What are some examples of moral claims

Impossiblemoral Committed

A new study has shown that people also morally demand the impossible from one another. Even if the prerequisites for successfully rescuing someone are completely lacking, test subjects said: The duty still exists.

People have pretty high expectations of each other when it comes to morality. This is what a new study by the University of Waterloo in Canada says. Test subjects were presented with several scenarios. For example, Michael sees a girl drowning in a pool. But he cannot be there in time to help because he is paralyzed or suddenly has a panic attack. Then the test subjects were asked whether Michael should have helped anyway and whether he could be held responsible.

There is a duty, regardless of the conditions

According to the interviewees, Michael would have had a moral duty to save the girl. No matter whether he could or not and no matter whether the rescue would have been successful in the end or not. Michael should not be punished, however.

If someone absolutely cannot do something because he lacks the prerequisites for it, nobody can actually ask him to do it. The study has shown, however, that people still demand it.

In an experiment, the test subjects were then put into the role of those who observed the emergency situation but were unable to help. And then everyone said again: I should have helped anyway.

Physical weakness better reason

By the way, people are more forgiving when someone is helpless for physical reasons than for psychological ones. They understand a paralyzed leg more than they do a panic attack.