How are the road conditions in Norway

Road conditions in early May

AW: Road conditions in early May

It is actually due to the prevailing weather conditions that year.
I've driven from Langesund to Haugesund and back a couple of times. A beautiful route through the mountains.
Yes, there was still snow next to the road and on the mountains, but everything had been cleared from the road.

All recordings are from May 20th, 2007 after a long winter on the track.

The following last shot, however, on the drive towards Kristiansand - B 9 - Sedestal.

In 2005, on May 16, I was snowed in and frozen on the campsite in Dombäs above Lillehammer.

But the B 6 was also free again that morning.

It was different the day before above Trontheim. But despite winter tires from the campsite and on the street in the morning, nothing worked.

So you should already have decent tires on the car. Personally, I would only have winter tires fitted at the time if it really goes further north

Yours Dieter