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Andrea Pelleas spent three months as part of her teaching degree in Québec, the French-speaking part of Canada in the east of the country. The large campus, friendly Canadians and the breathtaking natural landscape left a lasting impression on her.

A three-month stay abroad is compulsory in the subject of French for primary school teaching. Having lived in France for a few months, I decided to go to Canada because I just wanted to see something new again. The University of Koblenz-Landau has a partner university in Québec, the University of Laval. This cooperation means that the organizational effort is significantly lower and I was able to save on tuition fees.

Quebec's old town is picturesque and reminiscent of European cities.

Laval University is a fairly large university with more than 37,000 students. The campus is huge and cannot be compared with the manageable campus in Landau. There is a distance of around three kilometers between the most distant buildings on the university campus. There are also sub-locations, but I would call the university a campus university because the majority of the courses take place on campus.

If you are planning a stay abroad, it is important to find out early enough because you have to submit your application to the university on time. When applying for scholarships, it is also important to observe the respective deadlines. I have successfully applied for a PROMOS scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). I organized the stay abroad on my own, but the advice and tips from the staff at the International Office in the International Office on the Landau campus were very helpful. Studying at the University of Laval is time-consuming because you have to write two exams per subject per trimester and do several homework on the side. In addition, the students have to do homework, which is collected and checked. Despite the high expenditure of time, I managed to take some courses that I can count towards my teaching degree. I was particularly interested in events that focused on the language and the region: I took a course on Québec's history and attended two language courses. Above all, I deepened my knowledge of French grammar. On trips to museums, the Christmas market and a canoe tour, I was able to get to know Québec and improve my language skills in the process.

In Québec, I was particularly impressed by the old town and the landscape in the surrounding national parks is breathtaking. Nature lovers can definitely experience a lot in the region. The people in Canada are very open and like to be open and friendly towards them as well.

Nature fans get their money's worth in Canada.

I got to know a new culture in Canada. Studying at Laval University seemed more work-intensive to me than in Germany. Of course you have to get used to a foreign country and get used to the new environment, but I have very positive memories of the semester abroad. I like to think back on what I experienced. I can only advise all students who are interested in studying abroad in Canada: definitely do it.

Protocol: Jan Lücking

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