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We have been producing high-quality products in our workshop for over 20 years Leather belt and - in the last 10 years - above all Leather bracelets, as this fashion topic has become increasingly relevant in recent years and offers a lot of creative leeway.

Through decades of experience, we have acquired a high level of security in the selection of the materials, fasteners and decorations used, and we have designed and tested a large number of models.

We have been offering a large selection in our online shop since 2009 Leather jewelry in top quality at fair prices. Our bracelets are made of high quality cowhide and, if they are not adjustable in size, are made individually according to your specifications.

Choose your perfect leather bracelet: whether timeless with straps and buckles or fancy and elegant with a magnetic clasp, whether playful and colorful as a wrap bracelet or as an individual gift made to measure, you can choose from over 100 models. We are happy to respond to your wishes.

We wish you a lot of fun in the shop!

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