Where is golf most popular

The top 7 Golfmotion destinations

The most popular golf travel destinations are characterized by the combination of exclusive golf courses, excellent hotels, year-round mild climate, beautiful scenery and dreamy beaches.

This was the result of the evaluation of the bookings, travel inquiries and customer feedback from the golf travel organizer Golfmotion. The seven most popular golfing destinations, despite these common characteristics, are very different from one another.

European travel destinations for golfers - within easy reach and nice weather

The most popular European travel destinations are close by, quickly accessible for German golfers and therefore also interesting for a short golf trip. Culture and sights provide variety in a longer golf vacation. Excursions in the nature of the islands and in the cities of the mainland are valued just as much as good food and the culinary specialties of the travel destinations.

Golf trips far away - Mauritius and Dubai are more popular than ever before

Long-distance travel destinations are more and more popular for golf trips. The extravagant Dubai is still one of the popular golf travel destinations. Dubai's golf courses are designed by the best golf course architects. Luxurious beach holidays, shopping, sights and golf in exclusive surroundings can all be combined in Dubai. The winner among the long-distance travel destinations is Mauritius. In addition to its dream beaches, the tropical island also has a long golf tradition and correspondingly challenging golf courses.

Top 7 most popular travel destinations for golfers

1. Mallorca: Top golf courses and easy access

Mallorca was the most popular destination for golfers in 2016 - and it will certainly stay that way in 2017. What has made the Balearic island so popular for years? A beautiful, varied nature, fine sandy beaches and the blue sea for sure. Mallorca can also be reached quickly from all German airports, making it the perfect destination for a short golf trip on a long weekend all year round. The Balearic island has more top quality golf courses to offer than any other Mediterranean island.

2. Golf in the Canary Islands: volcanic rocks, deep forests and the sea

The Canary Islands are the second most popular destination for golfers. Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Gomera score with a large selection of fascinating golf courses. The championship courses on the islands of volcanic origin have a completely different landscape than in other golf travel destinations. Rugged mountains, roughs made of volcanic stone and fairways that have been blasted into mountains are trademarks of Canarian golf courses. The sea and the wind make the game of golf even more interesting.


3. Golf trip to Andalusia: long sandy beaches and park-like golf courses

The Spanish mainland attracts golfers of all handicaps to its varied golf courses. The Costa del Sol delights holidaymakers with its long sandy beaches. Lively Marbella is one of the jet set's favorite destinations. The golf courses in Andalusia are also impressive. They are laid out in a rural style, like a park with natural stone walls or pine forests as obstacles. The clubhouse of a golf course can be rustic and yet dignified in the traditional, Andalusian style or very modern.

4. Golf trip to the Algarve and Lisbon: Exciting game and lots of sun

The most popular golf courses in Portugal are located around the capital Lisbon to the Algarve in the south of the country. The Algarve has the most sunny days in Europe, which is certainly one of the reasons for the popularity of the destination. The region impresses its visitors with its blue sea and white sandy beaches between rocky cliffs. This landscape is also used by some of the numerous golf courses in the region for excitement in the game. The fairways go partly up to the cliffs above the sea. The ball has to cross the sea to reach the green. A breathtaking view is guaranteed at these holes.

5. Best long-distance travel destination for golfers - the tropical island of Mauritius

White, fine sandy dream beaches, turquoise sea and rugged volcanic mountains characterize the most popular travel destination for golfers outside of Europe. Golf has been played in Mauritius since the English colonial times. The golf courses are therefore diverse in design and are reminiscent of the famous English courses, in the highlands they lead through mangrove forests and volcanic mountains. Other golf courses are right by the sea, where the wind does its own thing. The tropical island and the Indian Ocean are a unique natural setting for golf.

6. Sicily: the most popular golf destination in Italy

Sicily connects Culture, culinary delights and golf to a perfect harmony. Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe, serves as the backdrop for an exciting game of golf on the island. Other golf courses offer views across the sea to Malta. The Sicilian golf courses sometimes include sandy beaches or steep cliffs in the game. Together with the Mediterranean climate, the serenity of the Sicilians and the North African influence, these components make Sicily the most popular travel destination for golfers in Italy.

7. Golfing in Dubai: The new golf destination is on the road to success

Golf in Dubai, like the city itself, is luxurious and extraordinary. The golf courses are well-designed green oases in a stunning landscape. Dubai is the city of superlatives and its golf courses are also world class. Famous golfers and major golf tournaments can therefore often be found in Dubai. Between sea and desert and with a view of the skyline, playing golf in Dubai is an unforgettable experience. The Arab lifestyle and Dubai's luxury make this golf destination the second most popular long-haul travel destination for golfers.


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