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November 14, 2017 | Current

Would you like to sell your agricultural products directly to end customers in Austria or Germany? We at nahgenuss help organic farmers to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities offered by direct marketing - without a lot of extra effort or work for you! Smaller businesses in particular can tap new sources of income through direct marketing and work more sustainably.

Direct marketing of agricultural products can take different forms: From farm sale or sale at a weekly or farmer's market, to delivery to the consumer at home to marketing with a Kistl subscription, your product can be delivered directly to the end consumer in many ways reach.

The nahgenuss.at platform, on the other hand, enables organic farmers with pigs, cattle and sheep to get into direct marketing very quickly and easily: Consumers share an animal from their farm. Only when enough buyers have been found is the animal slaughtered and the meat sold - either directly from the farm or by delivery. The marketing is done for you.

What are the advantages of direct marketing for farms?

Why direct marketing at all? Some farmers are put off by supposed (tax) legal hurdles or the fear of spending a lot of time. But the advantages of direct marketing speak for themselves:

  • Higher income as there are no middlemen
  • Independence from market prices and norms,
  • higher income security through self-determination,
  • more reference to the market and to one's own products,
  • direct feedback, praise and appreciation from direct customers.

So it pays to do direct marketing - and with these simple marketing tips for farms, you can do it too:

Tip 1: be authentic and reliable.

Consumers want to buy directly from the farm because they expect a more original shopping experience and want to see who is behind the products. Important questions are: Who do you make your products for, what is important to these people? What needs and questions does your target group have in relation to your products, and how can you answer them?

At the same time, however, it is of course a little more laborious for customers to buy products directly from the farm than to go to the supermarket around the corner. That is why it is important to be reliable and not to disappoint the buyers: Make sure to meet deadlines and opening times in order to satisfy your customers.

Tip 2: Offer simple, high quality products.

The customer wants to know exactly what he is getting - especially when it comes to agricultural products. A good start would be e.g. B. appetizing photos and simple descriptions of the individual products. How can you present and package your products in such a way that your customer immediately understands what he is buying from you? And maybe there is a little treat for your customers that will boost sales - e.g. B. Free shipping or free bones with meat? You can include these costs in the basic price in advance.

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Better to offer fewer products and services so as not to overwhelm your customers with the choice. A farmer is not a supermarket - your customers understand that too. So make it easy for you and your customers and do not create too many offers, pack sizes, extra requests, etc. Instead of 5 pick-up days, 2 are enough - but with longer opening times for working people. Instead of 3 schnitzels each 2 cm thick and 5 schnitzel each 1 cm thick, you simply offer 4 schnitzels each 1.5 cm thick for all customers.

Tip 3: calculate exactly!

Working with the calculator is not much fun, but it is particularly important for economic success. Before you set the prices for your products, think carefully about the costs of direct marketing. These include investments, travel expenses, slaughtering, packaging, labels, additional social security costs and advertising costs. Most valuable is your own time. As a farmer, you make a particularly important contribution to society: That should also be properly rewarded. You can also use the prices in the supermarket as a guide. After all, large retail groups invest a lot of time in price calculation and certainly take all costs into account.

Tip 4: use online marketing and strong partners!

Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find out about local shops and products? This is the result of a study by Google - and you probably know it from yourself too. Anyone who is not found on Google is wasting a lot of sales potential! In order to be easily found online, we recommend z. B. Ads on Google and Facebook. Some farmers are also successful on the Instagram photo network with snapshots of their farm.

On Instagram, you can quickly and easily provide insights into daily work.

Use photos and videos of your farm and your products for your online marketing. These can also be shot with a mobile phone! Introduce yourself with personal and authentic texts and show your customers how your products are made. Let your personality and your enthusiasm for your job flow into your communication.

Tip: We at nahgenuss help our participating farms with marketing. You will get a profile on our website and we will advertise you on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Please visit our info page for farmers or our Facebook page with over 10,000 fans!

There are numerous offices to which interested farmers can turn to the above-mentioned (tax) legal regulations for direct marketing in Austria and Germany. Take advantage of this offer and find out about new sales channels - e.g. B. at the Chamber of Agriculture or associations such as AMA and Bio-Austria. It's worth it, and so do others! Take a look at the profiles of other organic farmers at nahgenuss and see for yourself. If you are interested in direct marketing via nahgenuss, please contact us at any time!

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