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AutoCAD 2020

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

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2,088.45 euros for the full version (for 1 year)


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33,967 (since May 14, 2012)

The standard software for designing technical drawings for engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, designers and geospatial specialists is "AutoCAD" from Autodesk. With the vector-oriented drawing program, you can create complex bodies, surfaces and networks in 2D and 3D from simple objects such as lines, polylines, circles and arcs. Labeling and intelligent dimensions that automatically adapt to the selected objects are just as natural as the grouping of objects, the uncomplicated manipulation of individual drawing elements, flexible selection tools, the use of variable layer technology and the lightning-fast change of perspectives via "SteeringWheels".

In addition to manual construction on the screen, “AutoCAD” has the option of importing so-called point clouds; for example via the interface to the capture software “Autodesk ReCap” or “Autodesk ReCap 360”. Using photos, you scan real objects there, which are converted into point clouds and then read into "AutoCAD" and further processed. For a realistic rendering of your models, an extensive library for materials and corresponding lighting elements are part of the range of services. Another focus of the program is the professional documentation of design changes, for example using rectangular, polygonal or freehand revision clouds.

Furthermore, “AutoCAD” also meets professional requirements in terms of connectivity. For example, you can import models from the 3D software for mechanical design "Inventor", use existing BIM (Building Information Modeling) models from "BIM 360 Glue", or merge data from other Autodesk special programs in "AutoCAD". You output the finished construction drawings on plotters and 3D printers. Or you can export the data in various formats such as DWF, PDF, DXF and FBX or PostScript. A programming interface also allows the implementation of individual problem solutions.

In addition, you have the option of working on drafts together with colleagues in the network or mobile in the cloud using the “AutoCAD 360” app on iPad, tablet or any web browser. In addition to the free basic version, there is a paid Pro version of the app with which you can create new drawings, among other things.

AutoCAD LT with 2D functionality

If you only want to work two-dimensionally, the cheaper “LT” version of “AutoCAD” is ideal.
»Download: Download AutoCAD LT

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