What are some natural alternatives to deodorants

TOP6 Beauty: Natural deodorants without aluminum

The first sentence when people get to know me is: “But that's rare.” Yes, I am a rare specimen: Berlin parents, Berlin blood, Berlin brat. In fact, I am so closely connected to the capital that I have been loyal to my neighborhood in Schöneberg for over 20 years and have never moved from here - nor do I think about it. And although we in Schöneberg think a lot of organic supermarkets and esoteric gemstone shops, there is also the very big fashion paradise here: the KaDeWe. The temple of shopping and the substitute kindergarten for my parents, so to speak the Småland at Ikea for me (other children have their first tantrum there, I threw myself on the floor in full rage in the atrium of the KaDeWe and refused to leave). So it's no wonder that Mode and I never really had reservations.

At least since high school, in which - thanks to Blair Waldorf's inspiration from Gossip Girl (yes, that was my series with Gilmore Girls) - I never entered school without a headband, fascinator or patterned tights, my surroundings had understood: Marie does what about fashion. And because I was pretty much the only one in my Catholic "elite high school", I looked for my allies elsewhere in 2011: on the Internet. On my blog Style by Marie. And so began my fashion career.

I found even more like-minded people and, above all, friends at the Academy for Mode & Design in Berlin, where I started my training in fashion journalism and media communication in 2013. What was clear to me since 1st grade, namely writing is my thing, has now become my job: journalist. (Because yes, grandma, there is something else besides being a fashion designer). Thanks to my blog and an internship at Harper’s Bazaar Germany in the online editorial department, I also stayed loyal to the internet and online journalism. And guess where I am now: Exactly, at Journelles, the blogazine that connects all my passions: blogging, writing, being online - together with you!

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