Is an associate degree pointless

What does the high school mean in America?

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I don't really think that you can compare a 2 with A, I would rather say 1 = A and 2 = B +. However, I find it difficult to just compare the grades because the systems are a bit different.

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Sure, you're right. You can't even compare within Germany what a grade is worth. For example, I would say that it is more difficult to get an A in German at a grammar school than at a secondary school. American high schools tend to follow the principle of integrated comprehensive schools, and it always depends on one's own commitment / intelligence what courses you get into. For example, in my high school there were three different levels of difficulty for history. Of course, if you let the guidance counselor class you as below average, you can get a great grade with little effort, and in the end you might even get the honor roll.

The comparison of grades that I have given above was given to me by my student exchange organization at the time when I first applied. They wanted to see my grades in American. It may be that this is a bit exaggerated with a 1 as A +. I think that should just take into account that it can be a bit more difficult to get an A in high school than an A in high school. But in the end it always depends on the level and even high schools are sometimes not stingy with good grades .... so you can't generalize all of that. Allegedly, a Bavarian high school diploma is supposed to be worth more than a Lower Saxon one .... We don't have a central high school diploma here yet, but it was still not really easy to get a good cut. What the hell. And in the end, no one ever asks about the grade average after the start of the course at the latest. (In England they didn't even want to see a copy of my hard-fought university entrance qualification .)

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