Can you get enlightenment without seeking it

Enlightenment - recognizing the oneness with the Absolute

Enlightenment is complete freedom from all dependencies and shows true being. Spiritual penetration leads us to a higher consciousness without seeking power, prestige or money.

Many people wish for a happy state through enlightenment. When we realize oneness with the Absolute, the path of the spiritual search ends. Enlightenment in Buddhism is the release of all illusions about self-awareness through clear action. But how can I go beyond my ego to get to my true being?

What is enlightenment

Enlightenment is a spiritual-religious experience that leads to knowledge of absolute reality. Whoever wants to attain enlightenment has to go beyond everyday consciousness in order to gain insight into the totality of reality. The concept of a higher consciousness is based on ideologies of different religions and philosophies. Enlightenment, according to some interpretations, is a process of spiritual development through spiritual awakening with a sudden breakthrough. In other cases, only divine grace can lead to an enlightened state. A higher level of awareness is often seen as a mystical experience in European cultures. Mostly the term "enlightenment" is equated with a profound change or transformation of the personality and a rigorous change of perspective.

In yoga, enlightenment means (Moksha) „in God, to live in the light". By dissolving the ego, man comes to a unity consciousness without attachment. Calm, peace and happiness arise. There are differences between enlightenment and awakening. Spiritual awakening as a preliminary stage of enlightenment is self-knowledge through the realization of true nature. An awakened person identifies himself less with his ego-consciousness by seeing through his ego. Enlightenment also leads to the highest consciousness through the end of the ego and constant abiding in peace and bliss.

What does enlightenment mean in Buddhism?

Buddhists celebrate the day of enlightenment “Bodhi” as a day of knowledge or awakening. The founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, is said to have become enlightened on this day after many weeks of asceticism under a poplar-fig tree. The Buddhist religion is open to everyone regardless of origin, nationality and worldview. Enlightenment in Buddhism is based on the philosophy of "four noble truths". Suffering and joy only exist until the mind understands its true nature and the "I“Recognizes as a mirage. The enlightenment experiences are about liberating feelings such as hatred, hope, greed and fear through consciously clear ways of thinking and acting. It is about turning away from striving for "My“.


The eight stages of enlightenment of samadhi / oneness with God are:

  1. Free of thoughts in the here and now

  2. Feeling happiness and peace for no reason

  3. Samadhi meditation - activation of the chakras

  4. Out of body experience as an out of body experience

  5. Soul and mind in harmony

  6. Realization of unity apart from all dualities

  7. Connection to the highest spiritual levels

  8. The highest degree in unity and light

How do I expand my spiritual awareness?

For thousands of years people have been looking for ways to achieve enlightenment. Knowledge of absolute reality requires an open heart, interest and helpful methods. Enlightenment has nothing to do with omniscience or an ego trip. Rather, it is a natural development that leads to humility, love and devotion on the way into one's own depths. Meditation and mindfulness exercises support you in overcoming the ego and freeing yourself from attachments. Rituals and healing energies also help you jump into a higher consciousness. Aura light sprays are also used as an aid to promote spiritual awakening. Raja Yoga is a suitable way of practicing to develop the mind. The yogi calms his mind, lets go of his desires and controls his feelings.


Other tools and practices are:

How can I get enlightenment? Who helps me?

Enlightenment in Buddhism expects the ending of every self-delusion through the dazzling work of the "I". Spiritual teachers and media for healing energies support people who want to achieve enlightenment. Spiritual awakening begins with the desire to see the truth behind the earthly veil. It is also based on the feeling of experiencing separate from the cosmic unity. Qualified life coaches motivate you to grow beyond your ego step by step. Through the use of effective aids such as chakra meditation and spiritual light energies, you will gain deepest insights into your true nature. This is how you recognize classic pitfalls that tie you up in dependencies.

In order to come into higher consciousness, you need to develop a deep relationship with yourself. When you rediscover self-love, the relationships around you also change and enrich your life. Experienced spiritual teachers will help you with instructions to help you focus on your true being. They also support you in breaking the eternal carousel of thoughts and achieving soulful peace. When you feel yourself again, connect with your soul. In this way you will approach the end of your spiritual quest on the way to perfect enlightenment.

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