What are interesting details about Apple Park

Apple Park: Apple's new superlative headquarters

The time has come in April. Then the first of the more than 12,000 Apple employees will move to the new "spaceship", the entire move should take six months.

The new Apple headquarters with the name Apple Park is an architectural masterpiece, but it was not cheap. Because the costs for the new Apple headquarters are estimated at around US $ 5 billion. Apple can definitely afford the prestige project (see picture below), the inventor of the iPhone is sitting on cash reserves of US $ 246 billion.

Apple Park

Apple needs more space after strong growth

Apple has grown rapidly over the past few decades and has advanced from a pure computer manufacturer to a provider of modern entertainment electronics with a rapidly growing service business (Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Music, etc.).

Correspondingly, not only the turnover but also the number of employees grew strongly. If Apple had almost 15,000 employees worldwide in 2005, this number had risen to over 116,000 by the end of 2016. With the increasing number of employees, the space requirement has recently also increased - a new headquarters had to be found.

Apple Park covers 700,000 square feet, 260,000 square feet of office space

The Apple Park, which extends over a total of 700,000 square meters, replaces the Infinite Loop Campus, which has served the group as the Apple headquarters in Cupertino since 1993.

The "spaceship" was designed by star architect Norman Foster and was based on an idea by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who worked on this project before the manager passed away in 2011. In honor of the Apple co-founder, the auditorium (1,000 seats) housed in Apple Park is named Steve Jobs Theater (see picture below).

Steve Jobs Theater

The Apple Park manages almost without air conditioning and heating systems

The four-story main building, which resembles a spaceship in shape, has an office space of 260,000 square meters and will later offer space for up to 13,000 Apple employees.

The facade is covered with six square kilometers of curved glass. Incidentally, the glass for the new corporate headquarters comes from the glass specialist Seele near Augsburg.

Apple speaks of one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world because the campus is powered entirely by renewable energies. For this purpose, solar modules with an output of 17 megawatts were installed on the roof of the building.

In addition, the Apple Park manages almost without air conditioning and heating, instead Apple relies on natural draft ventilation. The campus is complemented by a visitor center and an Apple store. Apple employees can let off steam in the 9,000 square meter gym.

Google is countering this with the new Google Campus

The internet company Google is also planning a new campus under the umbrella of Alphabet. In the future, the search engine giant will not reside in a spaceship, but in an oversized tent with a glass roof construction (see picture below). The bottom line is that Google's new main building in Mountain View is significantly smaller (102,000 square meters) than the Apple headquarters.

Google Campus

Apple is pulling out all the stops with Apple Park - to the delight of the employees

The construction costs for the Apple Park seem quite high at an estimated US $ 5 billion, but Apple's visionary founding father Steve Jobs wanted to create an inspiring environment for new innovations and generations of Apple employees with the new Apple headquarters.

If new groundbreaking products emerge from Apple Park, such as the iPhone at the time, the investment will have paid off not only for the employees, but also for the investors.

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