Is Superman the strongest DC superhero

Scientific study reveals: this superhero is the most powerful in the entire comic book universe
By Daniel Tubies - 06/14/2016 at 3:31 pm

The students at the University of Leicester in England examined the strengths and weaknesses of superheroes as part of a seven-year scientific study. The final ranking of the cartoon characters has a clear winner.

© Mohan Harihar, University of Leicester
Science has shed its dusty image since the adventurous Indiana Jones or the sympathetic nerds of "The Big Bang Theory" appeared, which the students at the University of Leicester in England are now proving again. In a scientific study they analyzed several comic superheroes over a period of seven years and compared not only the strengths but also the weaknesses in a ranking. In the now published, final comparison, a particularly popular superhero can call himself the strongest of his craft: Superman.

Finally, on the scientific publications written between 2009 and 2016, including under the titles “How much energy can Superman release during a super flare?” or “Can superhuman muscles stop bullets?” are freely available on the Internet, the students came to the conclusion that Superman must be the strongest superhero. The main reason for putting the man of steel first is his numerous abilities, including the so-called super flare. With this attack, Superman releases the solar energy stored by his body in one fell swoop. In addition, he has particularly strong muscle tissue.

The "X-Men" Wolverine and Mystique, as well as the "Avengers" member Thor, are also at the top of the ranking. All three had the talent for quick physical regeneration and convinced with a high energy output. In addition, Mutant Mystique is a master of genetic manipulation, while Thor, the god of thunder, has particularly explosive powers. On the other places follow inter alia. nor The Flash, Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Silver Surfer. These superheroes were also subjected to a detailed analysis by the students in their publications. So were z. B. studied the extensibility of Spider-Man's spider silk and the power of Thor's hammer Mjolnir.

In the last place of the ranking there is another well-known superhero who was seen in a spectacular fight in the cinema just a few weeks ago. According to the University of Leicester scientific study, Batman is the weakest of all superheroes studied. With his cape he had the technique for gliding, but he would reach around 80 km / h, which could no longer guarantee an injury-free landing. Although he was quite brave against the man with the S on his chest in "Batman V Superman", the students are certain: The Black Knight could never take on the Joker.

All comic fans will soon be able to get their own picture of this when the two archenemies meet in “Suicide Squad”. Batman is played again by Ben Affleck, while Jared Leto slips into the role of the Joker. In this country, "Suicide Squad" starts on August 18, 2016.

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