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Hi Guys,
I hope you can help me.

What is the difference between "riding a bicycle" or "riding a bicycle"

So you can say:

1. At the weekend I ride my bike for 3 hours.
2. I ride my bike with my parents.
3. I cycle to work.
4. I ride my bike to work at the weekend.

and drive in the same way:
i drive at the weekend?




you can say either "bike" or "bike", which is actually the same thing.

The difference between "ride a bike" and "ride a bike" is a bit bigger, "with the bike" is more likely to say when you want to describe which vehicle you use to move (I ride my bike to work), and only " Cycling "is what you tend to say when you want to express that you practice this activity / sport (I cycle for three hours).

But the distinction is not that strict, basically all of your sentences are correct.

best regards

2015 Shafiqattaee

Hello friend, I am Shafiq, I hope you can help me. I am learning German on YouTube, but I don't have German. Please help me

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