How is Adelaide better than other cities

Adelaide: 11 sights and excursions that are worthwhile!

You shouldn't miss these places in the capital of South Australia!

The city of Adelaide in the south of Australia, with a population of around one million, is bobbing in the shadow of the "acquaintances" Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to himself. That too Great Barrier Reef and the "Outback" to the Uluru are known to everyone.

Nevertheless, there are still very few tourists visiting the now hip city of Adelaide. However, we find exactly this city as an ideal starting point for great adventures. The Flinders Ranges, a trip to the Kangaroo Island natural paradise or a Road trip to Uluru is are Highlights of a trip to Australia.

We want to change that Adelaide will no longer be overlooked by international travelers in the future. The city doesn't have as many attractions as other places. But that's exactly why these places are so beautiful. If you are looking for historical places, you are not quite right in Australia anyway. Because we find them more at home in Europe. Please don't get it wrong, because there is enough history, especially when it comes to the natives. I mean buildings more. Because the history of Australia is young.

But culinary and above all nature are big pluses, which for us are among the highlights and top sights.

We have summarized all information, tips and attractions for Adelaide here. These will help you plan your trip!

You can find here:

  • All the sights and highlights in Adelaide
  • The best excursions around Adelaide
  • What you can save yourself and just rob you of your time

Why Adelaide?

For us, the capital of South Australia is the perfect city to start a road trip in Australia, and we also experience and experience that it is the greenest city in Australia. I started and ended my 3 month trip to Australia right here.

Arriving in Adelaide is easy from the first minute.

The city is clear, not too big and very green. You see them to the east mountains, in the West beautiful beaches. There are expanses Boulevards and many Parks and Green spaces that let you breathe and arrive. The first too Kangaroos and Koalas can be found here.

All you want to see is never more than 20 minutes away. I like that because at the beginning we don't have a car.

Adelaide has a great mix of historic and modern buildings. Parks and green spaces, smaller hills to the east and white beaches to the west. For wine lovers there are the best wines on offer due to the proximity to the Barossa Valley. The dreamy island of Kangaroo Island is only a few hours away. Our tip: Visit Kanagroo Island on a day trip, much better: stay overnight.

Here is my Kangaroo Island travel report with tips.

At the beginning of my trip I spent three days and at the end of the three months another three days in Adelaide.

Here I have summarized my favorite places in Adelaide that you shouldn't miss.

Most of these places are in the center, also called North Terrace and CBD (Central Business District). It is precisely on this North Terrace that we live for the first few days to explore museums, sights and great restaurants and bars.

Tip: To get started, book accommodation directly on North Terrace. I had booked three different accommodations in Adelaide in three different corners.

Attractions in Adelaide

Adelaide Central Market

This 143-year-old place, the oldest market in Adelaide, was my favorite place in town. If you only have a short time to visit the city, you should definitely see this attraction. Our highlight and favorite place.

Here we were quickly convinced that Adelaide must be the culinary capital of Australia. Not only local products (fruit, vegetables, bread, yoghurt, fish, meat, etc.) are offered, but around 80 stalls from many different countries.

You have the choice between Greek yoghurt (The Yoghurt Shop), Latvian pirg (The Latvian Lunch Room), kangaroo / camel / crocodile meat (Something Wild) or Korean (Sun Mis Sushi). These are just a few of the food stalls, the selection is overwhelming. By the way, there is one of the world's best types of gin to buy here on the market. You can best experience Adelaide's diversity here.

On the first day after our arrival, we took the Adelaide Central Market Tour to taste the delicacies and local specialties. In addition, we learn the stories about the different stands on the Central Market. Be sure to take this tour, it's worth it.

Cheryl showed us around the market. She not only introduced us to the delicacies but also to the owners of the stands with their stories.

Note on the tour: You can book the tour on the official website. We did the Early Risers Breakfast Tour at 8:30 AM for $ 85. At the beginning of your trip, you're jet lagged, so it's good to have an appointment first thing in the morning. It's worth a visit!

The very next morning we come back to enjoy an inexpensive and very tasty breakfast compared to the rest of the city. If it was Lucias on the first day before the tour, I chose “Comida” the following morning. There was a toasted dark bread (unfortunately very rare in Australia) with goat cheese, mushrooms and aubergine. In addition a flat white. The day couldn't start any better.

If you're looking for a place to have breakfast or eat in Adelaide, the Adelaide Central Market should be your first port of call. It tastes delicious and is a cheap alternative at the same time. Also at the end of my long journey we came back for breakfast and bought the best quality meat for the last evening!

Information on Adelaide Central Market:

  • If you want to go to the Central Market you should know that not every stall is open every day. The main market days are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The market is closed on public holidays (information on the official website).
  • Sunday and Monday: closed. Tuesdays: 7 a.m. - 5.30 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday: 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m., Friday 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Address: 44-60 Gouger Street


By the way, Chinatown is right on the Central Market. If you want to bring cheesy souvenirs made in China with you, you should definitely stop by here. The fun factor is very high.

There are also plenty of inexpensive Asian food options in Chinatown.

Our restaurant tip for Chinatown: Ky Chow.

Adelaide Botanical Garden

Actually, I rarely visit botanical gardens when traveling. But this was recommended to me by blogger friend Nina (smaracuja) as particularly beautiful. Since the botanical garden was on our way anyway and there is no entry fee, we spent an afternoon here.

The trees here are incredibly beautiful and very old. There are greenhouses, a pond, and lots of little trails to explore the park. In summer there is even an open-air cinema, which unfortunately did not take place during my visit in autumn.

Information on the botanical garden

  • Entry is free.
  • There are free walking tours in the park every day at 10.30 a.m.

The most beautiful beaches around Adelaide

Most of the beaches are no more than 30 minutes from the center. Due to its location by the sea, Adelaide has a very pleasant climate all year round.

Even in the Australian winter (June) we were able to spend very pleasant days in sunshine and 13-18 degrees a day by the sea.

The most popular and famous beach is Glenelg. Thanks to the connection by tram, the easiest way to get here is without a car. We were not only in Glenelg but also in Henley Beach, in Grange and also at the Brighton Jetty.

In summer you can swim with dolphins or watch whales here. Unfortunately, I was here in autumn and therefore out of season.

Our tip: eat at Henley Beach

The Stunned Mullet on Henley Beach offers the finest seafood. Either eat on site or take away. Definitely try the fish and chips, supposedly the best in Adelaide. The small seafood stall has already won several awards for this.

  • Address: 8 East Terrace, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia.
  • There is parking one block away at a supermarket.

Central Business District (CBD) and Riverbank Adelaide

These places can be explored on foot in less than a day. Walk along the Riverbank, passing the Adelaide Oval and the Riverbank Bridge.

Meet black swans and parrots in the trees of Elder Park's green spaces.

Mount Lofty

For the best view of Adelaide, you have to visit Mount Lofty. The best way to get here is by car. We visited Mount Lofty on our way back from the Barossa Valley. Unfortunately, the day was pretty disig and the view of the city was not clear.

Note: Be sure to look into the trees up here, there could be koalas in them.

North Terrace - cultural sightseeing in Adelaide

Start at the east end, where the Botanic Garden lies and go on Migration Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia along. You should visit this museum because the free entry and especially the Special exhibitions We really liked the ground floor (mostly Modern Art). There are a few in the upper area Aboriginal art which we liked very much. A museum that is definitely worth a visit.

If you continue down North Terrace, you will come to the South Australian University and the State Library (great place with exhibitions and reading rooms) over. You happen this houses of Parliament, Government building and the railway station.

Coincidentally, our first accommodation was in the middle of this mile. So we walked this street with magnificent houses several times.

Shopping: Rundle Mall and Rundle Street

Anyone who thinks there is nothing going on in Adelaide just needs direction Rundle Mall walk. The closer you get to the shopping mile, the more there is going on on the streets. This is where that beats Heart Adelaides.

From Apple Store about a Coles supermarket up to various Outdoor stores (Kathmandu for example). There are also good restaurants, trendy cafés, pubs for evenings with live music and fast food shops. Everything is here.

I also discovered one or the other shop that I visited again at the end of my 3-month trip through Australia.

Visit the Adelaide Arcades and Australia's most famous Chocolaterie: Haigh’s Chocolates (There is another shop at the Adelaide Central Market).

We meet here again and again Street musician who entertain people on guitar, didgeridoo and harmonica. You don't have to do without art either.

The Mall Balls and three pigs eating out of garbage cans.

Excursion to the wine regions around Adelaide

There is nothing better than sitting in front of a cozy fire in the wine region with a glass of Australian wine. There are a lot of wineries in Australia. But nowhere is there like this many first-class wine-growing regions within an hour's drive of Adelaide. Here are the best wines of Australia generated.

You are spoiled for choice between Barossa Valley, Clare Valley,Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. No other capital in Australia offers you this easy access to the different wine regions. And they're all beautiful (besides the wines).

You can also find here beautiful streetsthat make the road trip heart beat faster. Perhaps the most beautiful that South Australia has to offer.

Destination: Kangaroo Island

If you're in Adelaide, you absolutely have to Kangaroo Island visit. I was on the island for two days, Michi at the end of the trip for a day trip as we didn't have more time.

Depending on your budget, I recommend that you drive at least one day to this wonderfully beautiful natural paradise. One day is better than none, even if I would have loved to stay a third day.

In addition to koalas, Kangaroo Island kangaroos, seals and sea lions, you can also see platypus, eagles, wallabies, goannas and Echidna. The nature and beaches are particularly beautiful here and for me they are among the most beautiful in South Australia!

Check out my full review and tips for Kangaroo Island here.

Festivals in the Festival State of Australia

Adelaide is called "Festival State". No wonder, because there is something to celebrate here almost every week. The most famous events are the Adelaide Fringe and Adelaide Festival (both take place in February / March). We both missed a weekend.

In 2014, Adelaide was voted one of the most livable cities in the world by Lonely Planet. The climate is Mediterranean and very mild even in winter. The city's cultural mix guarantees an excellent selection of different restaurants. Enjoy the selection, because once you leave the city, it becomes less and less.

The city is not as well known as Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, but I am sure that you will like Adelaide too. Adelaide is just the right place to arrive after a long flight and a 10 hour time difference.

Cozy and not too hectic and a belt of parks has been created around the center, which extends over a square mile. The city is green and can be explored wonderfully on foot or on free city bikes.

Hahndorf: You can save yourself that!

Must see: Kangaroo Island Even before my trip, some readers and friends recommended the “German village” of Hahndorf as an absolute “must see”. Right from the start, I waved it off. Why should I visit a "German Village" in Australia? On the way back from the Barossa Valley we spontaneously decided to choose the route via Hahndorf.

Conclusion: As a German you definitely don't have to see Hahndorf. It's so cheesy. You even get pretzels (well, it looks like a pretzel), German food and there are more Asians here than other tourists. We drove on again quickly.

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