How can I look smart

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Is your mother Cindy from Marzan? You shouldn't get that across like that. If you want to look smart, you should do the Guttenberg. "A fake doctorate can work wonders, or an abbreviated middle name à la Ronald R. Tolkien," says rhetorician Flume.

Clothing and posture: casual but high quality

Smart people read into the night. They rarely go out and have no time for exercise. So they are pale and sleepy. And if you don't like reading, the five seasons of Breaking Bad will shorten the nights. Wear good quality clothing. British-casual with style breaks. The clothes should say: I come from a good family, but I don't have time for trends and modern combinations. A shirt tail hanging from the waistband or a combination of cord and tweed are essential.

Forget about small talk

Anyone who can talk too eloquently about the weather and current affairs appears superficial and socially compatible. But intelligent people are not. "Get in on a conversation, but go into detail quickly. You quickly lost your conversation partner in the tangle of your thoughts. But you don't even notice, because your ideas are just too important. Small talk is overrated!", The author smiles numerous specialist books.

In the lecture: take pauses in thought and digress

If you are really intelligent, you don't do infotainment. You want to let your expertise speak for itself. That is why the lectures given by clever people are lengthy and difficult to understand because of the sheer technical terms. "If you start to see your audience dropping out, you've achieved your goal. At this point, be sure to move on for three minutes before you change the subject," advises Flume.

If you pause a little too long in your thoughts, it is only because a flash of inspiration has just struck you. Be sure to write it down right away or draw a smart looking diagram even if your listeners have to wait. Make eye contact with the plenary so that you cannot be interrupted.

Sentence structure: foreign words and sentences that are not too simple

Intelligent people know their subject inside out. You should show this by using technical terms so naturally that nobody dares to ask. Even unsuitable foreign words loosely interspersed only show the audience how limited their horizon is.

Public events: coffee instead of alcohol

"Being seen with a beer in hand doesn't do your image as an intellectual good," observes the trainer with more than 25 years of experience. Rather, you should avoid cheap alcohol in public. After all, you need a clear head. Sheldon Cooper does it that way too. Instead, you can order black tea or coffee, which you also need because you always solve mankind's problems until late at night.

In conversation: rephrase the same information

If it says "the price will increase by 20 percent", you should mumble "by a fifth" and quickly calculate the absolute number in euros in your head. People who process information quickly appear smarter. Flume: "Being able to do arithmetic is already an art that is dying out, so people who talk to you can often be upset by simple basic arithmetic operations. Concrete information is a sign of high IQ."

If you are still hesitant to give the Schlauberger, then realize how much easier it is to implement these seven tips instead of really getting involved with your conversation partner and audience.