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Marvel Studios

From Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, there are plenty of Marvel heroes

Marvel - today for many the name behind action-packed blockbusters, is originally a comic book publisher from New York.

Focus on comics
Marvel was founded under the name Timely Publications in 1939. Superhero comics were initially published, in which it was about Captain America, Human Torch, Patsy Walker and others. After the end of the Second World War, the publisher turned primarily to comics from the fields of science fiction or romance. In the 1960s, the publisher relied on superheroes again, not least of which was inspired by its competitor DC Comics. With this change in focus, the name was changed to Marvel. Comics by Stan Lee, who was related to Martin Goodman, the founder of Timelys, and who started at Timely as a teenager, quickly became a huge success. In particular, the Fantastic Four series by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby hit and drew a wide range of superhero titles. The heroes that Stan Lee created were often plagued by problems and mistakes, they could be melancholy, have outbursts of anger, or grapple with everyday worries. Readers could identify with the heroes this way and loved Marvel Comics because of it.
In the period from 1970 to around 2000, the company went steadily up and down. It was always possible to bring out heroes and comic series that hit the nerve of the audience, for example with Daredevil and The Punisher or the series about the MTV comic characters Beavies and Butthead. In the late 1990s, things didn't look very good for the company's future. Due to wrong decisions in management, bankruptcy was imminent. However, this was averted by the entry of Toy Biz and the establishment of Marvel Enterprises.

Marvel Films founded and acquired by Disney
In the following years not only licenses were sold to various film studios, but also ventured into the film business with the establishment of Marvel Films and Marvel Films Animation. A forward-looking decision that should initiate the upswing. Films like X-Men (2000) and Fantastic Four (2005) were launched.
Since Marvel had originally focused on comics, the film rights to its superhero had been given to various Hollywood film studios over the years. So it came about that there have been very different Marvel superhero films over the years. Some topics, such as the stories about Spider-Man, have even been filmed by different studios over the years. This mess should be put to an end.
In 2005, Marvel announced that it would in future produce films through its subsidiary Marvel Studios. The first film project to be launched was Captain America. Further films were announced, some with heroes, whose rights were returned to Marvel in 2005 and 2006. These included Iron Man, Hulk and Thor, among others.
The plan was to first make films about the individual superheroes and later let them perform together in order to create their own universe: the idea for the Marvel Cinematic Universe was born.
In addition, Marvel succeeded by 2008, together with DC Comics, to dominate 80% of the comic book market in the USA. The company was on the upswing.
In 2009, The Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment for $ 4 billion. In 2012, the company was reorganized and campaigns to restart the Marvel Cinematic Universe were launched. Kevin Feige, who had been a producer at Marvel Studios since 2000, played a key role in this. He was named President of Production prior to Disney's takeover and has been instrumental in the incredible success of recent Marvel films.

In addition to the blockbusters, there are now numerous Marvel TV series. These were produced by Marvel Television until 2019 and since then by Marvel Studios. In addition to series in feature film format, all of which, with a few exceptions, belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are also some animated series.

Look to the future of Marvel
Marvel is currently on a high, which was initiated before the takeover by Disney and was fueled by this. There are numerous films and series in the planning stage, which should come to the cinema and television or Disney + in the next few years.
Merchandise sales are huge, and Disney parks around the world are creating Marvel-themed areas where movies and characters come to life.