What modifications are there for Formula 1 vehicles?

F1 2021 Mod for F1 2020: So you can already drive as Mick Schumacher

The Formula 1 season 2021 starts in one and a half weeks. Gamers can already play laps in the 2021 cars. For the Formula 1 game F1 2020 unofficial F1 2021 mods (modifications) have been released.

Michael Schumacher's son Mick is celebrating his Formula 1 debut, Fernando Alonso is making his comeback and Sebastian Vettel is attacking in the new Aston Martin team. The Formula 1 season 2021 is eagerly awaited.

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2021 cars in F1 2020

Gamers can already compete in the first races with the 2021 Formula 1 cars. For the PC game F1 2020 by Codemasters, unofficial F1 2021 mods have been released, with which players can insert the new teams and vehicle liveries into the game.

Formula 1 fans LucasDesigns and Xurda have published two different mods on the racedepartment.com portal. Among other things, Xurda transferred the drivers to the right teams and adapted the racing suits and gloves. LucasDesigns has integrated the new paintwork for the vehicles.


Shortcoming of the F1 2021 Mod

One shortcoming of the mods: The driver and team names have not been edited for technical reasons. A Sebastian Vettel character drives in the new Aston Martin, but bears the name of Sergio Perez.

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The F1 2021 mods are available for download free of charge. The new game files can simply be copied into the F1 2020 folder. With the modifications, however, online gaming is no longer possible. A reinstallation of the game would be necessary for this.