What are the best pumpkin spice products

Pumpkin spice

A hit not only for carving: the pumpkin

It is available in all colors and shapes: from red to orange to green and yellow, from oblong to round. If you want to plant pumpkins in your own garden, such as the Butternut or Hokkaido varieties, you should choose a sunny and protected location with humus-rich, moist soil. The plant from the pumpkin family produces a wide variety of fruits, all of which have one thing in common - they can be used in an infinite number of ways.

For example, most of the varieties serve as a classic pumpkin for carving. Creepy motifs of bats and ghosts are traditionally carved into the fruit for Halloween and displayed in front of the house with a candle inside. Unfortunately, the squishy content and the pips that emerge when hollowing out and carving usually end up on the trash. You can do so many delicious things with it!

The inside of the pumpkin as well as its pulp appear in many delicate recipes. From pumpkin stuffed and gratinated with cheese to pureed pumpkin, everything is included. The pumpkin soup is easy to prepare and is equally suitable as a starter or as a main course with a piece of bread.

Butternut, Hokkaido, spaghetti

These three are probably the most popular pumpkin varieties ever. They stand out among the approximately 800 variants and are most commonly used for carving or cooking. But why is that and what makes them different?

The butternut, also known as “butter squash”, is pear-shaped and has a sweetish taste of the pulp, which also has slightly nutty notes. Since it is particularly creamy and soft, it can be finely pureed wonderfully and without great effort and thus serve, for example, as the basis of a well-seasoned pumpkin soup. Sliced ​​butternut pulp can also be served with pesto and salty feta.

The Hokkaido pumpkin, on the other hand, scores with its edible skin. This saves you time and effort for peeling in the kitchen and you can simply eat the bark as well. It is also suitable for making soups and tastes sweet and nutty. It's available most of the year and it's just delicious!

Finally we come to the spaghetti variant. This strain is a little less available than the butternut and the Hokkaido, but is at least as good! It actually owes its name to its pasta-like interior. The pulp is actually ideal as a substitute for spaghetti and can be enjoyed with a tomato sauce and some parmesan, for example.

There are tons of wonderful pumpkin recipes for all of them, but also for other varieties, waiting to be cooked and tasted by you - find your favorite, you already have the right spice for them all!

Stuffed pumpkin or the classic soup?

We have already mentioned that the pumpkin soup is a real classic among the recipes for the versatile fruit. This simple but tasty dish is said to have been part of both middle-class and manorial cuisine since at least the 18th century. Refined with ginger, potatoes and / or coconut milk, for example, this soup is a hit! The right choice of spices is also not insignificant for the taste. But what has to go in?

So that you don't have to guess and season for a long time, we provide you with our spice mix especially for pumpkin soup: In addition to sea salt, coconut blossom sugar, nutmeg and cayenne pepper, curry powder, carrots and black pepper add a lot of spice to your hot soup. And our recipe shows you what else you need. Tip: Roasted pumpkin seeds are a special highlight to pimp up. Simply fish out of the inside, fry in a pan with a little oil and sprinkle on the sauce plate.

Another delicious preparation method is the stuffed pumpkin with lots of cheese gratin from the oven. It can also be filled with ginger or potatoes, for example, or just with a large portion of cheese - YUMMY! It almost serves as a fondue in which you can dip pieces of bread and vegetables.