The president wears make-up every day

Make-up tricks 60plus: good make-up through old age

If you have worn make-up all your life, you often want to do it in old age. However, more mature skin has specific needs. And the first wrinkles need to be concealed. Experts reveal which tricks women aged 60 and over are the best way to apply make-up.

"Women, dare!" - that's what Petra Schreiber would like to call out to today's senior citizens. "Even at 60 or 70 you can look great and make something of yourself," says the President of the Federal Association of Color and Style Image. With a little make-up, blush and mascara, every woman has more freshness on her face, she says. But what exactly does perfect make-up look like when the skin is no longer as firm and young as it was before?

Make-up tip: matt and pastel

"I recommend using light pastel shades," says Schreiber. Ultimately, however, it also depends on the skin type. In general, the style expert advises matt products. "The rouge shouldn't be too dark, rosé tones are perfect here. The lips can handle a gloss." The ideal basis is a cream that plumps the lips and the wrinkles around the mouth a little. So the color stays in place.

Whoever likes it and who has fun with it can of course also get excited in the evening. "Smokey Eyes" with a dark border, for example, draw the eye to eyes with strong impressions.

Make lines and wrinkles disappear with the lip primer

Whatever you like is allowed - that's how make-up artist Peter Schmidinger from Munich puts it. "Anyone who likes to use bright red lipstick should do so. What you wear with conviction and a good feeling doesn't look silly." He recommends a "lip primer" to his older customers. "This visibly disappears small lines and wrinkles and the lipstick lasts hours longer." A contour pencil is then not absolutely necessary.

Before you can apply your make-up, you have to get the basics right anyway: "As you age, the skin needs significantly more care, i.e. moisture and fat," explains dermatologist Uta Schlossberger from Cologne. That is why women should use special products for more mature skin when it comes to make-up, creams or foundations. "Usually they have a higher percentage of fat."

Foundation in the five-point system

The dermatologist recommends using liquid make-up or a foundation that does not cover too much. After all, the make-up shouldn't look like a mask. Alternatively, a mineral powder make-up can be useful, adds Petra Schreiber. In order to find the right products, according to Schlossberger, good advice is important - for example when it comes to concealing pigment spots or bags under the eyes.

When make-up artist Peter Schmidinger makes up for mature skin, he first applies the foundation in a five-point system. That means: forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. "I lightly pat the product in, so I add air. This way the primer melts into the skin and cannot get stuck in the wrinkles," he explains. Smaller lines can be concealed by lightening them. That's why Schmidinger uses a concealer under the nose and around the mouth.

Look a few years younger by using blush

In addition, the make-up artist recommends rouge. "I can use it to make up every woman a few years younger," he says. It is important where the blush starts and where it ends. A trick helps: "It is best to use the ear cartilage as a starting point. From there, the blush is applied to the cheekbones towards the nose up to the middle of the pupil." On the cheekbones, the color gives freshness, underneath it sets an accent that is well suited for evening make-up.

However, it is advisable not to walk too far down with the blush. Because that lengthens the shape of the face and makes you older. On the other hand, it helps if a tone is repeated. "That's why I shade the edge of the hair with the same shade of blush and create a lifting effect," explains Schmidinger. The light between the two shades draws the eye optically upwards so that it appears young and fresh.

Use eyeshadow instead of eyeliner pencil

Schreiber advises older women to use eyeshadow instead of a creamy kohl pencil for the eyeliner. "They often smear. It's better to take an angled eyebrow brush and use it to draw the eyeliner, it's much more subtle." If you have applied foundation and powder beforehand, the eyeshadow does not settle in the wrinkles. In general, areas that should not stand out - such as drooping eyelids - should be darkened.

And what if all the magic has to go away in the evening? It is best to use an oil or micellar water, advises Schlossberger. When removing make-up, alcohol, which is often found in facial toner, is taboo. "This also dries out the skin and irritates it," says the dermatologist. Washing creams are therefore not suitable either.