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It was a surprise for all Thermomix® fans. 5 years after the TM5 came onto the market in 2014, Vorwerk presented the successor model TM6. Nobody expected that at the time. After the initial excitement, of course, many users have questions about the new device. We have summarized the most important and give the answers. By the way, you can find the basic information in this article.

Will there only be recipes for the TM6 in my magic pot in the future?

Clearly: no! The recipes in my magic pot are GUARANTEED to continue to be developed for TM31 and TM5® users. The mein ZauberTopf editorial team made a conscious decision at the beginning of 2017 to remain loyal to all TM31 users because we know how many users there are with the model and will continue to say that the TM31 and the TM5® are still great and there are many people who keep these devices and do not want to replace them! It will stay that way. All Thermomix® users are in good hands with us!

my ZauberTopf is independent of Vorwerk in order to be free from Vorwerk's decisions. Even if the TM31 or TM5® are no longer available from Vorwerk, you will still get recipes for these devices from us. And: in the mein ZauberTopf-Club we will continue to provide the cooking mode for all recipes!

mein ZauberTopf will do everything in its power to match all 3 devices in the future so that every Thermomix® user can use our recipes.

Questions about the TM6: What exactly does sear mean?

The device can heat up to 160 ° C and can therefore sear or roast, but of course you will still not be able to roast a whole steak in it. At this temperature, your onions, vegetables or shredded meat will get roasted aromas that were not possible before. You can sear up to 300 g of meat at once without the knife turning. With larger amounts of meat, you have to sear it in stages, so it always takes longer than in a pan.
Important: The device only reaches this temperature for recipes that are cooked directly from Vorwerk's official recipes. So you cannot use the searing function for your own recipes and simply set it that way.

Can I enter my own recipes and then use them with the guided cooking function?

No, this is not possible with the TM6 either. You can only use the official recipes from the basic cookbook (included in the appliance) or the Cookidoo® subscription with Guided Cooking. You still have to cook your own recipes manually.

Questions about the TM6: Will there be regular software updates for the device?

Yes, via the direct connection to Vorwerk, this is not only possible, it will also be the case on a regular basis. It can even happen that additional, new functions are loaded onto the device via an update.

Which accessories fit the TM5 and TM6?

The measuring cup is the same size for both devices and is therefore compatible. That means that the new soundproofing measuring cup of the TM6 also fits on the TM5. The lid also fits on both devices. However, the measuring cup of the TM6 is significantly heavier and thus also dampens the cooking noises. And it no longer falls out of the lid because it can be fixed. The splash guard of the TM6 can also be used for the TM5. The Varoma® hasn't changed at all and you can use it on either device. The new spatula is also suitable for both devices.

How is the new mixing bowl made?

Since the TM6 can develop a heat of 160 ° C, the mixing bowl has been completely redesigned. Although it still holds 2.2 liters, it is much more heat-resistant. If you put the mixing bowl of the TM5 into the TM6, an error message will be displayed immediately and you will not be able to use it. The mixing bowl of the TM6 is clearly recognizable by special markings in green.

How exactly has the spatula changed?

The handle is a little narrower than before, has extra recessed grips and is therefore easier to hold. The tip of the spatula is much more flexible than before. So it will be much easier to get cake batter, dips or creams out of the pot.

Questions about TM6: Do I have to have a Cookidoo® subscription?

No, it is still optional. The recipes of the new basic cookbook are included in TM6 and you can use them without a Cookidoo® subscription.

Can I continue to use my existing Cookiodoo subscription if I switch to the TM6?

Yes, that is possible without any problems.

Can I cook with the TM6 if I don't have WiFi?

Yes, that is possible, you can then use the recipes that are integrated in the device or those that you have previously synchronized, i.e. downloaded from the Cookidoo®. You can also use your own recipes, i.e. cook manually, but the latter only with limited functions.

What's new in terms of display and sounds?

You can adapt the display and the ringtone to your needs. Not just brightness and volume, there are also new ringtones.

Can the TM6 also prepare popcorn?

One of the most important questions we ever had about the new device. The answer is: unfortunately no! Popcorn only pops from 180 ° C and the TM6 only creates 160 ° C.

Do you have any further questions about the new device? Write us in the comments and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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