What Exactly is the Freelance Earning Process

How do you earn

- If the context doesn't bring the desired result, you can try making money with teasers. Although they often have a hint of "yellowing", teaser advertising can become the main source of income for forums, entertainment or news portals. More recently, however Yandex penalizes websites for shocking adsand it is teasers that most often fall under that definition. Therefore, read the reviews of the teaser network carefully and deactivate the display of shock ads in the settings.

For a list of the most popular teaser partners, see the article at the link above.

Sell ​​links - We are not talking about installing scripts for link exchanges like Sapa, but about manually adding links, the placement of which is ordered by the advertiser via the perpetual link exchanges GoGetLinks, GetGudLinks or RotaPost. Better yet, go with Miralinks or WebArtex, as this is the safest way to make money selling links from your internet project.

But you should still be careful about everything and not sell too many links, even if it can make you pretty good money. It can lead to saturation, after which your resource in the search engines diminishes a little. Better to make some cash on links and if the increase in traffic allows it, switch to income from displaying contextual ads.

However, I have a project that monetizes very well by selling perpetual links and posting articles. However, if you try to make money from it any other way, nothing will work at all, despite the fact that this project has good traffic.

Earning money with affiliate programs corresponds to the method described above. However, with your own visited resource, you can move up to a completely different level and at the same time not spend money on Direct and AdWords to attract visitors.

It will be possible to earn all of them in the same systems that I have listed above, for example GoGetLinks , MegaIndex , MiraLinks , GetGoodLinks or My shop by placing advertising banners from affiliate programs on your website (or simply reference links in thematic texts) or other affiliate programs that match or partially overlap in the topic with your resource. The best part is that these earnings are completely passive, making them even more fun.

Sponsored articles and announcements - It seems that this is a dead end for an internet project as readers will turn their backs and will not return. However, in mine I mentioned Devaka. Check his page on the services he offers to see how much it costs to order a promotional item or announcement from him. Now tell me - do they bother you reading your blog? For me, for example, not at all, because the author plays it all very well and dresses in digestible form.

Another thing is that you need to gain a large margin of authority first, so that if you decide to go ahead and publish commercials, then something will be wasted. I only switched to this practice four years later, and guess what? I liked it. Money is money, but there is another reason.

The process of choosing a topic for another article is not always straightforward (the pain of choosing sometimes lasts more than a day). When the choice of a topic is made for me, all I have to do is delve into its study and write as detailed as possible, and as far as the advertiser's desire allows, truthful evaluation. IMHO.

By the way, I recently got acquainted with the business social network Linkedin, where people socialize, including job search. Hence, for those for whom this is relevant, I advise you to look for freelance or freelance clients. If I forgot to tell you about a method, I hope you make sure to mention it in the comments. Thanks in advance (at least for the fact that you have read the article up to this point).

To make real money without investing is the dream of many people that became a reality with the advent of the global network. Instead of going to work every day risking your own money or attracting investments, now you can play an exciting online game or make passive income by promoting products or services in your posts without getting up from your computer or laptop . ...

It seems that everything is easy; But to make a ton of money online you need to have commercial, creative talent, or good public image. Otherwise, you will have to settle for a modest but regular income, do simple mechanical tasks, or play games that do not require investments so that the user can withdraw real money to their account or electronic wallet.

Pros and cons of making money playing games

Earning money online without investing by registering in one or more online games is easier than it may seem at first glance. All a user needs is a device with computer capabilities (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) connected to the network, a lot of patience and free time, and sometimes the minimum starting amount that cannot be considered a significant investment: on average are it 150–200 rubles.

Important: In most cases, a newly registered player does not have to pay anything. If he does not agree with the terms of the system or does not have sufficient funds, you can always look for another option to make real money on the Internet, and then, having accumulated the required amount, return to the game, that you like.

All of the websites listed below are not fraudulent, do not pose a threat to the "health" of the visitor's operating system, and honestly pay the money earned to the specified electronic wallet.

Despite the fact that most network games are free by default, and in the future the user will not pay absolutely nothing to register in the system in order to promote and develop his "hero", including improving his appearance, strength characteristics and teaching new skills, er, in all likelihood you will have to part with some of your own funds. These are not necessarily large sums, and given the persistence and desire in the future, they can more than be made up for by entering competitions and winning prizes, offering services to other players, or selling upgraded "characters". A professional gamer who is fully committed to his favorite business can receive a high stable income that fully meets all of his needs.

However, as mentioned earlier, this not only requires diligence and talent, but also the availability of seed capital. The more investments that are made, the faster the player will get impressive results. If real money still isn't enough but you want to gamble, you can try the second option to make money - free online games.

You can use it to earn money, the payment of which is usually made to one of the popular electronic wallets (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Payeer, less often - PayPal):

  1. By simply logging into the game regularly (personal account). It is easy to guess that the income from these promotions will be minimal. In addition, the service rules usually limit the number of entries - from one to five to ten per day. The resulting real money is not enough for even the basic needs of the user, let alone serious acquisitions and advancements.
  2. By completing tasks in the game... Usually these tasks are provided by the game's partner advertisers, but sometimes they can come from the service itself. The most common ways to make real money without investment and with the following conclusion:
    • subscribing to and leaving comments in playgroups and advertisers on various social networks;
    • placing a link to the game on your own social network profile;
    • show show;
    • write positive comments on the advertiser's website;
    • other small orders.
  1. Collecting bonuses that are "built into" Internet gaming or published on the advertiser's portal. Such "supplements" appear in a random order, usually periodically (once a day or more), and their size cannot be predicted - it can be a penny or exceed the "main" weekly income of the user in the game. The main disadvantage of bonuses is unpredictability; The main advantage is that by winning, the player gets positive emotions.
  2. By participating in affiliate programs... For this purpose, if possible, comments of a promotional nature must be left with an attached referral link: when you click on it and register, a new player becomes a passive source of income for the person who posted the link. This equates to 5–30% of income and newbies attachments, depending on the terms of the referral program.

So, if there is no money and no special talent, then you need to stop at free online games and withdraw the money you have earned. Without going into that, we can name their main advantages:

  1. Opportunity to earn... It is very simple: the user takes part in the game, carries out more or less difficult tasks, receives points in the game and, after reaching a certain level, withdraws real money from his account.
  2. Minimum requirements... An ordinary player who does not claim increased income from the game just needs to appear in it from time to time by entering his personal account and participating in the game process. Of course, the higher the ambition of the user, the more he will have to exert himself, but this is solely his choice.
  3. No startup investments... Most free online games require absolutely nothing from a newly registered participant: they can immediately take part in the gameplay or complete tasks. There are also exceptions: sometimes, in order to start the main part of the game, a user will have to spend a small amount (around 200 rubles) to buy equipment, a "character" or game currency. But there is a way out here: this money can be obtained, albeit for a long time, by completing simple tasks and receiving daily bonuses from the system and sponsors.
  4. Entertaining character... don't forget that this is primarily a game if you are trying to make real money in the game with the option to withdraw later. Sometimes it is useful to relax and enjoy the process for yourself. At the same time, the funds will continue to be added to the account and the player can think of others for the time being, as there are enough funds on the Internet.
  5. Easy to connect... To be able to participate in any of the games listed below, it is sufficient to have a simple computer or laptop with no games, a stable internet connection and an electronic wallet in every system supported by the service. There is no need to buy expensive graphics cards and other components, there is no fear of exorbitant electricity costs: requests for games without investments and with the possibility of withdrawing real money are very modest.

Disadvantages of free online games without attachments:

  1. Low income... A beginner should immediately get used to the fact that participating in such projects, no matter how much effort, is comparable to a not very profitable part-time job, but not to the main job: the real money received will not be enough to support yourself covering the basic needs of the user, not to mention already achieving an acceptable standard of living. Don't despair, however: earnings can be invested in "solid" games by using them as seed capital.
  2. Income volatility... The following factors can affect a player's performance:
    • long absence of the Internet or computer failure - some services warn that if the user “disappears” for more than a certain period of time, all or part of his earnings will be canceled;
    • illness or involuntary absence - for the same reason;
    • the closure of the site itself - due to the permanent and completely unpredictable variability of Russian legislation, any online game can become illegal and, if it is impossible to transfer the project to foreign servers, it can be closed; In addition, the project may suffer a financial collapse as new actors and investors fail to provide funding.
  3. No guarantees... In contrast to official employment with all its disadvantages, a person who earns exclusively on the Internet can only rely on himself: he is not entitled to a social package, paid vacation, salary and motivational payments. It is necessary to independently put aside money "for a rainy day" and have several alternatives to the main income - only then you can feel at least a little protected from unpleasant accidents.
  4. Lack of incentive to develop... A player who does the same simple actions for months and years and does not want to develop their professional skills or improve their cultural level (or at least look at the game more difficultly) will inevitably deteriorate, eventually leading to that even on one previously apparently simple project no productive participation is possible.

advice: In addition to participating in online games with no investment and the ability to withdraw real money, you can look for other options to make money that are not tied to a specific job - get yourself into binary options or trading Trust cryptocurrencies or try your luck.

Games to make money with no investment

The games listed below, which are included in the top ten, are fundamentally similar: the user has to receive "local" money or points through simple tasks and then convert these into real money when withdrawing into an electronic wallet. You can earn money with any of them - or take part in several at the same time.

Golden mines

One of the oldest projects that was founded at the end of winter 2014. To start earning, the player will need:

  1. Hire one or more dwarves who mine gold ore with varying levels of productivity. There are five types of workers in total:
    • "Child";
    • "College student";
    • "Specialist";
    • "Experienced";
    • "Professional".

Important: It is not difficult to guess that the higher the rank of the gnome, the higher its production and the more expensive it is. In order to get the maximum ore per unit of time, the player can employ several "miners" at the same time. Hiring gnomes is a paid option. To start the game, the user can either donate their own money (they pay off pretty quickly) or earn the required amount by completing tasks of varying difficulty in the game or by attracting new users through referral links.

  1. The ore accumulated in the warehouse is processed at regular intervals (the regularity is determined by the user) and receives gold at a fixed price: one coin corresponds to 100 units of raw material. 30% of the coins from each receipt can be withdrawn, the remaining 70% for in-game purchases.
  2. In order to fulfill the tasks of the system and employers and to receive bonuses on time, their validity period is limited to days.

Money that is available for withdrawal can be withdrawn in electronic wallets (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Payeer and QIWI) at the ratio of 100 gold coins to a real ruble. You can withdraw funds daily, once a week, or any other mode convenient for the player.

Elven gold

In contrast to the gnomes from the previous internet game without investments and with the possibility of making real money, the characters of this one - elves - do not have to work in mines, but cost buildings.

The rest of the game is similar to the one described above:

  1. The user places in the game with his own money or pre-earned points from elf farmers.
  2. Next, you need to select one of the eleven building options available and start building. It goes without saying that the more expensive a "typical project" is, the more profit is made per unit of time.
  3. The custom city that each new player receives can be a standard or designed independently.
  4. Now what remains is the profit from commissioned houses and the construction of new houses.

In addition, the player can receive bonuses every day (10–100 gold coins) and benefit from attracting new users via referral links (10–25% of their investments).

For more information on the rules of the game, internal courses and purchases, see the reference section of the project website. Real money can be withdrawn into the payee's wallet any number of times (once an hour). The minimum amount is 1 ruble; maximum - 3000 rubles.

Taxi money

From the name of this internet game that does not require investments and allows you to withdraw real money on e-wallets, mobile credit and even a bank card, it is clear that the user must make money by working as a taxi driver.

The order of the player's actions:

  1. First of all, you need to buy a car from the list offered by the system. The cheapest costs 199 rubles; the most expensive is about 80 thousand. Of course, no inexperienced "taxi driver" has to buy such expensive models. And, as usual, you can become the owner of an inconspicuous car in a number of ways:
    • invest your own money (200 rubles is not such a huge amount that the player will not regret it even after leaving the game).
    • earn "local" money by completing simple daily tasks, collecting bonuses (each can cost up to three rubles), and attracting newcomers through referral links.
    • Given the amount of interest charged, getting in-game credits is not the best option.

Important: It is clear that the more the car bought, the more money the player will get from each trip. You shouldn't get carried away right away: you can progressively advance in the game and invest part of your income in buying a new, improved taxi.

  1. Deliver customers and get in-game cash for it. It all depends on the stamina and luck of the player: the more time he spends, the more he can earn.
  2. You can also start your own business, hire other players as hauliers and receive a percentage of every amount earned to generate passive rather than active income.
  3. Nothing else is required: the user can play as much as he wants and whenever he wants, take breaks and take short vacations.

Online Ogorod

In order to make money without investment in this exciting internet game the user will need:

  1. After registering in the system and receiving your own land allocation, plant it with accessible plants: onions, beets, cucumbers, watermelons, potatoes and so on. The cost of each of them, as well as the income generated, are logically very different.
  2. After waiting for ripening (this also happens at different times), start selling vegetables in the market. The cost of each product type is fixed and cannot be changed by the player. Silver coins are used as game currency.
  3. Perform tasks of the game and the employer, receive daily bonuses and referral deductions for attracting newcomers.

The payout of real money takes place in a short time on electronic wallets (Payeer, QIWI and Yandex.Money and bank cards).

Gold monopoly

Internet game based on "Monopoly": the user has to buy and build buildings, improve the internal infrastructure and make a profit with every finished unit. The more expensive the building, the more income it will, as usual, generate in the future.

In addition, you can earn:

  • participation in promotions and events on the site and with employers;
  • collecting daily bonuses;
  • completing tasks in the game;
  • Attract newcomers to the game and earn a percentage of their investment and income.

Real money can be withdrawn from Yandex.Money, WebMoney and Payeer e-wallets any number of times.

Golden tea

A simple and beautiful internet game without investment and with the possibility of real money. So far, a total of around 55 million rubles have been paid to visitors to the site, the number of which exceeds 650,000.

By registering, the user can get to the point:

  1. Plant the first (free) tea tree. To make money for the rest, you need to complete game tasks of varying degrees of difficulty, collect bonuses and attract new players through referral links.
  2. Harvest (depending on the costs, each tree can produce 100 to 10,000 tea leaves per hour) and sell them for the internal "currency".
  3. Increase and expand your plantation and improve the fertility of previously planted tea trees.

Real money can be withdrawn in electronic wallets: Payeer, Perfect Money, WebMoney and even BitCoin.

Rich birds

No less popular and simple online game without investment, which has about half a million "live" users, who during the existence of the project were paid a total of about 40 million rubles.

The order of the player's actions:

  1. Buy your first bird. There are five species in total, which, as expected, differ in cost and productivity (in this case in egg production). To buy a bird, the user can donate their own money (the investment is not too high - the same 200 rubles) or use the coins accumulated in advance by completing in-game tasks and collecting bonuses.
  2. Sell ​​the eggs that have been laid (half of the proceeds go to real money withdrawals, the other half to internal acquisitions), buy new, "better" birds, and gradually build your own structure that brings passive income.
  3. Get extra cash by participating in various employer-organized competitions and promotions, distributing referral links, and attracting new players.

Withdrawals are made to electronic wallets Payeer, QIWI, Yandex.Money and WebMoney. Proceeds can be used at your own discretion: investing in "more advanced" games or spending money in real life.


The name of the internet game speaks for itself: the user is invited to take part in the construction of an ideal collective farm and raise animals (cows, sheep, pigs) and birds (chickens, geese, ducks) on their own farm.

The player can:

  1. Buy new animals and birds with your own investments or "currency" accumulated in the game.
  2. Sell ​​products made in the market (meat, milk, eggs) at a fixed price: one coin per hundred units. Half of the proceeds can be withdrawn in the form of real money. The second is for in-game purchases.
  3. Take part in various competitions and promotions and receive additional rewards for doing so.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time, no more than once an hour. The minimum amount available is 1 ruble; The system does not have a maximum limit. Withdrawal methods currently available - Payeer, QIWI, Yandex.Money, bank cards and mobile operator accounts.

Chicken farm

The principle of this no-investment internet game is the same as described above. The user (there are around 350,000 today) buys laying hens, sells eggs and makes a profit.

To have a stable income, you need to:

  1. After registering in the system, buy the first chicken for your own money or pre-accumulated bonuses and wait for it to start laying eggs. As usual, there are different types of basic units (chickens) in the game, which differ in price and performance. The more birds (and the "better" they are), the more the player can earn with them.
  2. Sell ​​products in the market and get coins at the "local" price.
  3. Attract new players through referral links and receive up to 30% of their original investment in return.

The earned money in the form of real money is withdrawn (without commission) to the electronic wallet of the payee or (with a commission of 2.5%) to Yandex.Money.


Online game, not much different from the Rich Birds described above. Here the user also has to buy colorful and differently flying birds, pay real money for it or prepare an "entry fee" by collecting bonuses and performing simple sponsorship tasks.

How to make money with MoneyBirds:

  1. After you have bought the first bird (in this game they cost almost twice as cheap as the "original"), you start selling the eggs it delivered and receive 50/50 money for hatching and internal purchases in the same ratio.
  2. Expand your "farm" by buying new birds and improving the existing ones.
  3. Earn extra money by attracting new players and participating in regular promotions.

Real money can be withdrawn at any time to electronic wallets from Payeer, Yandex.Money and QIWI, to a card from any bank and to the account of a mobile operator.

How Much Can You Make From Online Games?

Income in online games without investment and with minimal requirements for the player, by default, can not be too high: at best we are talking about a dozen or two thousand rubles a month;; In the worst case, the user cannot even amortize their costs because they are fed up with the first mistakes and leave the game prematurely.

  1. Diversify your endeavors by playing on multiple projects at the same time. This, in addition to being able to gain independence from a particular site, allows the user to avoid "dragging" a game.
  2. Treat the game like a full-time job. You can spend a few hours a day on the site for your own pleasure. However, if you are planning to get real money out of the game that should be enough to meet at least some of your vital needs, it is important to devote all of your free time to not being lazy and not allowing for "absenteeism".
  3. Take part in all the promotions on the site and attract new players by distributing your referral links whenever possible.

Important: The percentage of referral penalties in each game is different. It can be between 1% and 40% or more and is calculated only from the initial payment, from the monthly costs of the beginner, from the amount of his gaming income or according to other schemes provided by the developers.

Sum up

Making real money in an online game with no investment is not as difficult as it seems: you just need to show patience and perseverance and sometimes, to speed up the process, still a small part of it.

But don't get carried away: a free game should stay free, and overly generous "injections" can disappoint a user who has lost interest in the project: they may not get their finances back.

14 Jul

Hello! This article will tell you how to make money on the internet in 2018.

Today you will learn:

  • Where to make money on the internet when there is nothing you can do;
  • How to get a stable income on the network with average investments;
  • Is it possible to work fully in the network and earn a lot?

What to Do Before You Start Earning

The interest in making money online in a small circle of people began in the early 2000s when the first money hit the Internet, the first advertisements for various goods and services appeared, and large corporations began to be interested in programmers. Back then there was no such thought that it was possible to make money on the internet.

The misconceptions and myths that make money online now stem from the annoying television commercials about forex traders. In them, a man was lying on the beach with a laptop, making money with a flick of his hand. From that point on, most people think that making money online is either extremely easy or just some kind of delusion.

In fact, doing the same job without leaving your home. And like any other job, you need to properly prepare for it.

The first thing a person who wants to make money on the internet has to do is open their wallet in several payment systems: Webmoney and Yandex Money. Qiwi wallet will be less popular. It's quite easy to manage, you don't have to enter a large number of passwords like with Webmoney, but not all customers prefer to pay in this system.

The next step is to go to the bank and buy a bank card. It is advisable to take a bank card from large banks such as Sberbank. Tinkoff ... Opening your card is required in order to be able to spend your electronic money which will be used to settle with you.

With this little preparation, you can work with almost all customers on most websites and not quit the work because your wallet is inconvenient for the customer.

Working methods to make money on the internet without investing

At this point we have put together for you all the ways to make money on the Internet without the need for investments that require no preparation and special knowledge (with rare exceptions).

Method 1: run small jobs

You don't even need preparation.

There are two popular websites you can search for orders: Work-Zilla and you do.

These services publish tasks by people who either don't have enough time to do something, or they're just lazy, and it's much more convenient to pay for routine work.

Examples of such tasks: Edit the text, enter the text, leave some comments, register on the website, give a presentation, find certain information on the internet, fill out the website, call customers, post one Display etc.

The services are easy to learn and very loyal to newbies. Hence, it is a pleasure to work there early in your online career.

There's even a real-world revenue review on Workzilla.

Method 2: write an article

If you overcome your initial fear, gain experience, and work for a year or two, you can get into a fairly popular and well-paying job as a copywriter.

You can find works on the exchange of texts: etxt, advego, contentmonster, slogoved etc. (here).

Each of the exchanges has its own characteristics, but the general trend is roughly this: the more work that is done behind the back of the author, the more customers and fees for an item.

The main misconception: to write articles, you either have to be a philologist or journalist, or you have to have a talent for it. That is totally wrong. Yes, in order to earn decent sums (from 1 to 2 thousand rubles per item) you need to gain experience and skills, but the initial threshold for entry into the profession is quite low: it is enough to coherently express thoughts and use the spelling checker services and punctuation (initially) to use the banal word is also sufficient).

Method 3: transcribe audio and video

Audio and video transcription - translation of text from audio to written format. That said, you're essentially simply rewriting what's said on audio and video media. We have highlighted this in a separate block as it is easiest due to all freelance professions (after writing the lyrics, of course).

You will need good headphones and a small set of programs to slow down the audio and video. The skills of quick typing and typing are not superfluous either.

Idea 15: create your own blog

Creating your own blog is almost the same as creating a website, and it's just slightly easier. The website has more stringent requirements for the presentation of the material, its quality and its content in general. The situation with the blog is a little different. To get your blog popular, it is often enough to write about what interests you. The main thing is to write well.

Blogs are less popular today than they were 10-12 years ago, but you can still make money from them.

Idea 16: create your own Vkontakte group

Groups on social networks are not just a place with funny pictures and interesting quotes. In fact, they are also created to make money from advertising.And because of the wild popularity of social networks, you can make money with a well-promoted group like a full-fledged website, while spending a lot less effort to get them to the top.

Starting a group is a lot easier than starting a website or blog. And advertising requires a lot less resources - you can barely spend any money investing and then you develop very slowly, gradually attracting subscribers or spending money and in a very short time you recruit a lot of people to work effectively with advertisers.

Idea 17. Earnings on accounts on Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki

If you have a well-advertised account on any of the social networks, you can easily monetize it. Everyone social. The network has its own characteristics, requirements for accounts, but the general conditions are roughly as follows: a lot of active subscribers, a lot of visits, likes and, in general, activity on your site.

Earning money on your account is almost the same as a well-promoted group. For a fee, you also attract advertisers and post sponsored posts. The most popular social network in which they actively use advertising services from popular accounts (over 100,000 live subscribers) is Instagram.

Idea 18: make money on YouTube

Method 39: Develop mobile applications

The market for mobile applications is developing extremely quickly. And mobile app developers are now highly valued.

There are two ways to make money developing mobile applications:

  • Create your own applications;
  • Make them to order.

The first method is good because you don't have to meet the requirements and if you can create something really popular and interesting for users, you can have a good residual income.

Custom app development is a more sustainable way to make a profit. By interacting with large companies, you can create applications that meet their needs and then serve them. This option is suitable for those looking for a stable, well-paying job.

Method 40: manage online projects

Managing various online projects is not an easy task. Anyone who wants to master this profession needs to know the ins and outs of programming languages, fill websites with content, handle searches, set up ads, and other subtleties to follow.

In fact, administrators of online projects can now be divided into those who independently perform all functions and receive around 30-70% of the project revenue, and a person who controls and adjusts the stability of all processes on the website, and then already a fixed one Fee receives ...

It is extremely difficult to become an administrator in an online project. You need to search for vacancies, conduct online interviews with potential employers, and in general, know the many nuances of the work of each individual project.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to become an administrator, often his job is to control all processes, which means a lot of free time. And administrator pay is often measured in the hundreds of thousands.

Method 41: edit video

Editing videos is also a useful skill in everyday life. Most of the people who love to shoot videos one way or another have edited their creations. But some people do it professionally and get a lot of money for editing finished videos.

One of the most sought after skills right now is editing video from GoPro cameras. The popularity of these cameras has increased the demand for the editing profession - someone who can turn video junk into a really high quality picture.

You can easily find video editing jobs on freelance websites, Vkontakte thematic groups, and various forums.

Method 42: text translations

Translations from different languages ​​have been valued as a profession since the beginning of the freelance work. Given that most quality materials on highly specialized topics can only be found on English language forums and websites, skilled translators are now valued even more.

There are two ways to work as a translator: Get a job at a news or information company that has their own website and translate relevant materials for them or freelance. Each of the options is good in its own way, but without a portfolio and work experience, they rarely hire a large company. Hence, it is recommended to build a portfolio on freelance websites.

For those who just want to do translations but are not yet sure of the language skills, it is recommended to go to Text Exchange - they don't pay that much for translations, but the quality and complexity of the work are not high.

Method 43: set up ads

The overwhelming popularity of selling online has resulted in many people who start selling not knowing how to properly advertise their product.

Of course, there are paid tasks for which, if you spend 4 hours a day, you can earn 100-150 rubles. who doesn't want to do anything.

Revenue website - seosprint.

Method 53: watch the video

The only difference is that you don't have to sit on the website, you have to watch a commercial. Most of the time, these will be either popular video ads or some other "way to beat the casino" ad.

Watching a video will allow you to earn a little more than clicks - about 150 rubles for 2-3 hours of your time. The only positive is that when you watch a video you can flatten the tab and do your business online or offline.

This method is more profitable than clicking and watching videos, but it is also more labor-intensive.

This is not the best job, but if there are no other options, it is also suitable for a small income.

Method 55: Make Money With Surveys

Most of the sites say that if you register for 5-7 popular questionnaires, you can get up to 5-7 thousand rubles per month, and this is an hour a day - in fact, 20-25 hours a month, one pretty decent amount.

But few people say that you have to meet certain requirements to get into the respondent category, and nobody says which ones in advance. And most of the questionnaires prefer to obscure with conclusions and block funds for whatever reason.

For those who decide to make money from questionnaires - a little life hack. The most common services of interest are mothers 27-45 years old, housewives in the central federal district, or major cities.

Method 56: Income from file sharing

It used to be a pretty relevant option, but now it's a thing of the past. The bottom line is as follows: you upload a file to the exchanger and for a certain number of downloads (more often for 1000) a reward of 5 to 7 dollars is charged.

Now file hosting is rarely used even by those who create unique programs. They prefer to download for free and either donate voluntarily or buy VIP versions for a fee. But somewhere in the backyard of the internet, file sharing is still alive so you can try your luck.

Method 57: make money with questions and answers

There are services that pay users for correct answers to other people's questions, but at the same time the likelihood of payment is quite small, and the rewards for a complete, detailed and relevant answer are often 1-10 rubles.

For those looking for and wanting to share information, such websites may be suitable.

Doubtful types of income

Here we have collected very risky types of income for you that should not be your main income. You can make money from them, and in most cases it is very easy, but they come with great financial and moral risk.

Method 58: Forex

Method 60: online casino

There is no need to say anything here. Everyone knows the stories of how the lucky ones hit the big jackpot at the casino. But real life is far from being a movie, which is why you shouldn't hope that you will come and take the bank right now.

Online casinos are able to make money for one simple reason: if you make small and medium bets at a distance you will always be in the red, but if you control them nothing terrible will happen. But if you break the pot, it is far more significant than any losses (even though you are overall in the red).

Method 61: Financial Pyramids

Everyone remembers the legendary MMM. One of the largest financial pyramids in Russia that left hundreds of thousands of depositors with no money.

Now in Russia there are financial pyramids on a much smaller scale, but at the same time the scheme of work has remained the same - the collection of investments, initial payments and a successful "bankruptcy" after a certain period of time.

Financial pyramids in the winning list because. That you can still raise money for them if you know how and when they close. For the most part, such projects are only closed to clients who entered them, but everything is stable to others who consistently sponsor them with new fundraisers.

If you can attract people to financial pyramids for a long time, your income will be consistently high throughout the period of the pyramid's official validity.

Method 62: HYIP projects

HYIPs are an even more specific way to spend your money than pyramids. These are services that openly say they will close in a few months, a year at most, which is why they pay those who invest money - fabulous interest rates - up to 30 per month.

But as with pyramid schemes, these projects complete quickly. Even so, there are people who make money from it professionally and websites to help out. However, the method is extremely risky.

An alternative to financial pyramids and HYIP projects are investments in the Internet.

Method 63: Withdrawal Games

This was once a very popular myth. They say there are several money related games and it is enough just to play them and officially it will be possible to withdraw real currency for game resources. And many people fell for it and didn't think that the games themselves have to exist for something and bring money.

There have been few real projects that withdraw game currency for real money. At the same time, these were so well-developed worlds that many players preferred to stay in them rather than withdraw their money. And on that lived these games - on those that stayed and lived and developed in this world.

Now there are no more such projects. They have been replaced by near-investment games - projects that force players to buy game values ​​with a payback period of a month to a year and after a payment period or two is securely completed.

How Much Can You Really Make On The Internet?

Now let's address the most interesting question: how much can a person with no experience on the internet really earn?

Depending on the method, you can earn anywhere from 5 to 30,000 rubles. In addition, the minimum bar can be achieved without much effort, but for anything over 20 you will have to work hard every day.

After 3-4 months of work, gaining decent experience and a client base, or implementing your first projects, you can earn 30-70 thousand rubles per month. The only requirement for such growth is constant improvement and a lot of work. 3-4 hours a day and 20 hours a week won't work. For such an income level, you need a full working day and a reasonable workload, then you can really earn a stable high income.

After a year of work, an experienced specialist in many of the areas listed above can earn 60,000 rubles.

There are no restrictions on making money online - you can always start a multi-billion dollar business on the network (as a real example - Amazon).

There are really many ways to earn money on the internet. It is enough to work in your professions, to develop and after a short period of time to consistently earn large sums of money.

Infographics with ways to make money online

Here we found more infographics on the internet:

How do you make money on the internet? Share your ideas and feedback in the comments!


Hello, dear readers of my blog. Today we are going to talk about cash withdrawal games with no investment. And of course we will answer the question of how real is the revenue from the games.

It should be said right away that online gaming is still a long way from making money on the internet. At the same time, this method very quickly gained popularity among users, and there appeared a large number of proven projects that consistently pay their players money. We'll talk about this in pretty in-depth reviews of mine below.

If you are serious about making money playing online games, I highly recommend purchasing an electronic wallet Counter (A link with instructions and a description of the payment system will open in a new window.)

This is worth it as all game projects are necessarily partnered with Payeer. Of course, most of the games have alternatives like QIWI, Yandex.Money, but Payeer always has a minimum commission. (0-1%) ... Then, if you wish, money from this payment system can be transferred to another or debited to a bank card.

In every game with active participation they can get good money... If all of a sudden you are interested in other ways to make money, I recommend reading my article on making money websites on the internet. There you will find a lot of useful information on this topic.

How to make money playing real money games

There are two ways to develop business games. The first is very simple and the second is a little more complicated:

  1. With investments from your own resources - Refill the game balance with real money and get a quick profit development.
  2. No investment - Do not invest in the game and develop it as follows:
    • Collect bonuses - In every game there are necessarily bonuses that allow you to get a game currency. To get both, you need to enter the game (daily bonus) or join the VKontakte gaming community, for example (one-time bonus).
    • Complete the game tasks - The project may offer an opportunity to earn in-game currency by browsing websites or completing small orders from advertisers. Similar sections are found in almost every game, but I advise you to read the next paragraph.
    • Perform tasks for third-party resources - You make the same orders on specialized websites to make money with clicks and withdraw funds to your electronic wallet. Then you can top up the game balance with the money received. It is much more profitable to do side project tasks because the pay for them is much higher.
      So you can get a lot more development funds with less effort!
    • Take part in the affiliate program - Invite new users to the game and get paid for it remuneration in 10-40% of their replenishment (subject to the terms of the gaming partner program).

Now let's look at some proven business games, and then I'll go into more detail on how to develop and grow income in them. 😉

TOP-11 best games with payout without investment

The projects presented below have proven their worth, have proven their stability and have received good reviews. Payments are made on time and without delay, and the administration is constantly working to improve the quality of the game.

Many of the games are similar in functionality (with some differences), but there are also some really unique projects out there. And it is about these features in them that I tried to tell particularly carefully.

Let's not argue for a long time and review the first resource from the TOP-11.

1 place. Golden Mines - Hire dwarves and mine gold

First place in the rating goes to a really interesting project called Golden mines (exists since February 2014and still).

The essence of the game is to hire gnomes to mine ore for you.There are different gnomes: "Kid", "Student", "Special", "Experienced" and "Professional" - only five types. Everyone has different costs and benefits. If you open a list of rented midgets in your account, you can see their properties and the number you already have.

Once hired, the gnomes immediately begin mining ore, which must be regularly brought to the warehouse in the department "Ore deposit"... You choose the frequency yourself - you can use it at least several times a day, at least once a week.

Once you get the ore into storage, you can go to the section "Processing of ore"and process it into gold quickly at the speed 100 units of ore \ u003d 1 gold coin.

The gold received is immediately credited to your account for withdrawal (30% of the amount) and to the account for purchases (70% of the amount).

After that, gold can be safely withdrawn in rubles ( 1 ruble \ u003d 100 gold) to various payment systems (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI and Payeer). Here are the latest payments from users (this is the open area of ​​the site):

As you can see, making money is really real here, but still how can you collect gold to buy the first dwarf?

  • Log into your account and receive a daily bonus.
  • Attract referrals (30% of referral replenishment goes to your account for purchases);
  • Fill up the balance yourself.

As you can see, there are a number of options and it is entirely possible to play with no investment. After two or three days you can already collect enough gold with the bonus for the purchase.

2nd place. CosmoGame - Control your solar system

Another great game - CosmoGame in which you are invited into the exciting space world and offered to get your own planets in it.

It is a solar system where planets can be bought and benefited from. After registration you can go to your account, where there is a link to the section on the left "Buy a Planet"... it looks like that.

As you can see, there are different planets available in the game: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. You can find that the planets cost differently, but also bring different profits.

After you have the first planets in the section "My place" Profit will begin to flow. It just remains to come and pick it up from time to time.

After collecting, you can immediately exchange the winnings for silver in the same section ( 100 win \ u003d 1 silver coin). Coins are in turn transferred to your account for deposits and withdrawals (50% each).

Also available 5-stage affiliate program... One of the best, you could say. Affiliate rewards from referrals are distributed as follows: 12% -5% -3% -2% -1%.

Withdrawing money from the game is possible at any time. Minimum payout amount to the payee a little more than 1 ruble... Other payment systems are available - QIWI, Yandex.Money.

3rd place. Rich Birds - Make money with money birds

A retreat game called Rich birds has gained popularity with millions of internet users. And not in vain, because this is one of the first projects to gain immense popularity and now "Money Birds" have almost become a household name. The network has a large number of positive reviews that confirm the stability of the resource. Paid during the existence of rich birds more than 36 million rubles.

The game features five species of birds of different color and fertility. They all bring eggs that can be sold and received for this silver.

After the sale, the silver received will be distributed to your gaming accounts (50% for purchases and 50% for withdrawals).

The project has the option get birds for free, daily bonus, game zone, weekly lottery, silver exchange, savings bank and many other interesting things for development.

Free birds are provided for completing simple instructions: quickly registering with third-party resources, joining a VKontakte group, and even topping up your balance for the first time (there is such a task too).

Of course, there is also an affiliate program which you can read about in more detail in the "My Recommendations" section of your account. Affiliate rewards are distributed as follows: 50% -20% -10% -5% -2%.

Every day roughly 2,000 new users!

You can order a payment at any time via WebMoney, QIWI Wallet, Yandex.Money and Payeer.

To get 1,000 silver as a giftafter registering via the link: Rich birds

4th Place. Money robots - what could be cooler than robots?

5th place. Elven Gold - Build your own profitable elven city

6th place. Golden-Tea - growing and selling tea

An interesting and very nicely designed game Golden tea almost works 3 years and is a well developed project down to the smallest detail. Registered 650,000 usersthat were paid 52 million rubles!

It offers to get real money for virtual tea tree leaves. Your first bush can be become free, after registering and receiving a bonus of 10,000 coins.

The second free bush can also be earned very quickly by completing several simple tasks from the project (I did them in literally 20 minutes).

In the "Shop" area there are 3 tree species (large, medium and small) at different prices. Each of them produces 100 to 10,000 sheets per hour.

After purchasing it, you can immediately go to the "Game" section and plant the bushes you bought in the virtual field.

The screenshot clearly shows my first tree as well as buttons for collecting and selling leaves. You can also raise the level of the bush and after a while let the “big” grow from the “small” (button with a “Level UP” spatula).

By the way, the field is big enough so that you have enough space to expand your tea garden. 😉

The affiliate program here is cool too and on the terms you can get 18-7-5-5-5% from the replenishment of 5 transfer levels each.

The project is very friendly and offers a bonus for beginners + 100% to the replenishment (valid 24 hours from the time of registration) as well as a daily bonus for active users of 10 to 100 coins.

You can withdraw money from the game on WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money and BitCoin wallets.

To get bonus 10,000 coins by registering under the link: Golden tea

7th place. Chicken farm - chicken egg that lays eggs

In an online game Chicken farm It is suggested to raise chickens of different types (color). The website has been up and running for over 2 years and consistently pays its users money. Almost registered 300,000 people.

You can buy any number of these wonderful birds that will be yours forever. Of course, the chickens lay and, accordingly, eggs appear, which can be sold at any time and exchanged for real money.

There is a daily bonus that can be obtained every 24 hours ( from 10 to 100 silver).

Referral program here 30% out of balance replenishment of the invited participants, which is very good.

An order for payments to the Payeer payment system is available ( commission 0%) and Yandex.Money ( commission 2.5%).

8th place. Taxi Money - Get a Virtual Taxi Driver

Project Taxi money really extraordinary. The administration is constantly releasing updates to improve functionality and run endlessly various competitions and promotions... The game has a multitude of possibilities and development possibilities and in itself it is very interesting, but first things first.

The essence of the game is to work as a taxi driver. To be able to work, of course, you have to have a car. After registering, I advise you to go to the area immediately "Buy a taxi" and see what cars the website is offering us.

This section introduces the cars currently available for purchase.

The cheapest car costs everything 199 rublesand causes 23% per month of its cost (in fact the number is underestimated and if you want to play actively you can get a lot more than advertised). There are more expensive cars. See for yourself, because there is no point in disassembling each one individually. It's just that depending on the cost of a taxi, the maximum number of orders that can be accepted changes. Cost and lead time depend on the order level.
The higher the order level, the more money you will receive for the simultaneous fulfillment.

Now I am going to tell you how to get cash for a purchase.

  1. Collect the daily bonus amount 0.5 - 3 rubles depending on your luck. 😉
  2. Go to the section "Klix" and make money browsing websites and getting things done.
  3. You can also get an in-game "loan" to buy a cab, which I highly recommend unless you plan on returning it quickly. Because the interest on the loan is going down pretty quickly and it's not very profitable.
  4. By gaining referrals through the affiliate program, you can get up to 20% from their replenishment to the passenger account (money can be transferred from there to the remaining amount for purchases in a second).
  5. Top up credit and receive bonuses for promotionsthat are constantly carried out by the administration. I will use an example to show what bonuses are available to me at the time of refill.

As you can see in the screenshot, by adding 10,000 rubles to the remaining amount, I get the following:

  1. + 40% on the passenger account (+4,000 rubles)
  2. + 30% on the account for purchases (+3,000 rubles)
  3. Ford Focus Auto (+1 290 rubles)

As a result, it turns out that after topping up I won't have 10,000, but 18 290 rubles for buying cars and developing!

As you can see, there are many ways to get game money, and most of them does not require any investment!

At the beginning of the review, I wrote about constant contests, sweepstakes, and promotions. Similar events take place here all the time and the prize pools are always huge. The picture below is an example of the grand prizes for such a "drawing" and that's all real money anyone can win.

In addition to the development path of a taxi driver, there is another option available - open your own company... you can start a game company and hire taxi drivers with cars to do jobs for you.

Of course, you need to regularly pay their salaries and income taxes, calculate your income and work out a development strategy for the company. In general, this is a very exciting process, but it's quite difficult to save up for and not everyone can afford it.

Taxi-Money offers many other interesting functions that you can see for yourself after registering.

By the way, the money earned can be obtained without delays and restrictions on popular payments, VISA card and mobile phone balance.

Register and get +25% until the first replenishment: Taxi money

9th place. MoneyBirds - another alternative to "birds"

Project MoneyBirds very similar to the game Rich Birds I wrote about above. But this is only at first sight. In addition to a similar user interface and gameplay, there are also categorical differences. For example, a completely different pricing policy (birds in Money-Birds are about half as expensive). In addition, this resource works with a secure SSL protocol, which is important to many.

In general, it is difficult for the average user to tell other differences, but if you play on both projects and find out, you will find that they are really very different!

The following methods are available for ordering payments: payee, QIWI, Yandex.Money, mobile phone, bank cards.

To get bonus 1000 silver to register via link: MoneyBirds

10th place. Online Ogorod - sell vegetables from your garden

11th place. Super birds - super birds


I would like to point out that in most of the business games of my review there are so-called "Cash Points" or "Payment Points" and in most cases the earning process consists in obtaining these points. They are needed to stabilize the economy within projects. For example if you have in your account 1,000 money points, then you can no longer withdraw 1,000 rubles.

It is not very difficult to earn points if you wish, as these are awarded for a range of promotions (even just to be active in the game). At the same time, they guarantee that the project can work and pay steadily, and this is very important. In general, the score in most business games is roughly the same (may vary slightly).

What are Cash Points awarded for?

  • 40% Once the balance has been replenished for purchases, this will also be credited to your Cash Point account.
  • 30% or more come from replenishing your referrals;
  • 10% All user replenishments for the current day are distributed among active users (who have visited their account at least once a day).

I do not recommend participating in games that do not have payment points! There is no guarantee that the project will never close or that the administration will not "restart" (reset all accounts and user performances).

Affiliate programs in games

Every project must have a referral program (partner program). This means that by bringing new users to the game you can earn royalties from the system (and usually pretty good ones). Above, above, I described the rewards that are used to pay out resources and you can scroll through them.

If you want to recruit partners for your team, then necessary Use your unique link which you can find in your personal account in each of the games in the "Affiliate" or "Referrals" sections (in fact, these are words too).

The picture clearly shows that it has a regular link to the game's website as well as yours unique identifier At the end. This is how the system determines that someone is yours and assigns them to your team.

You can bring new users in several ways:

  • By posting information on social networks. For example, by creating a group or by simply leaving comments in thematic publications.

Hello! Today you will learn how to make money not only at home, but also for beginners.

In this article, I am going to give you many different ways to make money. All of the methods listed below work, verified by me personally.

Reselling items on message boards

This way of making money really works because many people do not know the real value of goods or simply sell them cheaply in order to get rid of this or that product faster.

Many collectors are looking for unique items in this way and are ready to offer them good money. Believe it or not, things that are in your grandmother's closet can benefit someone else, thereby getting rid of the trash and bringing you good profit. Soberly evaluate old things in your pantry and you will be sure to make money selling them. Perhaps somewhere in the containers is the first Soviet camera, a Singer typewriter, a tablecloth with unique embroidery or a turntable.

Some photo studios, as well as theaters and even craftsmen, look for goods in this way and like to buy interesting retrospectives.

You can find many things on Avito that are sold at a reduced price. All you have to do is buy them and sell them at a higher price, and the price difference is your income!

I will give an example from my own life because I am talking about best practice.

When I accidentally saw how much moose antlers cost, the average price was 5,000 rubles. Then I found horns on Avito for 3000 rubles, bought them and after 4-5 days they bought them from me for 5000 on the same Avito. I just took a better photo and description. 2000 net profit rub. in 5 days. I agree that it is not enough, but if you do it fully you can sell more.

Also, I tried to use Avito to buy MacBooks in Moscow and sell in my city because there are few ads in our city and they are more expensive, and in Moscow there are many and the prices are cheaper;) The conclusion is simple - You can make money!

Shipping and Payment:

  • In your city, you can make a sale through a face-to-face meeting. Send orders to other cities by appointment. But mostly by Russian post. Shipping costs are usually borne by the buyer. But again, as you agree.
  • Payment can be accepted either by transfer to a bank card or to an electronic wallet.

Sales of goods from abroad

It's also a great option that I've made and continue to do, but on a more formal and larger scale. There are now opportunities to buy goods with Taobao, Aliexpress, 1688 etc.

Almost everything is cheaper there. You can just buy there and sell on the same message boards in your city. Ebay and Aliexpress allow you to absolutely order to any city or country, so this type of revenue is available to everyone! I've tried selling a lot of goods, but now I'm dealing with bags from China, but more on that later.

My friends sell bags for phones, other friends sell unusual gifts and furnishings, and others sell iPhones and other Apple devices. So try it too;)

Provision of services

We are all good at something and these skills can easily be sold. If you can speak foreign languages, you can teach them to others. Or you know, for example, how to repair plumbing installations. So why not for the money?

Nowadays, more and more girls prefer flexible work. What could be nicer than not managing your working day yourself. In the service sector, you can make good money with hairdressers and visages. After completing special courses, more and more of my friends' girls earn money on manicures, hair removal, hairstyles and makeup, and prepare girls for important events (weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc.). Providing your services is a great way to make money quickly.

How can you make money with it? Easy! Just tell everyone about your service, create your own website, place an ad wherever possible, and everything will go uphill;) Although what I am telling ...

For those interested in this topic, I wrote an article on how to get started. Read it, everything is described step by step! I have also provided website development services, setting up contextual advertising, and more.

How To Make Money On A Website Or Blog

Making money on the internet is easy. The main thing is to choose a niche: their website, your blog, your online store, the sale of goods on one page etc. But more about everything.

This is one of my favorite pastimes, and for me, it's not just making money, it's my favorite hobby as well. This blog site that you are on now, I am happy to do and write articles for you. This is really my hobby. Also, I had and still have income blogs where I make money from advertising, affiliate programs, etc.

A blog differs from a website in that it is mostly tied to the author's personality, worldview, and position in life. It is worth noting that these blogs are more popular. But not the last place in your advertising is occupied by SEO optimization. Please see the Business Promotion section for more information.

Blog is an information site where you write interesting and useful articles on topics of interest to people. If your articles are well written, search engines will show them up in search results so you can get visitors. You can also promote your blog yourself.

If you have a lot of readers on your blog, it's easy to make money from ads, affiliate programs, or posting links and paid articles. This is a working way to make money online.

Additional part-time jobs

If you work or study and your schedule allows you to do additional part-time work, this opportunity shouldn't be missed. So did I when I was a high school graduate and also worked part time to make money.

You can sit down with your kids or at the end of the day work in a shop that is being loaded and unloaded, or you can work in your main business. Roughly speaking, "float", but not stealing, but borrowing, serving customers alone and not in the company where you officially work. There are also many options for courier and all kinds of handyman positions.

  • If you are a foreign language faculty student, your knowledge will be sufficient to give additional classes to school children. A modern approach to foreign language teaching in Skype class is an excellent opportunity to recruit a group of students not only in your city but also in other places.

You can pack your knowledge into a curriculum and sell it for good money. If the information you gather is helpful to someone, it spreads quickly among potential customers.

  • As additional income for wealthy people, during a financial downturn, you can organize the sale of seasonal goods: "do not freeze" in autumn-spring or flowers, on the eve of the spring break, as well as living and artificial Christmas trees a few weeks before the New Year.
  • If you inherited an apartment from your grandma, you can start renting it daily or monthly to earn money for repairs.
  • If you live in a resort area, organize a business for tourists. Tents with souvenirs and goods of local origin (honey, fish, sweets) will allow you to make decent and real money during the influx of tourists.