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Would you like to start studying business administration, but what prospects does it offer you? What are the job opportunities and fields of application for business administration graduates? Business administration opens up hundreds of opportunities for you. With us you can get an impression of this diverse professional world. We provide you with insights into the different professional fields, the salary prospects and have conducted interviews with working people. Curious? Then read more below!

You are spoiled for choice: a degree in business administration, many professions in business administration

Business administration is a very generalist degree. This means that in the first semesters you will have general basic knowledge from all areas of the Business administration learn. You will get insights into marketing, controlling, personnel management or taxation. Building on this, you then choose, depending on what your university offers Focus for the later semesters.

And it is precisely these focal points that usually determine the choice of career. Because who the Focus on marketing chooses, is unlikely to take up a career in tax consultancy. At least not as a tax consultant - a job as a marketing manager for a tax consultancy would of course be possible. This simple example already shows that even within a company there can be a wide variety of activities for business administration graduates.

In our professional world, we provide you with a wealth of information on the various job opportunities for business administration graduates in the various industries and provide you with Business administration professions in detail in front. You will also find out everything about the topic Salary in business and can use our extensive Job Market go straight to job hunting.

Practical tip

Ideally, you should during the first few semesters Internships during the semester break do so that you can gain insights into as many different business administration professions as possible and determine what suits you and where you can see yourself in the long term.

Professions for business administration graduates

A Business Administration Studies usually offers the opportunity to take part in different focuses to choose and thus give the course a certain direction at an early stage. At the same time, all of the specializations prepare you for the general challenges in the business world.

We have put together numerous specializations and examples of suitable jobs for you. Start looking for your dream job here and then choose the right one Business studies course or business administration focus the ideal course for your career in business.

Career entry with business administration - partly competitive job market

We would like to inform you honestly, so the following note is also very appropriate: Due to the number of business administration students and the competition from other courses, it is not easy for everyone to find their dream job immediately after graduation. Because who z. B. interested in a job in human resources, competes with graduates of courses such as business psychology, sociology or even independent Bachelor courses in human resource management.

So who didn’t already have when they were studying Practical experience and important contacts has collected, it will then be quite difficult to find a job. We can't say it enough: internships and student part-time jobs are one of the most important things you can do during your studies. So you should definitely gain such experience, even if you prefer to go on vacation during the semester break and / or are not dependent on the income from a part-time job.

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What do business administration graduates earn? What is the starting salary after graduation and what opportunities are there for advancement? Here you can find all information about salaries in the economy!

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Interviews with working people

We spoke to managers, management consultants and HR business partners. They tell us about their experiences and give you tips for your career in business.


Vacancies in business administration

Have you been interested in the career prospects and the vacancies? You can find the way there Business Administration Studies enable. How exactly this can work, we also have compact and clear information ready for you. On our overview pages for the Bachelor courses as well as to the Masters courses you can get an impression of the possibilities that are available to you.

Or would you prefer yours right away suitable university Find? You can do that in our Database.

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