Why does waiting mean waiting

Advent means waiting

Dear students, dear parents, dear friends of our school,

every year in the morning I read an advent calendar called “Andere Zeiten”, which takes me from the 1st of Advent to January 6th. accompanies and gives really good impulses. One impulse appealed to me in particular this year. It is titled "Change of Perspective" and comes from Iris Macke:

Advent means waiting

No the truth is

That Advent is only loud and shrill

I do not think so

That I can come to rest during these weeks

That I can find the way inside

That I can focus on what is to come

It is like this

That time is racing

I refuse to believe

That something bigger shines into my world

That I can see with different eyes

It is very clear

That God is missing

I can't possibly believe

Nothing will change

It would be a lie if I would say:

God comes to earth!

And now read the text from bottom to top!

For me, this impulse expresses the tension that I experience every year during Advent. On the one hand, the hectic pre-Christmas hustle and bustle and on the other hand, the longing for rest and focus on what the Advent and Christmas season should actually be: Our God became human in order to finally proclaim the good news of our salvation to us. I therefore wish you this change of perspective so that you and your family really experience the Advent season this year as a waiting time, come to rest and experience that something bigger shines into our lives.

With this in mind, I wish you a Merry Advent and Christmas season and a happy New Year.

Kind regards on behalf of the school management


Matthias Umbach

School management of the business school