How do I ignore someone I love

7 reasons i ignore the men i'm deeply interested in

Some people are so romantic when they fall in love. Others, on the other hand, are more extroverted, aggressive, childlike, uncomplicated or passionate. But it all comes down to how you deal with this complicated, inexplicable feeling.

Usually we all have our own ways of loving someone. Some can "I get what I want" Attitude, while the others leave everything to fate and say: "If we're supposed to be together, then someday we will be too." All of these characteristics and attitudes are perfectly okay and understandable because we are in love

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But if we ignore the people we love, we are immediately judged to be heartless, callous, and absurd.

But why should we ignore her if we really love her? That sounds completely contradictory.

Because of this, we are often misunderstood or viewed as uninterested, callous, or manipulative. Because even though our partner meant the world to us, people think that he left us because he felt unimportant and unloved.

Why I ignore the men I'm interested in

In order to gain a deep understanding and acceptance of why some people resort to this type of love, I will give you 7 reasons why I usually tend to ignore someone even though I love them.

1. Strong emotions overwhelm me.

If you notice that I'm getting further and further away from you, it doesn't necessarily mean that I hate you. As I said, strong emotions overwhelm me. I like you so much that I can't handle being around someone who I care about, especially when I'm unsure of your opinion and your feelings.

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2. I think too much about our relationship.

Thousands of thoughts run through my head in your presence. "What is he up to?" "Is it okay to say that?" “What if I do that?” “What was he thinking?” “Do I look good?” "Am I that obvious?" "What did he mean by that?" All these thoughts have a very big influence on me and very often make me think about whether we can have a future together at all.

3. I want you to notice me.

I want me to get your attention by treating you badly, even though deep in my heart I feel just the opposite.

4. I don't want you to think that I'm almost always there for you.

While the fact remains that I consider myself unavailable, I could still do anything for you. I think it's wiser for me to stay away because if I don't it would be so hard for me to say no to everything you do.

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5. I want you to take the first step in everything.

I always pay attention to you, the details about you and your movements. Just a little rejection from you or even a slight movement that means nothing to you would be so noticeable to me that my heart would break into small pieces.

An unrequited smile or similar unimportant things could disappoint me so much that I stay away from you because you are the only one who makes me feel so rejected. Remember, only you are important.

6. You can hurt me.

People who hurt you when they're in love aren't callous idiots who like to play mind games. We are the exact opposite of all these properties. We have a tendency to have our hearts on our sleeves and we tend to fall so deeply in love. When we like someone, we are the most fragile, loving, sensitive, and caring people. When we have that special someone by our side, then we are most vulnerable.

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That is why we usually build high walls, show our partner that he is not able to break them, even if he already has our heart in his hand and it is up to him to maintain or destroy it. This situation amounts to rejection and that is our greatest fear.

We are not numb, but very sensitive people who try to be numb. We are like this because we want to protect ourselves from not being broken. Because the moment we fall in love with our partner, he has the power to hurt us and when he does, we usually don't recover from it that easily.

7. Although it looks like I have a hard time expressing my emotions, the truth is that I am a very expressive person.

If the person I love takes the first step and breaks my walls, it will melt my heart. You have to understand that this insensitivity is just a facade that protects my soft core. But if you are just trying to conquer me, then be prepared for a love that the whole world will give you.

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