The USA is the smartest country

Book from Trump niece Destructive psychogram of the power man Trump

Donald Trump's niece's book provides insights into the president's psychological structures. A president like the United States has never seen before. Never at a loss for self-praise - in his own opinion the smartest president the country has ever had.

A highly gifted boy and brilliant student, just an intelligent personality. Always on the road to victory throughout his life - a role model for his country.

However, never at a loss for a lie. And dependent on the praise of other statesmen, whom he apparently experienced as superior: Putin, for example, praised him as a genius.

Victim of a bossy and capricious father

Where does this personality image come from, which is described as pronounced narcissism? Mary Trump knows it, the niece of the president, whose brother Fred junior, who died early, is her father. However, Mary Trump not only provides insights into the family history of the Trumps - she also draws a devastating psychogram of the power man Donald Trump, which is particularly credible because the 55-year-old author is a doctor of clinical psychology.

Mary Trump, niece of US President Donald Trump (dpa / ZUMA / Peter Serling)

Your father Fred Jr. describes her as sensitive and loving. Brother Donald, however, as reckless and self-centered. She sees both of them as victims of an authoritative and capricious father who tolerated no contradiction and demanded absolute obedience. Above all, Fred senior systematically played his two eldest sons off against each other and used method to drive them into constant competition.

Donald chose lies as a principle of survival in order to be as favorable as possible to his father. Brother Fred took refuge in alcohol. "I had a brother, Fred. Great guy. Best looking guy. But he had a problem. He had a problem with alcohol."

Court rejected a ban

Fred junior died in 1981 at the age of 42. Even on his last trip to the hospital, his father and brother left him alone. This heartlessness and lack of empathy run like a red thread through the biography of Donald Trump, writes Mary Trump in her book, which has now become known in excerpts and will be in stores on July 14th: Donald Trump appears in it as the victim of a brutal father, who broke the personality and feelings of his sons in equal measure, but gave his son Donald the unconditional will to power on his way: the stylistic device of lying is just as much a part of Trump's unscrupulous instruments as the mutual playing off of competitors in order to maintain one's own power.

"How my family created the most dangerous man in the world" is the title of the book - why Mary Trump is only now going public with it, she justifies with the fact that she could no longer remain silent and wanted to prevent worse, i.e. a second term of office for her Uncle. The president sent his younger brother Robert to take action against the publication - a court rejected a ban.

Before the book is published, this linguistic rule is making the rounds in the White House: It was all stupid and lying, according to Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany: "The ridiculous and absurd accusations", literally, "have no basis."