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Book presentation: Osho - courage

In Osho's courage, we are asked to free ourselves from our fears and lead a more courageous life.


Don't talk about insecurity, call it freedom

I had heard the name Osho somewhere before, but I always thought that he was definitely too spiritual a guy for me and that I couldn't do anything with his books.

Then one day when I read Osho's name on Conni's travel blog Planet Backpack, my curiosity was aroused and I ordered the book Love, Freedom, Alone *.

Courage* is now the second book I have read by Osho. And because I'm so excited about this book, I want to introduce it to you today.

About Osho

Osho was an Indian philosopher and spiritual teacher and is known for his radical and unconventional views. The books were not written by him, but are a collection of his many lectures, which he often gave spontaneously. There are some books on various subjects like maturity, joy, creativity, intimacy, etc.

To the content of the book

In this book Osho explains what it means for him to lead a courageous and free life. He addresses various fears and offers the reader a look behind the scenes of society.In addition to courage and fears, this book also deals with birth, love, life in general and death.

Osho calls for people not to live by the rules that are imposed on one from the outside. He wants us to find our way back to ourselves and our inner voice and that we don't allow ourselves to be influenced too much by society.

His theories and explanations are loosened up with some stories, some of which are very exhilarating. At the end of the book there are a few chapters with various meditations against fears.


You cannot be sincere if you are not brave.
You cannot be loving unless you are brave.
You cannot trust if you are not brave.
You cannot explore reality if you are not brave.
Therefore, courage is the most important thing.
Everything else follows by itself.


My opinion on this book

I was also very excited about this book by Osho. I was amazed to read how current most topics are still today (e.g. wars). Many of his views are very radical, but through this you get to know new perspectives and can question different behaviors or beliefs in your own life (or environment).

When I read the book, I often thought to myself that everyone in this world should read this book once. I felt confirmed in many sentences, agreed with his views and in other places I was surprised.

I would also like to mention that I do not agree with all of Osho's views. But it is still very pleasant to read his books because they broaden your horizons and stimulate thought.

You can order the book here:

Osho - courage. Live wild and dangerous *

And here you can find more information about Osho:

Osho's official website

Osho on Wikipedia

Do you know the book Courage by Osho or other books by him? If you've already read something by him, tell us in the comments which book you know about him and what your opinion is about Osho.


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