What challenges does the travel agency industry face?

Covid-19 crisis poses enormous challenges for the travel agency industry

Appeal to solidarity of customers - Kadanka: "Unprecedented situation pushes tour operators to their limits"

Vienna (OTS) - "Travel agencies and tour operators are currently busy around the clock to inform customers as best as possible about the latest developments, to process cancellation requests or to safely bring customers back to Austria from abroad," describes Gregor Kadanka, chairman of the professional association of travel agencies in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ), the current situation.

In addition to the enormous human effort that is necessary to cope with the current situation of massive cancellations, rebooking, etc., the resulting financial impact is a major challenge.

“Tour operators are doing their best to refund payments from customers who have canceled a package tour free of charge - for example because of a travel warning - as quickly as possible. The unprecedented situation of a global pandemic is pushing tour operators to their limits here. We therefore appeal to our customers to also accept vouchers for package tours, for example for trips in the next season. After all, the desire to travel will certainly still exist after the crisis has ended, ”emphasizes Kadanka. The European Commission is now advising customers to consider vouchers instead of a refund. Package travelers do not need to worry about a possible bankruptcy, since package tours - in contrast to individual services such as a flight-only booking - are insolvency insured.

The association expressly welcomes the aid package of 38 billion euros announced in the middle of this week. Kadanka: "Fast and unbureaucratic access to support is now important for travel agencies and tour operators." (PWK111 / ES)

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