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Recognize pain

At first glance you don't see pain in the rabbit, Even experienced owners often do not notice that their animal is suffering from chronic pain! For laboratory rabbit husbandry, scientific research has been carried out on how pain in rabbits can be recognized. This scale can be used to identify illnesses and pain and to correctly dose pain medication.

Important: Depending on the disease, only individual signs are usually visible and almost never very many signs at once. It is enough if one or two of the signs are pronounced to determine painful conditions.

Facial expression

The facial expression is primarily suitable for classifying and recognizing severe pain conditions.

Experienced keepers usually have an intuitive view of whether an animal is in pain over time. Even so, it helps to know the signs: Train your gaze by internalizing the signs so that you can recognize pain early on.

To the photos: It is a scale. The rabbit on the left is painless, the rabbit in the middle is in pain, and the rabbit on the right is in extreme pain.

The Rabbit Grimace Scale (RbtGS):

Close your eyes and move in

The eyelid is partially or completely closed. If the lid covers more than half of the eyeball, it is rated as extreme pain. If you are in pain, the eyeballs can also be moved into the eye socket so that they protrude less

Jaw flattening