Why is every moment so different

111 timeless quotes about time and how you deal with it calmly

by Tim Reichel

Managing time correctly is one of the most valuable skills there is. The only problem is: time doesn't know what it wants. Sometimes it stretches out, sometimes it just races past us. Time feels different for everyone - sometimes like this, sometimes like that.

What we miss most when dealing with time is calm: How can you use your time sensibly? How do you survive difficult times? How do you avoid unnecessary pressure?

But serenity can be learned. And so that you don't have to start from scratch, you can learn a few tips and tricks from smart people who have already thought carefully about time.

That's why I have 111 of the best here Quotes about time collected and written down for you. Why quotes? Because many quotes have something powerful and inspiring about them. They can make you think, open your horizons and change your point of view.

Of course, only if you get involved. Otherwise it will be the babbling of old people.



These 111 quotes about time will open your eyes


Quote # 1

It is not too little time that we have, but too much time that we do not use.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Quote # 2

Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let dogmas lure you into a trap. Don't let other people's opinions stifle your inner voice. Most importantly, you have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Everything else is irrelevant.

Steve Jobs


Quote # 3

Don't wish it got easier Wish you could get stronger

Jim Rohn


Quote # 4

We live in a time of perfect means and confused ends.

Albert Einstein


Quote # 5

Nobody is so busy that they don't have the time to tell everyone how busy they are.

Robert Lembke


Quote # 6

The people who never have time do the least.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


Quote # 7

Time heals all wounds.



Quote # 8

Time may heal wounds, but it's a miserable beautician.

Mark Twain


Quote # 9

Now are the good old days that we will long for in ten years.

Peter Ustinov


Quote # 10

A beautiful clock shows the time, a beautiful woman makes it forget.

Maurice Chevalier


Quote # 11

There are thieves who are not punished and yet steal the most precious thing: time.



Quote # 12

Ordinary people just wonder how to spend their time. An intelligent person tries to take advantage of them.

Arthur Schopenhauer


Quote # 13

Time we take is time that gives us something.

Ernst Ferstl


Quote # 14

Time lingers long enough for whoever wants to use it.

Leonardo da Vinci


Quote # 15

When the time comes when you could, the time when you can is over.

Marie von Ebner Eschenbach


Quote # 16

You should never be so busy that you don't have time to think.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


Quote # 17

Those who have got used to the absurd will find their way around well in our time.

Eugène Ionesco


Quote # 18

You can think differently from your time, but you can't dress differently.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


Quote # 19

There is a time for work. And there is a time for love You don't have more time.

Coco Chanel


Quote # 20

Many who had rushed ahead of their time had to wait for them in very uncomfortable accommodations.

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec


Quote # 21

If time is the most precious thing of all, a waste of time is the greatest waste of all.

Benjamin Franklin


Quote # 22

Time doesn't transform us, it just unfolds us.

Max Frisch


Quote # 23

There is always time to say something, but not to be silent.

Vilma Espin


Quote # 24

It's a waste of time doing something mediocre.



Quote # 25

Time is not money. But money takes time from some and time takes money from others.

Ron Kritzfeld


Quote # 26

Time is not passing faster than it used to be, but we are walking past it more quickly.

Goerge Orwell


Quote # 27

Nothing is so responsible for the good old days as bad memory.

Anatole France


Quote # 28

Man sacrifices his health to make money. Then he sacrifices his money to get his health back. And then he's so scared of the future that he doesn't enjoy the present; the result is that he does not live in the present; he lives like he's never going to die, and then he dies and never really lived.

Dalai Lama


Quote # 29

Manager Disease: An epidemic caused by the clock hand and carried through the diary.

John Steinbeck


Quote # 30

We can't change the wind, but we can set the sails right.



Quote # 31

Some consider a busy schedule to be a busy life.

Gerhard Uhlenbruck


Quote # 32

You can preach what you want, but never preach over forty minutes.

Martin Luther


Quote # 33

Life is short, less because of the short time it takes, but because of that short time we have almost no time to enjoy it.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Quote # 34

You should never say 'too late'. It's never too late in politics either. There is always time for a new beginning.

Konrad Adenauer


Quote # 35

Books are ships that rush through the vast seas of time.

Francis Bacon


Quote # 36

The strange thing about the future is probably the idea that our time will one day be called the good old days.

Ernest Hemingway


Quote # 37

Youth would be a better time if it came later in life.

Charlie Chaplin



Quote # 38

It takes us many years to understand how precious moments can be.

Ernst Ferstl


Quote # 39

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to get drunk in order to hang out with idiots.

Ernest Hemingway


Quote # 40

If you sit with a girl for two hours, you think it's a minute. But if you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it's two hours. That is relativity.

Albert Einstein


Quote # 41

Truth is the child of time, not authority.

Bertholt Brecht


Quote # 42

Wasting time is the easiest of all wastes.

Henry Ford


Quote # 43

The two greatest tyrants on earth: chance and time.

Johann Gottfried von Herder


Quote # 44

Eternity is long, especially towards the end.

Woody Allen


Quote # 45

We live in a dangerous time. Man controls nature before he has learned to control himself.

Albert Schweitzer


Quote # 46

There is much talk of irony and humor in our time, especially by people who have never been able to put them into practice.

Søren Kierkegaard


Quote # 47

Humanity has advanced too far to turn back and is moving too fast to stop.

Winston Churchill


Quote # 48

Punctuality is the art of correctly assessing how much the other person will be late.

Bob Hope


Quote # 49

Two things are necessary for our work: Tireless perseverance and the willingness to throw away something into which you have invested a lot of time and work.

Albert Einstein


Quote # 50

Boredom, felt at the right time, is a sign of intelligence.

Clifton Fadiman


Quote # 51

The lesser evils are usually of a longer duration.

Wieslaw Brudzinski


Quote # 52

Don't postpone until tomorrow what can just as easily be postponed until the day after tomorrow.

Mark Twain


Quote # 53

Perseverance is rewarded sooner or later - but mostly later.

Wilhelm Busch


Quote # 54

Weeds grow in two months, a red rose takes a whole year to grow.

Melvana Celaleddin Rumi


Quote # 55

There are more important things in life than constantly increasing its pace.

Mahatma Gandhi


Quote # 56

The true generosity of the future is to give your all in the present.

Albert Camus


Quote # 57

If you don't have two thirds of your day to yourself, you are a slave.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Quote # 58

Modern people are beaten not with the whip, but with deadlines.

Telly Savalos


Quote # 59

The sum of our lives are the hours we loved.

Wilhelm Busch


Quote # 60

Nothing is more powerful than an idea at the right time.

Victor Hugo


Quote # 61

Nothing is as old as yesterday's success.

Freddy Quinn


Quote # 62

If I could live my life again, I would make the same mistakes. But a little earlier so that I have more of it.

Marlene Dietrich


Quote # 63

One would like to live without aging; and in reality one ages without living.

Alexander Mitscherlich


Quote # 64

You have to wait for the future and enjoy or endure the present.

Wilhelm von Humboldt


Quote # 65

Aging women are like cathedrals, the older you get, the less the individual year matters.

Agatha Christie


Quote # 66

It takes two years to learn to speak and fifty to learn to be silent

Ernest Hemingway


Quote # 67

Maybe there are better times; but this is ours.

Jean Paul Satre


Quote # 68

The most important thing in life is time. Life means dealing with time correctly.

Bruce Lee


Quote # 69

We have to use time as a tool, not a couch.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Quote # 70

It is never too late for those whose time has come.

Bertholt Brecht


Quote # 71

The art of having time is also the art of keeping at bay the people who are stealing our time.

Emil Oesch


Quote # 72

You have to live as if you had a hundred and fifty years. Haste is the enemy of life.

Thornton Wildner


Quote # 73

Time is a great teacher. It's just a shame that she kills her students.

Curt Goetz


Quote # 74

You lose most of your time trying to gain time.

John Steinbeck



Quote # 75

A wrong decision right away saves time.

Helmar Nahr


Quote # 76

The calendar sheets just fall down. You are the hair loss of the time.

Saul Bellow


Quote # 77

Anyone who accuses time just wants to talk their way out.

Thomas Fuller


Quote # 78

There is enough time to think about the future when there is no more future.

George Bernhard Shaw


Quote # 79

If you want to measure the narrowness of your home, travel. If you want to measure the narrowness of your time, study history.

Kurt Tucholsky


Quote # 80

One waits for time to change, the other tackles it and acts.

Dante Alighieri


Quote # 81

The experience is like a lantern in the back: it only illuminates the part of the way that we have already covered.



Quote # 82

There is only one thing that is more expensive than education in the long run, no education.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Quote # 83

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future. Focus on the present moment.



Quote # 84

We have far too little leisure: time when nothing is going on. This is the time when the Einsteins, the creative researchers, make their discoveries. The operation and the routine are uninteresting and counterproductive.

Adolf Muschg


Quote # 85

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, many people have evolved into machines whose sole purpose is to make money.

Dalai Lama


Quote # 86

The clever learn from everything and from everyone, the normal from his experiences and the stupid knows everything better.



Quote # 87

No matter how difficult yesterday was, you can always start again today.



Quote # 88

Education is an ornament in happy times and a refuge in unhappy times.



Quote # 89

If we believe in our strength, we become stronger every day.

Mahatma Gandhi


Quote # 90

Whoever stops getting better has stopped being good.

Philip Rosenthal


Quote # 91

Courage isn't always roaring loud. Sometimes it's the calm, low voice at the end of the day that says: I'll try again tomorrow.

Mary Anne Radmacher


Quote # 92

Others may be able to stop you temporarily. But you can only stop yourself permanently.

Zig Ziglar


Quote # 93

We have to take things funnier than they deserve; especially since we took them more seriously than they deserve for a long time.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Quote # 94

All things have their time, even the good ones.

Michel de Montagne


Quote # 95

Because nothing is more difficult and nothing requires more character than to be in open opposition to your time and to say out loud: no.

Kurt Tucholsky


Quote # 96

Procrastination is a thief of time.

Edward Young


Quote # 97

As a rule, time robs most things of their poison and makes them harmless.

Haruki Murakami


Quote # 98

Moons and years pass, but a beautiful moment shines through life.

Franz Grillparzer


Quote # 99

There is no lost property office for the time that other people steal from you.

Gerhard Uhlenbruck


Quote # 100

I regret nothing. You only waste time that is becoming more and more valuable.

Peter Ustinov


Quote # 101

No day has enough time, but we should take enough time every day.

John Donne


Quote # 102

Silence gives you a pretty good measure of time.

Angela Merkel


Quote # 103

It is not a question of foreseeing the future, but of being prepared for the future.



Quote # 104

If you love life, don't waste time because that's what life is made of.

Benjamin Franklin


Quote # 105

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life.

Mark Twain


Quote # 106

The present is theirs, but the future I've worked for is mine.

Nikola Tesla


Quote # 107

Nobody is born confident. Those people who exude self-confidence, are fearless and can find their way around everywhere have gradually acquired their self-confidence.

David Schwartz


Quote # 108

I am more interested in the future than in the past, because I intend to live in it.

Albert Einstein


Quote # 109

Never start to stop, never stop to start

Marcus Tullius Cicero


Quote # 110

You only have time if you take it.

Karl Heinrich Waggerl


Quote # 111

The most difficult time in our life is the best opportunity to develop inner strength.

Dalai Lama




Phew, there were 111 clever sentences that hopefully gave you a few impulses.

Everyone experiences time differently and treats it differently. There is one thing we must not do, however: allow time to suppress us. We have to use the little time we have calmly and make the most of it. These quotes will help you with that.

Just come back and go through the list again. Over time you will have a different perspective and discover new things over and over again.

Do you know any other great quotes about time?


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