Silicon Valley is done

New leadership trends from Silicon Valley

Oh no, what's that nice! Lying in bathing suits under the parasol, eyes fixed on the bright blue of the Caribbean, a drink is on the table next to the deck chair and on your knees is the laptop. Many people dream of working in the future in this way or in a similar way. No matter when, no matter from where. Country borders and times of day are not an obstacle. And if you look at it realistically, the whole thing is not that far-fetched. A look at Silicon Valley shows that what for some is (still) a dream to work is actually already taking place.

In this article you can find out how working in the future will work in Silicon Valley, what trends there are and what that means for managers.

A little bit of fun is always good

It is nothing new that people work better when they enjoy doing their jobs. Numerous studies have proven it in the past: The joy of work has a significant effect on the motivation of employees. In other words - work can be fun. And the companies in Silicon Valley have internalized that. Real fun floors are an integral part of the inventory there.

"No motivation without fun, no good work results without motivation!"

Play a game of pool while you work, enjoy an after-work drink with your colleagues or lounge on the sofa with a snack and talk to the other members of the team about the current status of a project? Yes, in any case! This is how working in Silicon Valley works. Nobody there is afraid that jobs will not be finished on time or that too much laissez faire will affect the quality of the work. On the contrary - the friendly cooperation between the teams should promote their cohesion. And it works. Because the better the harmony, the cooler the project results.

Welcome to the digital world

By the way, those who like their colleagues and enjoy working will also communicate more. And communication is the be-all and end-all in Silicon Valley. It is the basis for the digital world to function there in everyday life as it currently does. And managers also play a major role in this. The following five leadership trends from Silicon Valley show how their work has already changed as a result of digital change and how they have adapted to it:

1. Freedom to work anywhere and anytime

Do you know what is great about digitization? It makes the world smaller. Thanks to new technologies, experts around the world can be easily networked with one another. It doesn't matter whether an employee is based in Asia, America or Europe. The only important thing is smooth and simple communication. Managers in Silicon Valley are extremely committed to enabling their teams to work independently of time and location.

“Everyone can work and live where they want. Digitization makes it very easy. "

Daily communication takes place via Skype, telephone or chat programs. Virtual and mobile working are part of everyday life. A particularly good example is the company "Zoom" from Silicon Valley. As a provider of video conferencing solutions, Zoom relies on cloud-based solutions, making it easy for companies to bring many people together face-to-face quickly and cost-effectively. And that regardless of the end device and without any annoying installations. That makes work easier à la Silicon Valley!

2. More flexibility through remote guidance

Remote leadership means leading from a distance and has long been part of everyday life in Silicon Valley. Meeting physically to work is simply no longer necessary. In order for “remote control guidance” to work, precise communication and clear rules for dealing with one another are required. For example, every team member needs to know by what time questions have to be answered, who to call in in the event of problems and what exactly needs to be prepared for a meeting.

"The tools for remote leadership: precise communication and clear rules of the game."

But beware! Remote guidance is not introduced overnight. Because leading at a distance requires trust. And that cannot necessarily be set up using emails and phone calls. The solution from Silicon Valley: Have a private phone call with employees, tell a few personal details and take the worries and fears of each individual team member seriously.

3. Be open to new things

Bet you know one of the favorite sentences from German companies? “We have always done it that way.” Oh yes, we love that statement - don't! After all, those who resist new things cannot be innovative. It looks very different in Silicon Valley. Innovation in its purest form prevails here. And that works so well because managers and teams are equally open to new ideas.

"Opportunity instead of shame - failure is part of everyday work."

In Silicon Valley, the bosses do not lead through clear, indisputable announcements "from above". The rule here is that anyone who has a good idea should try to implement it. Many great things have already been created that are used by people all over the world today. What if something doesn't work? Not a thing - failure is part of everyday work here. Managers give their employees a lot of freedom to develop their skills. Can you imagine what kind of motivational power that has? Right, a huge one!

4. Leadership without limits

Those who work in Silicon Valley are passionate about what they do. Enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and the desire for new things create a unique spirit that enables managers to put together teams that deliver top performance. The secret: personal responsibility. Flat hierarchies in companies in Silicon Valley ensure that employees have a real right of co-determination.

This creates agile teams that are capable of acting and can make important decisions even without a boss. New work has long been established in Silicon Valley. The result: There are no well-established work structures and the teams work happily and highly effectively.

5. The democratization of knowledge

It is typical for executives in Silicon Valley that they can share. And that is their knowledge. There is no such thing as a boss who can rely on all the know-how like Scrooge McDuck on his money. Companies work closely together and actively exchange ideas. This enables almost unlimited access to resources and cross-fertilization in a wide variety of projects. Of course, fear of stealing ideas also exists there. However, the joy of innovation prevails. And so swarm intelligence in Silicon Valley ensures that great things can happen.

Don't be afraid of the latest "shit"

Do you think it all sounds so far away and not like Germany at all? Yes, on the one hand that is true. On the other hand, a look at Silicon Valley shows what awaits us in the future. And talked to you between us - the sooner you are there, the better.