Microsoft Bing dies

Microsoft Edge: Use Google as a search engine instead of Bing

Microsoft has removed all references to Google services in the Chromium-based Edge, including search, of course. Microsoft Edge searches with Bing by default, but that can be changed. I do not want to claim that the setting is "hidden" and that Microsoft may still assume a certain resolution. But that really doesn't catch the user's eye.

In the Edge settings under “Privacy and Services” you will find an option called “Address Bar” at the very bottom. Behind this is not only the setting of which search engine should be used when entering search terms in the address bar, but also the definition of the standard search engine.

Let's start with the address bar: Using the pull-down menu, you can choose between Bing, Yahoo, Google and DuckDuckGo:

One line below is the option "Manage search engines". If you've used Edge a little longer and more extensively, the list will be significantly longer, I cleaned up a bit for the screenshot. To make a search engine the default, click on the three dots at the end of the line and select the option "Set as default".

However, this setting has no effect on the "New Tab" page; Bing remains permanently set here.

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