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Engagement rings

Let's be honest: Which woman does not go into raptures at the sight of an engagement ring with high-quality diamonds?

Nothing is as inseparable as a sparkling ring, whether made of white gold, red gold, yellow gold or platinum. 1800 years ago the engagement ring was a symbol of eternal love: Bishop of Rome, Stephan I, gave an engagement ring to his beloved in 254. But the tradition of choosing a diamond as a gemstone for the engagement ring is still relatively new.

One ring out Yellow gold with diamond has become an absolute classic for an engagement ring. 80 percent of fiancées wear it. With the carat and number of diamonds, the future husband can let his creativity run free.

A classic solitaire engagement ring made of money gold with a diamond

Regardless of whether it is about the setting or the gemstone - there is a large selection of rings. We'll tell you which models are particularly popular and what costs you should expect. We also present the most beautiful engagement rings from the stars. Maybe you need a little inspiration?

What material should my engagement ring be made of?

When it comes to setting, it is important to find a material that suits both your fiancé and the gemstone you are using:

A timeless classic is of course gold: there are models made of yellow gold, red gold, white gold or platinum. The precious metal not only impresses with its shine, but also with its long lifespan - perfect if your fiancée wants to continue wearing the piece after the wedding. The question still remains about the alloy: yellow gold brings out the natural color of the precious metal in particular, White gold exudes cool elegance off, and warm rose gold is considered a particularly sensual color for wedding rings.

Which engagement ring is trendy?

White gold is a classic in engagement rings because it can be combined well with colored gemstones. The white gold jewelry is coated with rhodium, a platinum secondary metal. As a precious metal for the engagement ring, white gold is currently very much in vogue.

Solitaire engagement ring made of white gold with diamonds

Platinum is even more expensive and rare - so it's no wonder that many stars prefer it for their engagement and wedding rings. No other metal can compete with heat and scratch resistance either. Diamonds crown beautiful pieces of jewelry, especially with the VIPs there are eye-catching cuts and lots of carats to be admired.

If you like it simple and discreet, you can also fall back on silver. This material is relatively inexpensive, but less durable than gold. It is therefore particularly suitable if the ring is only worn until the wedding. Since more and more men want to wear engagement rings in this country too, metals such as silver are becoming more and more popular.

Many couples choose to have their engagement ring engraved. Although there is a choice between diamond, laser or hand engraving, diamond engraving is very popular with most. As an engraving, the couples choose their name, a saying or the day they met.

Which stone should I choose for the engagement ring?

Diamond maker De Beers launched a marketing campaign to increase diamond sales during the ongoing economic downturn in the 1930s. They had worldwide success with this idea because it created an ongoing trend. Diamonds are made with eternity and strength connected, which is why many women want a diamond. The copywriter Frances Gerety developed the claim “A diamond is forever” in 1947.

“Diamonds are a woman's best friend” - this is how Marilyn Monroe sang in 1953. And indeed: In addition to their sparkling shine, diamonds are impressive because of their durability - an ideal metaphor for the bond of marriage. You have the choice: should it be one large stone or several small stones? Do you want a classic colorless variant or one yellow diamond? You can also choose between cuts: from round and oval to teardrop-shaped and angular.

Which colored gemstones are used for engagement rings?

In addition, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are often used for engagement and wedding rings. As so-called real gemstones, they not only impress with theirs beautiful blue, green or red coloringbut also by their hardness. Of course, you can also opt for semi-precious stones such as opal, turquoise or amethyst. Keep in mind, however, that these are less robust and can scratch.

Solitaire engagement ring made of platinum with tanzanite in AAA quality

Often a solitaire is chosen as an engagement ring as a romantic symbol for your infinite love, because sometimes you don't need big words, but the perfect gesture.

On which hand is the engagement ring worn?

The people of all countries agree on this: everyone does it differently.

On which hand are engagement rings worn?

There are four ways to wear the engagement ring:

  1. The ring is exchanged for the wedding ring
  2. The wedding ring goes to the right hand and the engagement ring stays on the left ring finger.
  3. The engagement ring changes its symbolism after the wedding and is worn as a wedding ring. But he changes his position and comes on the right hand.
  4. The wedding ring and engagement ring are both on the right hand. The engagement ring serves as a so-called stacking ring for the wedding ring.

The front or side ring is often worn in front of the wide wedding ring. In the UK and USA it is very common to combine the two rings.

What do engagement rings cost?

As is so often the case in the world of jewelry, there is hardly any upper limit for engagement and wedding rings.

Engagement ring made of yellow gold with 5 dimensions in VS1 quality

However, that doesn't mean you have to run into financial straits. As a rough rule of thumb: If you want to give your fiancée a special gift, you should invest at least half a month's salary. The costs are based primarily on the following points:

  • Which and how many gemstones are processed?
  • Does the ring contain a real diamond? If so, how many carats does it have?
  • What material is the frame made of? Silver, yellow gold, white gold or even platinum?
  • Do you know the ring size of your fiancé or is there a chance that you will have to have the ring changed later?

It is also important to assess whether the ring will match the rest of the fiancée's jewelry.

What do the stars' engagement rings look like?

When celebrities say yes, the jewelers are happy. The question of cost is secondary - the main thing is that a special ring presents the upcoming marriage to the whole world. Here are some notable celebrity engagement gifts:

  • With a value of 10 million dollars, the singer Mariah Carey was able to look forward to a particularly expensive gift: one of the most expensive rings in Hollywood - no wonder, as the diamond weighs 7 carats.
  • Justin Timberlake also made a splash when he presented his fiancée Jessica Biel with a 6-carat ring. The platinum setting is adorned with numerous brilliant-cut diamonds.
  • The bright red ruby ​​in Eva Longoria's engagement ring shows that it doesn't “just” have to be a diamond. Smaller diamonds form a glittering band around the gemstone.
  • Blue sapphires and white gold are among the rarest gemstones of all. That makes Elisabeth Hurley's engagement ring, which weighs in at 9 carats, even more impressive.

This trend is not new, the blue sapphire trend has always been consistent and the popularity of this stone has never diminished. In 1796 Napoleon gave his future wife a teardrop-shaped ring made of stones. At auction it was sold for $ 9.50,000.