Does the German embassy consider the urgent application for a visa

Welcome to the website of the Federal Foreign Office

The embassy advises that appointments cannot be booked by phone or email. In addition, the embassy would like to inform you that the Safari browser is currently not compatible with the appointment system.

Please make sure that you book an appointment in the correct category "Passport / ID cards" (not "Visa applications"!). If you have booked an appointment in the wrong category, your appointment cannot be taken into account and will be deleted without further notification.

To apply for your passport or identity card, we ask you to make an appointment using our online appointment system. If you intend to apply for a passport as well as an identity card, please reserve two appointments (these can be on the same day, but can also be staggered, but you will be served consecutively).

To reserve appointments, please use our free appointment system: ONLINE APPOINTMENTS

As soon as you have made an appointment, you will receive an automatic email confirmation. We ask for your understanding that appointments cannot be confirmed by phone or separate email. Please arrive on time for the agreed date. If you are delayed by more than 20 minutes, your appointment entitlement expires.

Tips for preparing your visit to the embassy:

Before the appointment, please read through all the information on applying for a passport carefully and bring all the necessary documents with you. In particular, also check whether:

- Your name has changed, e.g. due to marriage, and you have received a Name change need to make or

- (if a passport is issued for your child) one Determination of the surname Of your child is required or whether you would like to submit an application to a German registry office for the notarization of the birth of your child abroad.

If you need to change your name or if you would like to apply to the German registry office to have your child's birth certified abroad, please come at least 30 minutes before your actual appointment to the embassy so that the necessary preparatory work can be done. If you have an appointment in the afternoon, please note that name declarations and applications for entry in the German birth register can only be made by Monday to Friday between 8.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. be accepted.