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From gangster to mainstream rapper: Sido has scored well for decades eloquent lyrics and catchy beats. The Berliner is a master of his subject: He not only established the street rap as one of the first in Germany, but also ensures that his beats and lyrics have been running up and down the radio for years.

As usual in street rap, his career does not begin as smoothly as his successes suggest. At the age of 13, the Berliner started rapping, processed strokes of fate and life experiences in his texts and gradually ended up on ever-growing stages. His prototypical career could not have turned out better: He is not just one of the most successful rappers in this country, but also scores with his fans with his authentic style. His balance speaks for itself: Millions of records sold, Collaborations with dozens of well-known artists and his prize collection now includes the 1 live crown, numerous Comet-Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards and several times the Echo pop.

But even the toughest gangster rapper becomes more mature over time - and you can tell that above all in his calm and critical lyrics as well as the looser beats. He gets himself with songs like "Hey you!" and "Astronaut" at least now a place in the mainstream, picks up pop elements and increasingly shows profundity and looseness - from the gangster rapper with the skull mask to celebrated rapper, the one with poppier tracks storming the charts. So will "AU Revoir" feat. Mark Forster a mega-hit, who advanced to his best-selling singles and thus next to his number 1 albums "Me and my mask" or „30-11-80” fits seamlessly into its success story.

Whether songs like "Carmen", "Hey you!", "Heaven should wait", "One of these stones", "Pictures in my head" or "A thousand tattoos": Sido has been proving for many years that he lives and loves German rap like no other and shows a sense of hit. Cool and casual, he convinces with both socially critical lyrics as well as Good mood hits and creates a mega atmosphere for the fans at all of its concerts.