How do I write good handwriting

Writing is, among other things, a purely motor process, a complex movement, and can therefore be trained like other "finger skills". But because the children write texts from the very beginning, the focus is almost exclusively on the content. Many children have never had the opportunity to concentrate fully on their writing. The acquisition of the writing is then often rather bad than right "along". Some lines are "self-developed" from the start and are incorrectly automated.

Good handwriting is not a question of intelligence, but of proper practice. For example, there are children with a special focus on learning who have easy-to-read, quick handwriting, although they can barely read, and on the other hand high school students who are very good at formulating and writing texts, but cannot put them on paper in legible script.

If the font is deformed from the start or later derailed, it often presents itself as a complete mess. The request to write more legibly leads to nowhere and only to frustration, because the child doesn't even know what exactly is wrong with their writing (and most of the time adults don't either). In order to correct a handwriting, however, one must know how and why the individual handwriting has become that way. I pursued this question using several hundred writings as an example.

Writing training offers the possibility of recognizing individual deficits and correcting them step by step. It is very important that the child only concentrates on one letter or one connection at a time, because it is not easy to intervene in automated motor processes. Correcting the script means relearning - which requires considerably more energy than "relearning". For this reason too, the importance of correct spelling cannot be emphasized enough from the start.

Below you will find instructions for writing training, a summary of my lecture at the BLLV in Munich on April 20th, 2013

(For a better understanding, it is advisable to read the article beforehand "Magnifying glass on the VA" to read.)

My exercise books for writing training

1. for elementary school

2. for lower secondary level

can be found on the page

"Exercise materials, typefaces and matching fonts".