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Sense of this website

These (and similar) sites on the Internet should one day become a nightmare for bicycle thieves and thieves. There are currently 12,967 stolen bicycles registered on these pages. Once every stolen bike is registered on the web, there is no point in stealing bikes. Neither the sale nor the own use is then still possible. The stolen bike in the hand of the unauthorized person turns into a hot potato and quickly finds its way back to the owner by searching the web.


- if your bike has not yet been stolen, make a note of it
Please give the chassis number and make a
Photo of your steel vehicle.

- if your bike has already been stolen, then
register it here on this page.


There are no costs for you. Neither for viewing these pages nor for placing an ad.

Two birds with one stone ...

These pages should also be useful reading for anyone whose bike has not yet been "stolen". Every advertisement placed here contains information about the type of anti-theft protection. So everyone can read what Not enough. And everyone can draw conclusions from it for themselves. Perhaps one day it will be normal to secure a bike with three locks. Two to connect the wheels to the frame and one to connect the frame e.g. B. to attach to a lantern.

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Our "Blog"

We keep finding that the registration of a stolen bike occurs at one, two or three o'clock at night, which shows that theft can keep you awake. And it shows that the theft of a bicycle leaves far deeper wounds than one might think as an unaffected person. A stolen bike is not a dead item that can be bought again at any time. No, for a bike with a valuable gearshift, high-quality suspension and so on, you have already "put down a little something". You might have worked hard for a month to make a good bike.

A bike that I use intensively for sport has boosted my health and I owe my fitness to it. It accompanies me on the way to school, to study, to work and in my free time. And when this "comrade" is stolen, emotions arise. So that these feelings can be vented, we have added a weblog to our portal.

You can also use the blog completely free of charge. Registration is not necessary. If you participate in this blog, you automatically accept its following rules.

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Search the web using search engines

Anyone who intends to search the Internet for a stolen bike unnecessarily fears that they will be faced with a lot of work. Because he works according to the following, wrong scheme:

- Use the search engines to find out all Internet sites that advertise stolen bicycles.
- Then, little by little, go to all the pages that have been identified and study their different structures.
- If you now believe that you have found all the relevant pages, the actual search begins. Probably you have to rummage through long search results lists - here again too.

You can easily plan a day for that. This is an expense that an injured party, i.e. someone whose bike has been stolen, would certainly accept. Because he has the drive to do this. He has the necessary "anger in his stomach". A private bicycle buyer or even an economically thinking bicycle dealer will never make such an effort.

Thank goodness this is a completely wrong approach to thinking. Because if I know a frame number or a police code or any other special feature, then I can enter it right away in the search engine's input field. The search engine will take me straight to the relevant page. Because Google and the other search engines like Yahoo, MSN,, etc. are constantly scanning the entire Internet. For example, Google visits our pages several times a day.

Now word of this procedure only has to get around to everyone involved, and in fact all stolen bicycles have to be registered on the web. Because a bicycle dealer who constantly enters frame numbers on the web, but never receives a hit, will eventually stop searching on the Internet.

Another tip for entering frame numbers, codes, etc. In search engines: Always enter data (which contain special characters) in apostrophes, as special characters - such as the hyphen - are not interpreted as a data component, but as a command to the search engine.

Open borders

Especially today, in times of open borders, it is not enough just to look for a stolen bike within national borders or even only within a municipality. Today a stolen bicycle can be quickly packed into a car and taken abroad. That is why we do not want to limit these pages to one country alone, rather this portal is available for multinational use.

Content of this portal

• Welcome The welcome page explains the purpose of this portal, which in short: "should make life more difficult for bicycle thieves".

• Database In our "database of stolen bicycles", the bicycles reported here as stolen are listed, sorted by date of entry.

• Search On the search page you can search for a "stolen" bike in our database using freely selectable search terms. It makes sense here z. B. enter the frame number / serial number or some other unique identifier.

• To register Here you can register your stolen bike on our website. After a short check, the data you have entered will be displayed on the database page.

• Emotions blog Do you have knowledge, information or emotions that you would like to publish on the Internet, then this blog is your platform. Almost anything can be discussed here, even if it is a little different from the subject of bicycles.

• Back A stolen bike doesn't have to be gone forever. Read a few examples to help encourage you.

• Coding Coding is a good protection against the theft of a bicycle. Read details on this.

• Specialist trade This page is intended to guide you to a specialist bicycle dealer.

• Left Useful links on the term "stolen" and / or "bicycle" are collected here.

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