What do some of them have to eat in Paris?

10 tips for dining in a Parisian restaurant

In the cosmopolitan city of Paris, where three million people live, there are rules of conduct of social life that one should know. Here are some tips on how to be Paris-like in a restaurant.

1. At what time?

In Paris you can eat at any time of the day - but not everywhere.Every restaurant has its own habits and opening times. Ideally, you should make a reservation and / or be at a coveted address before 8:00 p.m. if you want to get a seat. Be careful, many restaurants close their kitchens after 10:30 p.m.! You will still find an open restaurant even in the middle of the night, but the choice is then limited. If you like to have an early evening meal, some restaurants have full service and open before 7:00 PM.

2. How should one dress?

Of course, you don't dress in the same way when you go to a bistro or a starred restaurant. In any case, stay simple. Parisian chic combines elegance, comfort and discretion.

3. Where do you sit down?

Even in busy places, Parisians try their best to get a quiet table. One hurries at the smallest ray of sunshineon the terrace, even if it is only 13 degrees warm there. See for yourself!

Please note that the halls in restaurants are non-smoking rooms, whereas the terraces are often frequented by smokers. So you should avoid these if you are allergic to cigarettes!

4. What do you drink with an aperitif?

As with both clothes, the motto here is: "simple". In addition to the classics, don't hesitate to try the latest Parisian aperitif trends: spritz, cocktails, aperitivo and more.

5. How do you choose your wine?

In Paris, people like to show that they are a wine connoisseur! Choose your vocabulary carefully when speaking to the sommelier: a “lively and dry” or “fruity and sweet” white wine, a “strong and sunny” or a “light and gentle” red wine ... But don't worry if you are If you don't know your way around, you can always ask for advice.

6. Are there any free services?

You can definitely ask for a carafe of water in the restaurant, even if the waiter first offers you a sparkling or non-sparkling mineral water.The carafe of tap water is of course free of charge and when it's empty you can even order another one! In France, the place setting and bread are also free. The same goes for amuse-bouches, which are served before a meal in some restaurants.

7. Are there any children's menus?

Some restaurants have menus especially for children. They are cheaper, less rich and adapted to children's tastes.

8. What do you do with your phone?

In Paris they put it on the table carelessly. Be that as it may, theft cannot be ruled out, so it is best to use the phoneto leave in your pocket or handbag.

Parisians don't have (too much) qualms about answering a call or texting while they eat. But don't overdo it out of respect for your neighbors.

9. Do you have to tip?

In Paris, tips are already included in the service in bars or restaurants, so no one forces you to give one. Do it when you were satisfied with the service and received a warm welcome. Usually you tip inAmount of 5-10% of the invoice amount.

10. How do you deal with flower sellers?

On the terrace you will not escape rose sellers who are persistent but never aggressive. Don't let that stop you from buying a flower if you would like to give one to your companion.

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