Which Small Business Software Is Best

The 6 Best CRM Systems for Small Businesses and Startups

Do you have a start-up or work in a small company and are you looking for the best CRM system for your needs and budget? Then you are exactly right here! We introduce you to the six best (and best-rated) CRM systems for small and medium-sized companies in sales and marketing and explain to you what you should pay attention to when choosing software.

What is CRM for Small and Medium Business (SMB)?

CRM is software that supports companies in customer relationship management (CRM), also known as customer relationship management. CRM tools for small businesses are geared towards the needs of companies with a small number of employees and support them in communicating with customers and leads. They therefore offer you advantages similar to CRM systems that are used by large companies and corporations, but are usually much cheaper.

If you want to know exactly what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is, then take a look at our blog post on the subject of CRM.

What are the key features of a CRM system for small and medium-sized businesses?

In general, it's not that easy to say! This is because every company has its own requirements for a CRM. That's why it's about choosing the CRM system that offers exactly the functions, interfaces and integrations that you need. A comparison of the software and the range of functions is therefore definitely worthwhile. It is also helpful to include reviews and experiences of other users in your decision. Our OMR Reviews platform will help you here, where you can find verified ratings and reviews of CRM software. With the practical filter options, you can also filter for software for small businesses and for the best-rated CRMs.

Key features and benefits of CRM software for small businesses (SMB) include:

  • CRM low price: Marketing budgets are often limited in small and medium-sized companies. It is therefore important that CRM systems can be set up and operated as cheaply as possible.
  • The scope of the CRM can be adapted to your company's needs and size:Since SMEs and start-ups often grow rapidly, the CRM software should be able to keep up with the growth. It is therefore extremely important that the CRM system can adapt to the needs and size of the growing company.
  • Easy to understand:Often there is no training for cheap CRM software by employees of the CRM system provider. It is therefore essential that the software is easy to understand and use. At best, there should also be plenty of free online learning resources available.
  • Centralized organization of customer data for optimal collaboration:The central collection and organization of customer data should be guaranteed by the CRM system, so that a good data basis is created for fast-growing SMEs right from the start.
  • Easy integration with other tools from your company's tech stack through interfaces:The tech stack of your company is the software you already use. Ideally, the CRM has interfaces to these tools so that a simple connection is guaranteed.
  • Cloud-based CRM software without the need for IT resources:Small and medium-sized companies in particular often have limited IT resources available. It is therefore advantageous to use a cloud-based SaaS CRM solution, as this also ensures that you can grow with the company.
  • CRM system with contact management, e-mail dispatch and tracking, lead recording, customer service module, report function and automation of workflows:A CRM system should have as many functions as possible or be expandable with them. Even if not all of them are needed at the beginning, they can simply be used or booked later if necessary.
  • Automated communication for maximum use of resources:A good CRM system offers the possibility of automating communication such as e-mails. This offers the advantage that these automations only have to be created once and then messages such as e-mails are automatically triggered for certain events such as an action on your website. This is particularly important for SMEs with small teams, as it allows employees to focus on other tasks.
  • Data analysis and segmentation for the targeted addressing of customers:CRM software that has extensive functions for data analysis and segmentation make it possible to better understand target groups and to address them more specifically.
  • Sales reporting in marketing and sales for a better overview:Since sales are often one of the most important key figures (KPIs) in marketing and sales, detailed sales reporting in the CRM system is essential.
  • Improving customer service to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty:Through targeted customer relationship management with software provided for this purpose, communication with leads and customers can be improved, which leads to an increase in satisfaction.

These are the top 6 CRM software for small businesses:

These are the six most popular CRM systems for small businesses and startups based on verified reviews and experiences from the OMR community:

  1. Salesforce CRM
  2. HubSpot CRM
  3. pipedrive
  4. CentralStationCRM
  5. Zoho CRM
  6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

We will now tell you what distinguishes the individual CRM software and why they are particularly suitable for small companies.

1. Salesforce CRM


With Salesforce Essentials, Salesforce offers an all-in-one CRM solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of marketing, service and sales. You can flexibly book one or more modules from the Salesforce Cloud, namely the Marketing Cloud, the Service Cloud and the Sales Cloud. This allows you to adapt the system to your needs and number of employees and also upgrade it if necessary. Since medium-sized companies and corporations also use Salesforce CRM, this CRM can grow with you.

As a cloud-based system, Salesforce CRM hardly needs any IT resources, which is helpful for growing companies as the CRM can be scaled. It is also practical to provide the program as an app for tablets and smartphones. So you always have access to the cloud - no matter where you are.

With the Sales Cloud you can connect your sales team with marketing, service, commerce and other areas. In addition, it offers you extensive analytics functions that are clearly prepared and help you to gain insights and make forecasts. You can use the Salesforce CRM software to convince your customers at the right time and place and improve your relationships with them. Additional tools for forecasting, for lead management as well as for pricing and preparing offers make it easier for you to complete orders effectively and quickly. With the onboarding and training tools included in CRM, you can quickly train new team members and develop your team further.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to use the Journey Builder to build personalized customer journeys that include all of your company's channels such as email, mobile apps, ads and website usage. So you can understand every touchpoint. Based on this, you can, for example, create personalized email marketing campaigns, operate and automate mobile marketing using push, SMS and group messages. You can also use Salesforce CRM to access channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and YouTube in order to be able to respond to customer inquiries and needs in real time. In the Advertising Studio you can plan and implement effective advertising campaigns for your company. Other apps such as Salesforce Pardot give you the opportunity to bundle all marketing and sales processes in one place.

The Service Cloud gives you a detailed overview of all customers and helps you to respond specifically to your needs. You can also include self-service options or live chat on your website. You can also continue the personalized support in other digital channels such as messengers and social networks.

Salesforce CRM price

For the service and the Sales Cloud, 25 euros per user are due for each module: in per month with annual payment. This offer is valid for companies with up to 10 users. Salesforce offers company-specific cost models for the Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce alternative

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2. HubSpot CRM


Similar to Salesforce, HubSpot also offers a CRM system for small businesses and start-ups. Here, too, you have the option of putting together several modules: These include the HubSpot Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub and the Service Hub. A CMS, i.e. a content management system hub, is also available.

Hubspot CRM is characterized by its intuitive user interface and simple operation. In addition, many areas in the CRM software are automated, which means that manual work is no longer necessary: ​​These include e-mails, calls and data that are automatically recorded and managed. This is particularly helpful in small companies and start-ups because it frees up resources for the sale of products and services when the number of employees is limited.

Data is clearly and structured recorded in the Hubspot pipeline. This is how you can see all the data at a glance with Hubspot. With the help of Hubspot, you can quickly identify promising leads that interact most strongly with your website and your content. This allows you to target these particularly exciting prospects. In addition, HubSpot offers you many email templates for the various phases of the customer journey. These can easily be adapted to your needs. This saves you a lot of time and enables you to be addressed personally.

There is also a connection to social media in the CRM software, which centralizes contact with customers and enables fast response times. Hubspot also offers a live chat function with which you can respond to inquiries from your users. A blog as well as email and ad tracking are also part of the HubSpot platform.

As a cloud-based system, HubSpot offers advantages similar to Salesforce in this regard. A simple connection to e-mail clients such as Outlook, G-Mail or other software from Salesforce, for example, is easily possible through the interfaces provided.

HubSpot CRM price

The HubSpot tools can be used free of charge. However, costs arise from a certain number of users or number of contacts. The Marketing Hub Starter costs 41 euros per month for 1000 marketing contacts. For Sales Hub Starter and the Service Hub Starter, Hubspot charges up to four users: inside € 41 per month with annual payment. There is also the Starter Suite, which includes HubSpot CRM and the Marketing Hub Starter, Sales Hub Starter and Service Hub Starter tools, for € 46 per month.

HubSpot alternative

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3. pipedrive

The provider pipedrive offers a cloud-based CRM solution for small and medium-sized companies that is tailored to sales.

A strong focus of the CRM software is on the sales pipeline, which visualizes the sales process. Here you can add and track deals according to their value, probability of winning and expected closing date.

pipedrive also helps you to automatically merge leads in the lead inbox from manual import, spreadsheets or other sources. There they can then be qualified by sales staff. In contact management you can manage an unlimited contact database and use these emails, calls and other activities to plan and record them in the activity calendar. You can automatically generate sales documents with the help of pipedrive data and sign them with eSignatures.

Pipedrive CRM also offers everything you need to integrate a chatbot, live chat and customizable web forms for lead generation.

An AI-controlled sales assistant gives you performance tips and recommends automation. With workflow automation you can automate recurring tasks and e-mails and relieve sales. You can also enrich data with information from external sources with one click.

Thanks to reports and dashboards, you always have the latest figures at a glance. With the native iOS and Android apps from pipedrive, you can also access the CRM software on the go. The pipedrive Marketplace with over 200 integrations helps you to integrate pipedrive into your previous tools.

pipedrive price

The Essential Plan from the CRM software pipedrive costs 12.50 euros per user: in and month with annual billing. Some of the functions mentioned above are only available from the Advanced version, which has a price of 24.90 euros per month and user: in. An upgrade to Professional or Enterprise is possible, depending on the range of functions required.

pipedrive alternative

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4. CentralStationCRM


CentralStationCRM offers a CRM system for small and medium-sized companies and is specially designed to support them in marketing and sales. As a result, the CRM software is characterized by simple and intuitive operation and a clear range of functions, which is why the training period for you and your team is very short. The CentralStation team has deliberately left out complex processes and functions that are only important for larger companies.

The CRM has contact management with address and customer data, emails, notes, to-dos and appointments, and all team activities are displayed transparently, including notifications. So you can be sure of keeping an overview and collaborate really well.

You also have the option of using the CentralStationCRM software to optimally prepare customer data for marketing and sales using individual filters.

The CRM solution also supports you in offer and project management through the tools provided for sales planning, follow-ups and task lists.

Even if CentralStationCRM does not have a native app, you can access the CRM software with an internet-enabled device at any time.

CentralStationCRM price

The starter version of CentralStationCRM is permanently free and can be used by 3 users in your company. Since you can only maintain 200 contacts and save 20MB of data in it, an upgrade to the team version is quickly necessary. For the price of 18 euros per month, this offers the possibility of three users: managing 3000 contacts and storing 1GB of data. If you choose the Small Office variant for 49 euros, you can register ten users in the company, manage 10,000 contacts, and save 3GB of data in the cloud. The other packages gradually expand the number of users: inside, contacts and the size of the memory.

All information about the CentralStationCRM software can be found on the company's website.

CentralStationCRM alternative

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5. Zoho CRM


Zoho offers a complete CRM system for small businesses as well as other marketing applications such as Zoho Campaigns or Zoho Social.

The Zoho CRM software is characterized by an uncomplicated user interface, which reduces the training time for employees in your company. To make it even easier for you to get started, Zoho also provides consulting, onboarding and training programs for their CRM system. Just like the previous solutions, Zoho CRM is cloud-based and is therefore suitable for use in small businesses with limited IT capacities.

In addition, the CRM software from Zoho offers your company the opportunity to conduct presentations and meetings from the application as well as to organize webinars and thus convert leads into customers.

With dashboards and native mobile apps, you always have an overview of the most important KPIs for sales and performance. In the CRM solution, information is also shared in common feeds, questions are answered and updates on sales opportunities are communicated to all employees, so that you are always up to date.

The CRM software also scores with a connection to all channels such as telephone, e-mail, live chat and social media and sends notifications to your employees as soon as customers interact with your company.

With Zoho, you can also avoid time-consuming and repetitive tasks through automation.This enables you to react optimally to incoming leads and to carry out the necessary actions.

Zoho CRM also provides you with real-time reports and analysis that can facilitate important business decisions for the company. You always have an optimal overview of sales performance in the sales area, as well as performance indicators to make forecasts and identify trends.

With the help of the migration assistant, you can also easily import data from tables and other CRM systems. In addition, with the help of the fully expandable developer platform, you can optimally integrate the Zoho CRM software into your system landscape and previously used applications.

Zoho CRM price

Just like the CRM software we discussed earlier, Zoho CRM is available in different versions. The standard version costs 12 euros per user: in per month with annual billing. The next larger professional package is available for 20 euros per user per month.

Would you like to learn more about Zoho CRM? Then take a look at the company's website.

Zoho alternative

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6. Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers two modules as CRM systems for small businesses and start-ups: These include Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service.

Microsoft 365 Sales promises an increase in customer engagement by helping you to focus on promising new customers. For this you get a complete overview of all customer interactions and have the opportunity to identify all important stakeholders. The CRM software helps you to personalize interactions with the customers of your company and to relate them to the sales context, which is rewarded with better customer relationships and increased conversion rates.

You can also increase the productivity of your team with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. This succeeds because the CRM software enables effective collaboration with colleagues and customers: All employees have access to relevant documents for creating purchase offers and you can automate constantly occurring tasks. It is also practical that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can be used on the go without an Internet connection.

With real-time data in the sales pipeline with dashboards and reports, you can use Microsoft's CRM to make effective decisions with the latest data and you can obtain strategic insights through customer surveys.

A great advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the easy connection to Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.). Since the user interface is already familiar, this makes it easier for your team to get started with Microsoft's CRM software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service supports you in optimizing your company's customer service processes. The CRM software enables you to personalize your service offers. You can also set up self-service portals so that customers can solve their problems independently, which can help increase customer satisfaction.

Thanks to a clear interface with a familiar design, you can quickly onboard new employees in Customer Service. You can also react in a targeted and informed manner to their needs, since all information about the customers is available at a glance.

In addition, you have a performance overview of the customer service employees at your disposal, which makes it possible to monitor and optimize their performance.

Microsoft also offers a marketing module for your CRM software, but it is not aimed at SMEs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 price

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales costs € 54.80 per user: in per month and the Customer Service module an additional € 42.20 per user: in per month. However, there is the option of booking the second application for € 16.90 per user: in per month.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 alternative

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More CRM systems for small and medium-sized companies

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