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Where to eat in London. Where and how cheap meals in London: cafes, restaurants, markets, ideas and life

Updated 01/29/2020.

Where to eat out in London is tasty and inexpensive so you don't spend all of your budget on that first dinner and spoil your vacation.

Fish & Chips on Wetherspoons Pubs Web

In this post, we are going to tell you how to save in London in London while trying local cuisine and don't stay hungry.

This list of institutions is based on personal experience.

1. Wetherspoons Pubs Network

Wetherspoons Pubs Network I'll put the first place you can eat cheap in London.

First, these are traditional English pubs where every tourist needs to be available for atmosphere and local cuisine.

Second, this is a huge network of pubs across the UK where you can not only eat cheaply but also drink beer.

For comparison, in the usual pub price for pint of beer about 5 pounds, in the pubs of this network - beer from 2 pounds. It is also convenient for tourists that the institutions in the center are literally on every corner, and the menu has English cuisine which the traveler likes to try first.

Jacket potatoes (potatoes in mundire in English) + beer for 6 pounds

The feature of this network in stocks - often includes the cost of offering a drink (it is non-alcoholic or beer to choose from). Or on Fridays, for example in some fish day pubs and the famous English fish & chips and beer, they are around £ 7, while in other institutions such a dish without a drink costs £ 15.

Pastes in the pubs of this network are a little different, so I write approximate prices. Current prices and stocks can be viewed in their application.

Wethercoons pubs on the London map

Very, by the way, a practical application - you can find the nearest institution on the map. Place where you can create an order by specifying the table number.

2. Itsu, Wasabi Asian network of restaurants

There are two very popular chain restaurants in London which are fast food Asian cuisine, and the prices are pretty affordable.

Assortment: rolls, sushi, salads and all Asian dishes, such as turmeric chicken with rice. You know, food in these meetings tends to be tasty and not every expensive restaurant boast such fresh roles. The food is never chosen there due to the available prices.
Price examples: Set of rolls of 5 pounds, 2 sushi - 2 pounds, 3-4 pounds of salad.

But the most important thing isn't even that. Just a gift for a budget tourist is that half an hour before closing, the Isu restaurant will reduce the total remaining area by 50%. That means you can be together deliciously for at least 10 pounds. Wasabi also practices this, but not in all establishments.

It is important to note:In these networking networks, a distinction is made between the price of food and the distance to eat at the point insignificant but more expensive.

3. Borough Market.

Boro Market is an incredible adventure everyone should experience. It's hard to believe, but this market is nearly 1,000 years old. In addition to the fact that this is one of the main attractions of London, it is presented here. large amount of decays that will happily taste any gourmet.

Chief Council - On an empty stomach, this is where you will definitely feed, and for free too.

There is a lot of seafood in the market. We couldn't pass "oyster" and get a set of 4 oysters plus a glass of champagne for £ 10.

Where is cheap to eat oysters in London?

4. Pret a crib

Pret a Manger The most popular and affordable network of fast food restaurants in London. Position yourself as restaurants of healthy eating. You can find literally in every corner, sometimes two in one building. There are always lots of people - enjoy popular with tourists and locals alike.

Assortment: sandwiches, salads, soups, porridge.

Eating away is also cheaper.

5. Chinese buffets

Chinese buffets are well worth paying attention to. These are restaurants. oriental cuisine where you can eat something at a fixed price. The price does not usually include drinks, but water can be asked for free. There are many such institutions in the SOHO area.

6. Shops

Almost all supermarkets in London have a huge selection of final feed. The most popular networks: Tesco, Sainsbury's, M&S Food.

You can buy in the store and quietly eat in the hotel as we sometimes did.

Discarded Meal, Cost 4.4 - It was 1.09 pounds

For the most economical:

In the evening there is a lot of discounted food, this is the product that will soon end the shelf life, but it is still possible.

7. McDonalds and other fast foods

Like it doesn't trick, but McDonalds still remains a wand grind for a budget tourist.

Select dates, number of passengers and click "Find tickets"

If earlier London restaurants suffered little, suffered little and with disapproval, they were educated, now they treat families with greater courtesy, and the food itself becomes more and more informal. The assignment of noisy children is happy in any restaurant, but even first-class establishments are happy to accept those who are well received, are offered to young visitors in them, chairs for feeding, coloring and colored pencils will be offered. The choice of cuisines is huge, the dishes are literally collected from all over the world. The prices listed in the guidebook include a two-course dinner for a family of four, without wine, but with soft drinks.

Chinese Visit London

Of course, the best Chinese food should be sought in Chinatown in Westende. The energetic heart of this area beats on Pedestriangers Street, along which supermarkets and restaurants of all stripes have been set up - from modest snacks with tables without a tablecloth and rows of glazed ducks in the windows to elegant establishments with a backup menu. Chinese families regularly feed outside the home, and therefore all restaurants are designed to raise children. Many have high chairs for feeding, and dishes everywhere are served from small portions - especially worth steaming yourself. Children mainly prefer dishes with a delicate taste - from rice, noodles and dumplings, they swim on the springs, rolls and crispy, fragrant pieces of duck.

Indian food London.

Indian curry - one of the most popular dishes in the UK. To try this Indian cuisine, go to Populated People from India, South All, to the west of London or Brick Lane and Bethnal Greenn, to the east, you will also find Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants. Although many dishes are likely to be too hot and flavorful for children, there are many of their moderate options that older children will enjoy with pleasure, such as tandari, tikka masala, food, and matching. Non-starnny curries are usually made with the addition of coconut milk. Curry is served with rice or cake, such as naan or chapati and a crispy pop pad. Abundala, Madras and Jalfrezy, perhaps they can be named among the most sweet dishes. Two family restaurants. With the children's menu it To havein the dining room, of which the revival always reigns, and Masala zonein the commander where the dolls of Rajasthan hang from the ceiling.

Thai Cuisine London.

In Kensinton and Fula - a wide variety of Thai restaurants, including the famous one Blue elephantwith its breathtaking garden interior. There are also many modern local restaurants, pubs and cafes where Thai dishes are served. Although some dishes are incredibly spicy, the Thai menu certainly contains more moderate options, often inspired by Chinese cuisine. Children usually like sataila (prepared with the addition of peanuts), noodle dishes, for example, pad ta, sweet and sour dishes, and pork ribs.

Greek and Turkish Visit London

Typical for the countries of the Middle East with indispensable CET (light snacks and sauces). Traditional Greek dishes include tsatsika (cucumber in yogurt and garlic sauce), dolmadakia (grape leaves with rice, herbs and sometimes meat), spano-mantle (layered cake with feta spinach and cheese), keftes (meatballs with mint and bowls of chalot) , Musaka (baked layers of potatoes, eggplant, zucchini and lamb filling under bezamel sauce and grated cheese), lamb kebabs and chicken, and grilled meat and fish.

Turkish dishes are distinguished by a small difference in titles: for example, Jadzhik instead of Camcica and Dolm instead of Dolmadakia. Trapese Traditionally it is customary to start with soup, after which children can offer Kuz Tandar (baked lamb), Expo-Köftte (meatballs in lemon sauce.) Or Asteer (grilled lamb and beef with yogurt and tomato sauce served on a thin pita). For both kitchens are characteristic of desserts, for example pakhlava in syrup. Restaurants are located in the central and northern parts of London, the food is often accompanied by music and dancing, and dishes sometimes beat in Greek restaurants. Greek cuisine can be tried in traditional taverns Four lanternsand Konaki,and Turkish - in Sofree

Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine in London

Most of the Indonesian and Malaysian restaurants are located in central London, including Melati.and Bali Bali,where the dishes of both countries are served. Both cuisines are characterized by the influence of Thai, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. The main products are rice and noodles, and chicken satai and beef kebabs are certainly on any restaurant's menu. Among Indonesian dishes, the little gourmet, especially the Gado-Gado (vegetable salad filled with peanuts) and Nasi Uduk (rice in coconut milk). Less spicy Malaysian dishes include chicken in hainan and noodle dishes, such as hockey and cabbage wed. Complete the meal with fragrant magenta mango stone (tropical fruit) or goreng preshaus (fried bananas).

Middle Eastern cuisine

The choice of hot and cold dishes from the Middle Eastern cuisine served by small portions - Meza - especially like children. Most children know what humus is (homogeneous, unshakable chickpeas), but there are many other new dishes that are worth, sambusek (triangles of the dough with meat, cheese or vegetables), tabule (bulguralat with mint leaves, parsley, tomatoes and green onions, with a refill of lemon juice and olive oil) and fatush (salad with parsley, mint and thin, crispy pieces of a toasted pita, with lemon dressing) as well as more massive dishes with pickled chicken and lamb. These dishes are properly cooked, these dishes are very fragrant but not too spicy. In the EJVER street area there are a number of restaurants in Middle Eastern restaurants, mostly Lebanese, including several networks. MA.soot., a little west that you will find Ai.Waha..

English Kitchen.

Before that, British cuisine, which was considered tasteless and severe to digestion, was unpopular by other peoples. But time made its own adjustments, and all the training of eminent chefs like Jeremy Oliver, Heston Bluumen, and Gordon Rami miraculously transformed it to be educated from others but returned the loyalty to their roots.

Some English restaurants are doing our best to attract visitors with children: One of these places is a place where ROAST, in today's food lovers paradise, Borow's Products market, is located. Here you will find high chairs, coloring and children's menu, as well as excellent traditional British dishes made from local, environmentally friendly produce. You can also find great food at several urban gastropropenables - restaurants that opened in the 1990s, where quality dishes are served in pleasant surroundings. Most of them are waiting for the warmest welcome.

Italian kitchen

From all over the world cuisine, Italian is best on kids, at least in terms of pizza, paste, and ice cream. In addition, the proven staff at Italian restaurants, triatoes and pizzerias ensure care and attention. There is usually a special menu for children, probably including paste with simple sauce, for example pesto (basil and cheese), petrogen (tomato), bolognese (meat) or carbonara (eggs, cheese and ham or bacon), homemade Pizza Or simply boiled meat. Usually there is a wide variety of types of ice cream in such places.

Spanish Kitchen

The growing popularity of tapas reservoirs and bars helped increase the interest in Spanish cuisine among residents and guests of the British capital. Spaniards, like Italians, are very benevolent when it comes to children and traditional tapas (small portions) allowing young foodies to try new tastes and ingredients without the need to order a dish in place. Some have a kids menu and tapas like Hamon Serrano and Hamon Iberico (both dried), Kalamares Fritaz (fried squid), Gambas Al Achilo (prawns with garlic), Tortotollesilien (Spanish omelette) are not too disappointed, but delicious.

French kitchen

The French, whose culinary tradition is considered to be some of the best in the world, has had an impact on British cuisine since the time of the Norman Conquest, and today there are many fine French restaurants in London serving great French dishes. As people began to care more about their health, the former traditional fat creamy sauces is lighter lit children's menu a minced steak (burger) and fried potatoes, chicken, omelette and nisuaz salad, as well as a large selection of desserts - from apple and lemon cake to chocolate moussa. and ice cream.

north americankitchen

Feeding Londoners a gentle love of North American cuisine since 1971, the Hard Rock Cafe opened in the city. Café with its juicy burgers and potatoes from french fries, hot dogs, grilled chicken and ribs, dense milk cocktails, American style in design and rock and roll music, is a real piece of the United States drawn to the old park lane were transferred. Other restaurants appeared, including the Authentic and Welded Chicago Rib Shack kids in Knightsbridge and a number of dinner diners.

Restaurant networks.

Perhaps this is not the most original choice, but restaurant networks are a reliable option for families - with high chairs and inexpensive food. This is not necessarily a ubiquitous but popular burger and fries in worldwide Me.Donald.s.. North American cuisine can be tried Ed.s.Easy.Dinerand yourDiner, copies from in the 1950s. in US restaurants; Excellent burgers will be in Gourmet.BurgerKitchen.. Another popular network, Nanado.s., specializes in chicken dishes in Portuguese Ayle. For Chinese food, go to one of the network institutions Ring.Pong., where dumplings are served in AILA DIM itself, and panasie dishes coax the base of the menu in Wagamama.. In the Japanese network Benihana.all ingredients prepare right in the eyes. Marush.and Noura.- Networks of the Lebanese REILAS; realGreek.really a Greek institution; TAS.- Turkish; A. Brasserie.Gerard.and Coffee shop.Rouge.- French. One of the family-oriented Italian networks of Italian networks are ASK., Carluccio.s.,, Spaghetti.House., Strada.and Zizzi.. Favorite international food, you will find in Giraffes.

It is very difficult to answer properly because London can be both a very expensive city and quite a good budget if comfort is not very important to you and you agree to save. Therefore I will only give prices and you will see for yourself.

Visa. The UK is not included in Schengen, unfortunately the short-term tourist visa will cost you $ 129, depending on the current rate, it is 8,356 rubles.

Flight. After EasyJet left Russia, direct flights to London, only quite expensive, about 20 thousand rubles, so it makes sense to look with a transplant.The most fiscal option is a flight that can be saved twice. Please note that England arrives at London Heathrow, and the return flight to Moscow, you will have from Gatwick: this airport will be away from the city in some time.

Casing. Six nights in any London hotel of three stars and above will cost the same 20,000 rubles. If you disagree - look, there are plenty of them in the UK capital. Six nights for two of them will cost 9 thousand. In the coolest - 4-star reviews cost 14,600 rubles for two at night.

Eat. A three-course dinner in a good restaurant will cost 50-75 pounds, it is 4300-6500 rubles. In Indian or Chinese restaurant you can dine for 1500 rubles, and in a pub - for 1000 rubles. Lunch in McDonald costs 4-7 pounds, it is 350-600 rubles, in London, a delicious street food: sandwich can be bought for 200 rubles, and a large part of kebab for 500-600 rubles. Cappuccino costs about 200 rubles, and pint of beer in a pub - 300 rubles.

Public transportation Quite expensive in England. One-time ticket to the London Underground costs 370 rubles per trip through 2 zones and 470 rubles per trip across 6 zones. If you use the oyster card, you can save a lot. Directly on the subway without restriction of travel for a week will cost 57 pounds, it is 4100 rubles. Add a weekly bus ticket and another 1500 rubles.

Entertainment. Many museums in London are free, but not all. For example, entry to the Churchill Museum will cost 1300 rubles, and in tower - 1600 rubles. You can buy the London Pass to give the right to enter 55 museums. The daily subscription costs 3,800 rubles for 3 days - 6,200 rubles. You can go to the home match "Chelsea", you can go to 1300 rubles. A ride on the Ferris wheel costs the same as a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Yes, the budget of trips can vary based on preferences and needs. But there are many ways to save money in London!

accommodation. First, of course, it crawls. This option is good, but not suitable for those who do not like living with strangers, who do not like living with strangers, or who did not come to London, not for a few days, but for a long period of time. For travelers like that, there are plenty of options on Airbnb. It is better to choose the housing in 4 or 5 zones near stops public transport.

Transport. Of course, it is best to go on foot - that and the money saves decent, and the city is easier to find. But sometimes you can't do without transportation. In order to save on transport, it is clear to buy a transport card. There are three of you in London: Travelcard, Auster and London Pass. Each of them has its advantages. When the subway preeble buses not only get from point A to point B, but can also see the city. For example, the 4th route passes from Parliament, St. Paul's Cathedral, Waterloo, Theater and Fleet Street, and the 88th bus comes from Camden along the streets of Regent and Oxford streets and passes Piccadilly Circus Square, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament and Tate UK. More advice and ways to save on transport in London.

Eat. Cheaper to buy and prepare products in supermarkets. This is especially true if you are in the local training center, in hostels that have where there is shared kitchen, or the apartment away. There are many supermarkets in London, but the most popular networks are Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury. The last two are almost identical to each other, and Asda is cheaper than others. But the products are worse. In addition to products for independent preparation of food, shops that you can buy, you can buy meals - business lunch analogue. And before you close in London department stores, pastries and sandwiches start selling.

We can get relatively inexpensive in London pubs, some of which are offered in addition to drinks. By the way, in any pub you can ask for a glass of water (tap water) instead of buying it. There are networks where prices are lower than in restaurants. And in even more and "happy hour" there are and the stocks. For example in MyoldDutch - pancakes with discount on Monday. Details.

Well, for the most ascetic and superconductive: dining rooms are scattered all over the city with churches and religious organizations where you can eat with soup or sandwich for free or for a small donation. You can find them and.

Entertainment. All London State Museums operate free of charge. Walk around the parks, fairs, the streets can also be free. However, this cannot be limited. Would you like to go on an excursion - please! Immediately more than several communities of policy enthusiasts are offering free walking tours in different areas of the city. For example free London walking tours, free tours of London and others.

In London, watch for free to see performances, films and listen to concerts. In the scoop, an open amphitheater near the tower, free cultural events in the warm season: filmmakers, performances, concerts, festivals. IN the Queen Elizabeth concert hall, concerts are held every Friday as part of the commuter jazz program.

But most interesting, in my opinion, to be a witness to the ceremony. For example, you will see the key ceremony, the parliamentary seat and a trial in the central criminal court of the old Bailey study. You can also do this for free. Details, schedule and other ideas you can find.

I went to London for 10 days on a budget of 30,000 rubles. Right, I had a couple of "buts". 1) I already had a UK visa. 2) This trip was before the race jump, about 54 rubles per pound sterling. 3) I'm a very, very, very unpretentious person :)

First, I flew from a lourogening agent with a manual loop (minimum of clothes, a pair of shoes, a minimum set of hygiene tools), direct flight from Moscow, 4000 rubles. Second, she lived in a beach hearth, in a room for 15 people, but for 8,000 rubles and a 5-minute walk from Bigben. Elegant!

Breakfast at the hostel was meager, so I bought groceries for breakfast from supermarkets; In the institution, three or four went for the trip. Dinner usually in Chinese Chifanka, for 5 pounds, for 5 pounds you can choose a large food container, including seafood, meat, and eat a week before us! Pubs in the program were daily.

The main museums were revised in the first trip. The biggest expense for me was getting a ticket on the bike - something around £ 19 if I'm not mistaken. I still don't know why I decided to drive because it was pouring rain at that moment))

Almost always moving around the city. I've used oysters on buses, they are cheaper than the subway, and the bus network covers the whole city. If I wasn't afraid to ride my bike around the city, I saved transportation as well. The parking lots in the city are full, the day costs 2 and a week from 10 pounds. Maybe something has changed now.

Most likely, now for 30 thousand no more, but in 50 you can try;)

You can save $ 50 on living space by:

1) Register on and confirm your profile.

The British capital is constantly leading the ratings of the most expensive tourist cities on the planet. But seasoned travelers know how to save on housing and are also encouraged to dine only 7-11 pounds in London. Full English breakfast, Mexican burito, vegetarian lunch, Indian pellet, Italian ice cream ... it's time to eat!

We have prepared a useful list for you including 10 places to eat deliciously and cheaply.

Lantana Cafe.


In the address. Fitzrovia, 13 Charlotte Place, You can order an appetizing ratatoo, soup, salad, as well as a juicy steak, which is famous for this cafe. Light cakes and pastries are offered for dessert. You can watch out for many dishes. Lunch costs typically fluctuate in the range of 5-11 pounds.

Vegan routes.

This is a nice restaurant bus in the area Soho, on Breveler Street, 32190 m from Piccadilly Circus. Accordingly, the name of the establishment is offered here for foods of only vegetable origin. The rule is observed for all dishes, so that the discerning vegan will not find a gram of meat and dairy products in one plate. In addition, the prices in vegan routes are very democratic.

In the Mooli Cafe is in Soho at the address at the address 50 Frith Street.Serves dishes from European and Indian cuisine. You will likely have a hearty filling to taste a stew of beef and vegetables that cost about 3 pounds. But even if you do decide to have a full dinner, it's pretty much into 6-9 pounds.


In a cozy Italian restaurant ( 7 Archer St, Soho) You will always be satisfied with excellent dishes. There is a menu: a paste with sauce, golden cakes, freshly baked pizza, puree of eggplant. And don't forget to order some delicious ice cream: almond, chocolate, pear, etc. The impressive part will cost you around £ 3.


Here are the exotic Vietnamese dishes that you are sure to find something familiar among. Particularly popular sandwiches "Ban Mi" (for only 4 pounds) - fragrant installments with meat, cucumber, grated carrots, cilantro and lemongrass. And the colorful interior, complemented by photos from Vitenam, will raise the mood for the typical weather for foggy Albion.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese


This is one of London's most vintage pubs in fact, pub-museum. Before entering the sign, the nameplate "Only gentlemen serves here." In the book of famous visitors - Celebrities, Prime Ministers and members of royal families. And the pub was called "writers' protection" in its day. There was Shelly, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Chesterton, Arthur Conan Doyle, and others. The interior is quite colorful, and the walls are decorated with portraits of 15 monarchs, under whom the institution functioned. More on one of the walls you can see the portrait of the first waiter. To get started, you can order a traditional English dish fish and chips (cod fillets baked in a cereal). It is used as a side dish of fried potatoesand fresh beer of various types.It is an excellent addition to the meal. Serving fish and peeps usually cost 5-8 pounds. Simply complete - travel to BlackFriars underground station and follow the address: Weinbüro CT., 145, Flottenstrasse.

Gingerline HQ.

But the option for fans of quests! The GingerLine HQ Restaurant doesn't have a real address, you can only find it on virtual ones. But how to eat? The fact is that the address changes regularly, and everyone soon learns everything before lunch. Menu, also secret, by the way. You can only know the restaurant if you know "looks and passwords". Nevertheless, GingerINGLINE HQ is popular. And if your appetite is piqued during the adventure, you will surely like one of the unexpectedly proposed dishes.


Hidden Pallet /

Like without pizza! It is in Malletti that lovers can take the soul of quick snacks During the walk, it is enough for you to choose the type of pizza you want (with artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, spinach, mozzarella, etc.), which, if necessary, reheat immediately becomes. It is said that their scent is just amazing and you always need to consider additives. By the way, such a quick lunch will cost you just £ 4-6. Address: 26 Noel Street or 174-176 Clerkennwell Road.

Daddy donkey.

London appetizer.

At 11am to 3pm, a juicy Mexican burrito can be bought for about 5 pounds. This institution has been serving London American food in Latin America for over 10 years, and over the years it has become hugely popular. It is therefore necessary to take into account that there is a queue built into the lunch break. And so that buyers do not lose a good mood, Mexican musicians in folk costumes are encouraged by their funny melodies.

This cafe looks very prestigious - marble, huge glass windows, spectacular lighting. But the classic dining room is hidden behind the luxurious facade (although very good!). You need to take a tray and choose the dishes you want among all abundance. By the way, we recommend cute tools to pay attention to cakes, with which there are compartments at the beginning. Calculate at the checkout and enjoy lunch that costs 6-8 pounds on average.

It should be noted that many inexpensive "power points" are located in remote areas. But even in the heart of the British capital, you can snack in Brazilian, Italian, Chinese snack economical, Vietnamese cafes. and pubs with national cuisine.

10 seats in London where you can eat delicious and inexpensive Updated: May 11, 2019 by author: Anni Krasova.

We decided to finally understand where the places in London would be hidden where your lunch wouldn't cost like a cast iron bridge. Inexpensive eating is completely optional fast food, harmful carbohydrates and other GMOs, you just have to be able to choose with your mind.

Make sure you try street food. In London there is absolutely safe in the markets, with trays, tables at the entrances in supermarkets and tube stations. The food is very diverse, everything is tasty and inexpensive. Big lunch will cost you around £ 5-7, and snack is even cheaper. This is where you can find all the street food markets in Central London, starting with the most famous Boro market, and on the website itself there is a transition to the street meal menu. Generally all over the city.

In terms of food, and not only, London is the most international city in the world. You can find Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, Lebanese, Indian, Malaysian cuisine, literally on every corner. A couple of meals (without alcohol) will literally cost you around £ 10 per person.

English breakfast is a completely amazing phenomenon that eats in the morning, you can go almost without a snack until the evening. When you are in the London Passage, check that it is not included in the automaton in the price of your room in the hotel. If not, you can easily find the neighborhood of a cafe or pub where it is served for £ 6-8 any time of the day.

Eat before going to the theater. Suddenly yes? Even if you don't go to the theater today, you can use this suggestion. It will be earlier than normal dinner, somewhere between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM, but discounts are expected, especially in the West End where there are many theaters.

Many supermarkets offer the so-called meal deal. Lunch, consisting of sandwich, drinks and fruit, can put you three pounds. Or arrange dinner for two with dessert and a bottle of wine for £ 10-12.

Pay attention to the so-called "soft start". They are usually done in very expensive restaurants before starting something new. So you go for the problem of testing the menu and atmosphere, and the first visitors give a 50% discount. You can find such offers on

Home delivery of food is significantly cheaper than the same food in the restaurant, so delivery supplies actively use or other sites aggregators type

Get the Garden Card and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much it offers discounts and deals on two dishes for the price of one. This same card gives a discount on tickets to the Vue and Odeon cinemas. Feel free to register at special discount locations, for example in Travelzoo, you can even go to Michelin restaurants with their vouchers.

If you are serious about saving on food, don't take alcohol in the restaurant, limit the request to bring a jug of tap water to the table. By law, they are obliged to provide you with water for free, and if you want, add lemon and ice to it too - for free. Often in restaurants happens "heimwein", which is normally not served in bottles, but in decarners. Sometimes it happens very well and relatively inexpensively. And you don't have to be overpaid.

Before entering the restaurant, explore the menu. You are legally obliged to post them at the entrance with the actual prices. Add an additional 12.5% ​​to your account - this is the usual London service charge and will calculate if you can afford it. And don't forget with network cafes, pizzerias and other city.They feed fairly on the flat and cheap enough.

Look out for the array of Italian and Greek cookbooks across town. There is a prepared food that is heated in the microwave. Portions are huge, everything is done in the same day. And the load often gives a free salad. Here are places in central London where you can have lunch for £ 4-7. It is possible that you will find great panoramic views of the city and these are not restaurants but a simple city cafe with all kinds of city attractions.

Those who find this good restaurant In London or very difficult or it will be very expensive, most likely not in London the last 7-10 years. The situation has changed dramatically and there have been many excellent legal human price facilities.

The best way to start the search is from the Time Out magazine website. There will also be a list of London gastropabs that combine the charm of the British pub and food level. The choice can be sorted by distance, cuisine, or gastroitation views.

Free City News wallpaper London Evening Standard constantly publishes themed restaurant Ferris: Where to eat with a romantic inclination on Valentine's Day making the best delicious pancakes, best restaurants. Mafer etc. Here on this link is a list and overview of everyone who has just opened new places and if all you want to do is have beer in a typical English pub then this is you.