Why do people wear chokers?

Dear Morpheus ...

the history and emotions of our piece of jewelery:

I have never looked for my slave and still found it.
I met my girlfriend in a pub and spent a few funny hours with her there. When we had left the pub and sat down by the Rhine with a six-pack of olds, at some point she put her head on my lap and called me, for whatever reason, "My Lord".
4 weeks earlier I had bought a suede collar with ring at a Gothic fair, for decorative purposes, without knowing what I was holding in my hands ...
Well, 3 days after getting to know my girlfriend, this collar adorned her neck, also for a decorative purpose ...

After the first few, let's call it sexual contacts, and the first mutual sniff, we had our first whip and we were both breaking new ground!
Again just a few days later, the collar of which you can see a picture adorned her neck ... (probably our necklace is more conspicuous than yours ... if you can believe Google)

Now, 9 months later, this collar is a trivial item for her, just as common as brushing her teeth or eating or breathing!

She wears it with pride, devotion and the memory of investing ... She works in the public service and her work is partly in private clothes, partly in uniform.
If she is in uniform, she can leave it out; if she works in private clothing, she wears it.
She is only 22 years old and as you can imagine her young friends are not necessarily ... open-minded or experienced.
For many it is nothing more than a piece of jewelry, for others a "dog collar", she is often scorned and scorned, but she endures it humbly and strongly, but above all with great pride!

I also have a daughter, although not with my little sub, but should my mouse ever ask the question, what kind of thing is around my slave's neck, I will answer her that it is a chain.

Let them always wear the "jewel", insofar as their job allows it, when people ask what it is ... enjoy their look, which will hopefully show you their pride, courage, their excitement when thinking about you and your games and hopefully, but I assume that shows her love for you!

Have fun, a (fast_) namesake :-)