Where can I get WhatsApp group links

WhatsApp: Find and share a group link - this is how it works

In a WhatsApp group, you talk to several users at the same time. You can simply add friends from your contact list directly via the group settings. If you want to address even more participants, you can share a link to the WhatsApp group.

Other WhatsApp users can join the group via this link without direct invitation. For example, to find like-minded people for your chat, you share the link in a group on another social platform or in a forum. We'll show you where to find this link for the WhatsApp group. Share links can only be created by group administrators.

This is how you can share a group link

If you want to invite other participants to your group, you will find the link like this:

  1. Call yours Group chat in WhatsApp.
  2. Press the top of the Group names and control the details.
  3. Scroll down to Participant overview. You can find the option here Invite with link.
  4. Now you can forward the group link to your WhatsApp contacts, copy it or use other installed apps share.

You can post the link anywhere on the Internet so that other possible participants can access it. Alternatively, you can share the link directly via Twitter, Slack, an email app, or any other application installed on your phone. Other participants join the group directly with their WhatsApp account via the link.

This is how you can find links to other WhatsApp groups

There are various contact points on the Internet where you can present your link or find groups of other people yourself, for example groupsters and grouplers. If you follow the invite link, you will first see information about the administrator and the number of participants. Note that your number and profile picture will be shared with strangers as soon as you join a group or allow strangers to join your group. So you should think carefully about where you post your group link and in which WhatsApp groups you want to write.

If you are tired of the collective chat, we will show you elsewhere how to leave a WhatsApp group.