How can I think more peaceful thoughts

Positive thinking: With these 8 tips you will change the way you look at life

How important is positive thinking?

Positive thinking doesn't just take place in the head. Those who go through life positively experience a lot more positive emotions and even promote their own health. Because positive thinking strengthens the immune system, while negative thoughts do exactly the opposite. They make you unhappy, depressed and sick.

Positive thoughts, on the other hand, almost inspire you and bring you one step closer to happiness. Anyone who thinks positively lets the positive into his life and is more satisfied in the long term. Anyone who thinks negatively pulls themselves - and others - further and further down.

The power of positive thinking on our well-being, happiness and success has been confirmed in various scientific studies. Because positive thinking does not mean always seeing things through rose-colored glasses. Positive thinking can change your worldview, strengthen your self-confidence, give you strength and strength.

Positive thinking promotes your resilience and lets you deal better with stress and psychological strain. Thinking positively means seeing the positive in negative experiences. Anyone who thinks positively does not talk about negatives nicely, but accepts bad experiences without being dragged down by them. Rain is always followed by sunshine - a law of nature that everyone can trust.

Even if it seems impossible for you at the moment: Even if you are not a born optimist, you can learn positive thinking!

How can I learn positive thinking?

Have you often received the advice of "think positively" from friends and acquaintances? And then you thought, "Easier said than done"? Then here are 8 helpful tips on how you can convert negative thoughts into positive ones and thus change your entire attitude towards life:

1. Recognize opportunities

When one door closes, another opens. And that very often leads you a little closer to happiness in life. How often are people desperate after they quit and shortly afterwards found exactly the job they had always wanted. How often has a relationship broken up that, in retrospect, was not so happy and that paved the way for a fulfilled relationship with the dream partner. Therefore, trust that the future has something better in store for you if you look forward to it in a positive mood. As the saying goes: when a door closes, a new one opens.

2. Find solutions

Everyone has problems. It is completely normal. Only some deal with it differently than others. Some let themselves be blocked by problems, complain, blame the other, feel that they have been treated unfairly and bury themselves in self-pity. The others recognize the problem and look for a solution. You take matters into your own hands and know that there is a way out. In the end, success proves them right.

Therefore, think about the next problem situation: What can I do to solve the problem? Get active, get creative. Think about who can help you solve the problem. Sometimes you get stuck yourself and need expert support. It's not a shame, on the contrary. It shows your competence in accessing and using resources.

3. Be grateful

Have you ever wondered how well you are actually? How many things are there in your life that you should be grateful for? Instead of complaining, write down one thing every day for which you are grateful. The coffee machine that conjures up the most delicious coffee for you every day. The walk through the woods. The sun that shines from the sky. The apartment that saves you from life on the street. Children who bring you joy. A partner who will always stick to you. A job that secures your livelihood.

The more things you put on the gratitude list, the more you see that there is actually no reason to complain. Journaling is a good method: set up a gratitude diary in which you write down what you are grateful for every day. This will allow you to focus more on the good things and over time you will get used to a more positive outlook.

4. Learn to let go

Often the past keeps us trapped in negative thought patterns and prevents us from looking positively and freely into the future. Then find out what is negatively affecting you and try to let it go. Bad experiences, disappointments, failures, emotional injuries, pain or grief sometimes burden us for a lifetime.

But this ballast can also be something positive, as it brings us life experience and strength for new challenges. Vivian Dittmar gives you professional support in getting rid of unhealthy emotions in the online course "The Emotional Backpack", so that you can shed ballast.

5. Relax

If you are constantly tense and let yourself be overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life, positive thinking is often difficult. Regular relaxation helps you come down, switch off and see clearly. Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga - choose a relaxation method and learn to switch off your thoughts and only be in the here and now. This inner calm brings you back into harmony with yourself. A nice side effect: At the same time, happiness hormones are released.

6. Have fun

If you laugh a lot, you automatically have a positive outlook on life. That's why you should just have more fun. Meet up with friends, look for a hobby, join a sports group - you have the design of your life in your own hands. So create a positive environment for yourself, and the positivity will jump over to you too. In return, it is important to avoid a negative environment.

7. Self-coaching

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your negative feelings that prevent you from turning your thoughts in a positive direction? Then the “THE WORK” method in Ina Rudolph's online course can be a way out of the negative spiral. You will learn how to solve your own conflicts and get a new perspective on your life. The way to get there is self-coaching, in which you question yourself and understand and break your negative thought patterns.

8. Smile

The easiest and most important exercise is to give yourself a smile. At first it might seem a bit strange to just pull up the corners of your mouth for no real reason. Try it anyway. Right now! You will immediately feel a change.

Maybe you start every day with a smile and take the positive attitude with you. After a while, people around you will also notice that your charisma has become more positive. The nice thing: if you smile, you get a smile back.

Now you know how to think positively. But that doesn't mean that you have to banish negative feelings from your life. Emotions such as anger, sadness and pain are part of life and must also be consciously felt and processed. They just can't pull you down and suppress the positive feelings. Those who permanently suppress negative feelings will end up doing the opposite and one day will be confronted with them all the more violently. Therefore: If you feel bad, accept with the knowledge that the world will look completely different tomorrow.