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Three remote healers put to the test: health at all costs

In all honesty: Who likes to swallow drugs with side effects, who likes therapies that can hurt and doctors who touch you, stumble around in your stomach or even cut you open? The way out of the insensitive, cold contact and conventional medicine is: distance healing. You save long trips to the healer of your choice and the healer any intimate contact with us and our body fluids and vapors.

The Gurutest Foundation took a look around and presented three - very different - remote healers. There is something for every taste and every wallet.

Michael Riße: healer with a direct line to God

A simple wooden cross in delicate hands, this is how the healer Michael Riße greets one on his website - he is of course "one of the best healers in the world". You don't want to ask in high spirits at which tournaments the world's top ranking list of healers is created, rather the career path to healer is of interest. Riße, whose websites lead to a healing home base both in Wuppertal and in Neudörfl, reveals how he discovered the divine powers slumbering in him at the age of 30: When a bird flew against the window and fell stunned. Riße - at that time still without the addition of "healer" - picked up the poultry and immediately "an unbelievable feeling of care, warmth and love flowed through him. (...) My only interest was to help the injured animal." We can give it away now: The bird opened its eyes, looked at Michael, cocked its wings and flew away. And so Michael Riße became the healer Michael.

Of course, even a healer cannot live on the gratitude of his feathered friends. Today, healer Michael heals people with moderate and severe illnesses for a small fee by means of "remote healing". After two days, Riße answered a request for remote healing after colon cancer and an operation by e-mail: He wants to help me, and according to "divine law" I would have "the right to be whole" anyway. He writes: "Jesus said that your faith has healed you. I would like to offer you 10 remote healing treatments for a total of 599 euros." Immediately after receipt of payment he starts the remote treatment, he just needs my name and address, he already has the address of his heavenly helpers: "The spiritual world gets its data and its wish for healing through me."

Healer Michael - "One of the few, really good miracle healers" (Michael about Michael) - is not only on the spot when there is a physical twinge: The love-hungry person books the "partner reunification" for 350 euros, and he is well advised, that too "Loyalty ritual" (295 euros) in the shopping cart so that you don't have to take advantage of the "lovesickness and curse dissolution" offer (290 euros) later. The module "Protection, Money and Prosperity" is from the more mundane corner. Whose wealth and money do you mean? First of all, 395 euros flow from your own into the healer's pocket.

Conclusion of the Gurutest Foundation: A remote healer for people looking for a down-to-earth healer with the charisma of a supporting actor in a Kottan crime thriller.

Ira Wolff: healer with jet-set attitude

Ira Wolff is cut from a completely different cloth. Wolff, too, claims without false modesty in the Champions League of healers: "Ira Wolff is one of the few, real spiritual media in the world." A professional video welcomes us on her website that does not exactly try to convey the charm of the bourgeoisie in a discreet way: Wolff in a Rolls Royce, her chauffeur is wearing gloves, Wolff traps in golden high-heeled shoes, she receives a noble clientele in the noble penthouse with a noble interior and has noble ones Clothes on. I'm not a fashion blogger, but I dare to hold on tight: the "spiritual healer" didn't buy her costumes from H&M. A lady like that doesn't get her hands dirty healing sick people. Even remotely, she promises to help with sufferers of alcoholism, burnout, Alzheimer's and kidney and intervertebral disc problems. "In some cases it can be even better for the end result and much easier for me at work if there is no personal contact or reference Visiting is possible, the energetic remote transmission offers wonderful possibilities with fantastic results. "

She answered the fictitious request for remote healing support for colon cancer in person by email: "I recommend my spirit or remote healing to most people, especially with the topic you described. (...) Intensive help for two weeks I ask for an amount of 980 €. "

According to Wolff, who also offers "spiritual management consultancy", wealth and money are wrongly given bad repute: "If you not only make peace, but also make friends with the energy of money, it will come and stay."

Conclusion of the Gurutest Foundation: A long-distance healer for more middle-class oriented overachievers, who does not disturb a very aggressively displayed upper class attitude.

Hans-Georg Burkhard: Change to the sunny side of life via remote healing

For those who don't want to buy a pig in a poke straight away, the Swiss Hans-Georg Burkhard has a fine offer. You can test a remote help trial month without obligation and free of charge for one month. In an Internet form, the patient selects three "distant healing wishes" from a long list of illnesses, ills and joys - regardless of whether it is about "building wealth", "migraines" or "panic attacks". And Burkhard is already doing his best once a day when it comes to distant healing - mostly in the morning, and as the healer insures, even when he is traveling or on vacation. As soon as you have been registered as a novice, you will receive instructions by email on how to respond to Burkhard's efforts: "Now close your eyes. Breathe deeply and calmly and let yourself go like a wet washcloth."

If you want more intensive care, you better book the intensive remote help trial month for new customers right away. For 150 euros a month, the qualified farmer Burkhard kneels down three times a day for those willing to pay in search of happiness, fewer headaches or more money in the wallet. "So if you have the desire and the willingness to switch to the sunny side of life, then you have come to the right place. I would be happy to pick you up mentally from where you are - even if this is in a situation that seems hopeless should."

Conclusion of the Gurutest Foundation: That is authentic, calm and down-to-earth remote healing with a fair offer. Ideal for unlucky people who just want to switch to the sunny side of life. (Christian Kreil, 10.10.2019)

* Updatefrom December 10th: The German health department has made Michael Riße aware that he is no longer allowed to advertise distance healing. At the time of the research, however, Riße still offered this.

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