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Reviewed in Germany on January 9, 2019

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The biography of Steve Jobs was recommended to me by a friend, and I am very happy that I followed it, because reading this book has entertained me more than any crime novel (although I read few crime fiction because there are few really good ones ).

I bought my first Apple computer in 1995. Small, b / w screen, minimal storage space and extremely expensive. Today I still work with an Apple computer, and I am happy every day when I go to my study and see this beautiful "part" on my desk.
I own all of Apple's product lines except for the iPad, but this fact was only part of the pleasure of reading this wonderful book and understanding the development of Apple products.

At first I didn't like Jobs from the bottom of my heart. But then my feelings towards this man - unfortunately no longer among the living people - changed. I could understand what drove him. In contrast to Zuckerberg, who I have absolutely no belief in, Jobs had visions, and that's exactly what he wanted to realize. And he succeeded!

What a revolutionary, what an ambivalent personality. It was precisely this dichotomy that won me over to him. How often does the book say that he cried in certain situations? Who dares to show tears in public? He cursed, scolded and ... just ... cried. He showed the entire kaleidoscope of his emotions. This fact alone is admirable. He wanted the best, not for himself, but for ... yes, for whom? Was Jobs a Philanthropist? I do not think so. I think that he was "simply" convinced of the quality of his ideas. And he wanted to implement it. And he succeeded. I envy him for that (envy is different from resentment!)

Thank you, dear Walter Isaacson, for this wonderful book! I read it with the greatest interest and pleasure. And also - several times - with tears in their eyes.

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