How do I become successful after 40

Losing weight over 40: this is how it works!

Nature has foreseen that we gain weight with increasing age. But it is not necessary to let the growing pounds take over the field without a fight. Lose weight over 40 works - just differently than at the age of 20 or 30. You only have to know how. EAT SMARTER explains what is important now and how you can get through your 40s healthy and slim.

Why do we get fat from 40?

Our body begins to change fundamentally at this age. The metabolism slows down, we use fewer calories. Losing weight after 40 is more and more difficult. The explanation: "At 40 women go through menopause," explains Inna Lawrenjuk, a state-approved dietician from Darmstadt. Men were only turned around 10 years later. The menopause would result in the body producing fewer sex hormones as the reproductive functions are gradually stopped. The energy that the body used to need to produce these hormones is now free.

And that means: losing weight from 40 is not an easy endeavor. If we still continue to eat as before and, in the worst case, move too little, we gain weight! In addition, the level of the growth hormone somatotropin also drops. But somatotropin is important for building muscle. These, in turn, are indispensable for losing weight over 40.

With muscles against the pounds

In contrast to men, women have more fat and connective tissue, explains the dietitian. Men, on the other hand, have more muscle mass due to the influence of testosterone. That is why your body burns energy even when at rest. “Injustice, but that's how it is,” says Inna Lavrenjuk. Women are naturally condemned to be overweight if they do not move or play sports. That is why starving alone does not bring long-term diet success. On the contrary: the body switches to the back burner and reduces muscle mass. As a result, we burn even less energy.

The exercise program for maintaining the weight can be moderate: walk or go for a walk. Make your everyday life more active by walking up the stairs or switching from your car to your bike. If you want to lose weight, you should work up a little more sweat. Good sports - even for beginners - are swimming, aqua fitness or cycling. If you are unsure, have your family doctor check you out beforehand.

The right diet for weight loss from 40

So it is not possible to continue eating as before - but what should be on the plate? Especially foods that keep you full for a long time, but have as few calories as possible: high-fiber whole grain products, vegetables or fruit in all varieties, low-fat dairy and meat products.

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For lunch: Be inspired by our 100 weight loss recipes

Smart dinner - there are lots of recipes here. The right vitamins and minerals are particularly important for women during this time. So they need a lot of vitamin D and calcium. Both are needed to build bones and prevent osteoporosis. There is a lot of calcium and vitamin D in milk, yoghurt, quark and cheese as well as high-fat fish such as mackerel, herring or salmon.