How do I download electrical CAD software


CADpro is a simple software for planning electrical systems for residential and industrial applications.

The program can be used independently of AutoCAD. It has a two-dimensional CAD driver with the most common AutoCAD commands (layer, grid, filter, block management etc.).

CADpro is linked to other GEWISS software programs through the DX file. It allows the import of structures that were created with the software (BUS functions with the BUS program, the distribution cabinets with PBT-Q, the user structure with PRICE, etc.), and the graphic elements for creating the site plans, wiring diagrams, Views, etc.

CADpro contains all GEWISS products. For each product are available: Figure and / or electrical symbol and / or outline and / or dimensions on a 1: 1 scale.

The library is organized by product area and electrical symbol to make it easier to find the product you are looking for.

It is also possible to create symbol compositions using the "Composition Wizard".

With CADpro you can:

- Import and export drawings in Dxf and Dwg format;

- to import drawings and images in the most common formats (bmp, jpg, etc.);

- to create complete site plan drawings

The project created with CADpro can be printed and exported to DXF, DWG, PDF. The material list can be exported in EXCEL and DX format.