShuttle and Co.

You can drive a taxi almost anywhere now. Whether now with the traditional taxi or other providers. And I've only just discovered again that they're not bad at all. I am currently writing these lines in Cape Town, where I am a guest at the Citizen Circle Conference, and I get from A to B mainly with the taxi alternative “Uber” Taxi app. What other taxi apps and driving services are there especially in Munich there and which is the best taxi app, I'll show you in this post.

Why a taxi alternative at all?

Primarily it's about them flexibility. If you have several options to choose from, you can opt for the best offer in terms of price, route, time and other aspects such as environmental awareness. So you can choose which service suits you best and is the easiest to use.

In addition, taking a taxi should become more expensive from March 2019: 10 ct more per km and additional surcharges for traffic jam times and luggage. It comes in handy when you have a few alternatives at hand.

The taxi apps (including instructions)

There are various taxi apps with which you can order a taxi quickly and easily without making a phone call.


Mytaxi guarantees that your taxi will arrive within a few minutes of ordering. In order to be able to use this service, you have to register beforehand. Then all you have to do is log in and enter the start and destination.

In order to compare the fare and choose the best taxi app, I entered a trip in all apps. Here you can see what it looks like and what price you pay for 6.3 kilometers.

Mytaxi offers:

  • Local taxi price, tip at your own discretion
  • Large capacity or environmental taxis are also possible
  • Pre-order possible for a certain time


After you've downloaded the app and created an account, you can use the Uber app as follows:

  1. Enter the pick-up location
  2. After the fare estimate, confirm the trip
  3. Drivers in the vicinity will be contacted
  4. The route to arrival can be tracked on the map
  5. Check the car using the license plate number and driver, and off you go

On my test drive in Munich, the price for Uber is the following:

Plus, with Uber you can ...

  • … Compare prices for different travel options.
  • … Make use of special safety functions: help in an emergency at the push of a button, GPS location, function for contacting the family.
  • ... choose different models: Uberx (normal model), green (environmentally friendly, fully electric vehicles), Uberblack (high price range), Ubervan (van or SUV for up to six people).
  • ... pre-order a ride.

Clever shuttle

For Clever Shuttle there are currently only apps for Android and iOS. However, versions for the Blackberry and the Internet are being planned. This is how the app works:

  1. Enter the start and destination addresses
  2. Enter the desired number of seats and check the fare
  3. confirm booking
  4. Track the driver's arrival on the map
  5. Payment by app or in cash

Clever Shuttle was the cheapest provider in the test of the best taxi app. Not much, but cheaper:

Why with Clever Shuttle:

  • Taxi within a few minutes
  • Green and cheap
  • Environmentally friendly concept: ride pooling, electric and hydrogen vehicles
  • RidePooling = Users with similar journeys are bundled and transported together
  • Therefore, be careful: the driver only waits 2 minutes, after which he continues to drive in order to prevent the other passengers from being impaired
  • Low fares regardless of the number of passengers
  • Opening times in Munich: Sunday to Thursday: 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., Friday / Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 a.m.
  • No pre-order possible


Taxi.eu is a Europe-wide company that also offers taxis in Munich. That's how it works:

  1. Order a taxi and check the taxi tariff
  2. Track arrival including notification on arrival free cancellation)
  3. Pay by credit card, PayPal or customer card ID

For 6.3 kilometers you pay at Taxi.eu:

Taxi.eu offers:

  • Choice between limousine, large capacity or eco-taxi
  • fair taxi tariff as a price suggestion
  • Creation of a personal address book possible
  • free cancellation
  • Pre-order possible
  • Works through cooperation with the advice service of the local taxi office


MOIA works like Clever Shuttle with the Ride sharing principle. Here, too, passengers get on and off on their way. So far, MOIA is only available in Hamburg and Hanover, but it is still growing. Sooner or later, the provider will also be available in other large cities. If you want to ride with MOIA, here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the app
  2. Choose start and finish
  3. Specify the time, any other passengers and wishes
  4. Check route (duration, price, entry point)
  5. book a trip
  6. Make your way to the entry point

More interesting facts about MOIA:

  • Requests are, for example, additional child seats
  • MOIA entry points a maximum of 250m away from you

Driving service, the exclusive taxi app variant

If you would like to be transported from A to B in a more upscale and elegant way, you can also be picked up by a driver service for the corresponding price.


Blacklane is a limousine service. If you want to book a car and a driver via the website or the app, proceed as follows:

  1. Specify the pick-up and destination locations and the planned duration of the hours
  2. Enter the planned pick-up time
  3. Select the right vehicle class for your needs, requirements and budget
  4. On the day of collection: Message by SMS and email as soon as the vehicle is on the way and has arrived
  5. Submit evaluation of the trip

This is what it looks like when you book a ride with Blacklane:

Blacklane's offer:

  • Choice between business class, green class, business van / SUV and first class models
  • Generally 15 minutes waiting time on site
  • Waiting time of the driver at the airport or train station: 60 minutes from the booked pick-up time

Sixt Mydriver

If the price does not matter to you, you can also use the Sixt Mydriver driver service:

  1. Enter the start and destination address
  2. Enter contact details and credit card
  3. Track driver and arrival
  4. Pay upon arrival

This is the price you pay for a ride:

What you can expect from Sixt Mydriver:

  • Regular taxi, airport transfer or limousine service
  • Fixed fare regardless of delays caused by e.g. traffic jams
  • 60 minutes waiting time for the driver to be picked up from the airport
  • Cancellation possible up to one hour before collection or 24 hours in advance for hourly bookings
  • Pre-order possible
  • Sixt Mydriver App

What else could come

Now I'm going to introduce you to two apps that could soon be available in Munich.


IsarTiger is an offer from MVG and should soon be available in Munich as a kind of “shared taxi via app”. The public test phase is scheduled to begin in autumn 2020, but will then cost extra. The plan is for the price to level off between public transport (local public transport) and the current taxi price after a successful test phase.

That's how it's done:

  1. Enter the destination in the app
  2. App checks available vehicles and suggests an offer (taking into account timetables and other passengers)
  3. Live surveillance until arrival
  4. Pay the price via the app after arrival (basic flat rate and kilometer price)

What else you should know about IsarTiger:

  • RidePooling (you share the vehicle with other guests and usually take a detour so that more guests can be picked up and delivered)
  • Entry and exit only at the 450 public transport stops
  • Special prices for Isar subscription customers
  • Currently only Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 2am, from autumn also on Sundays

Grab app

The Grab App is the Asian version of “Uber”. There are graves in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. How to use the free app for Android and iOS:

  1. Sign in with your mobile number via Facebook or Google
  2. Enter destination
  3. Select the suggested fare and model
  4. “Search your driver” function: the driver has to accept your journey (especially at peak times, sometimes longer waiting times)
  5. Function: Chat with the driver for precise location determination
  6. Tracking the arrival
  7. Pay by credit card or cash to the driver

More about the Grab app:

  • Cancellation until shortly before arrival
  • Pre-order possible

Conclusion: It's worth comparing!

Many different apps offer you the opportunity to the best, cheapest or most environmentally friendly ride to select. They all have one thing in common: They are user-friendly and easy to use.

Booking a taxi or a driver service online is easier, more convenient, faster and: You never have to call a taxi center again. So the next time you need a taxi, just do it with the app!

What do you think of the taxi apps? Or do you even already use one? What is your experience with it? If you still know of an app that fits into this article, write it in the comments!